Micro Mart Vending Services

Self checkout has moved into the vending industry and people are loving it. Check out our micro mart vending services in the OKC area for a whole new vending experience. Instead of having machines to dispense products we will set up shelves and coolers that customers can pick from. When they find an item they like they pay with an app on their phone instead of by putting money in a vending machine. This works well in office environments because almost everyone has smartphones and pays by card any way. They will download the app and put their card information into the secure settings one time then a bluetooth beacon will activate the app every time they come into the market and they scan and pay with their phone. The advantage of the micro markets is that we can put almost anything in them. Not only can we put the typical vending products but we can also put fresh food such as sandwiches, salads, and fruit. Also we can add a small freezer with frozen entrees, ice cream or anything else. And we are not limited by the number of selections a machine can hold for snack and drink varieties. It like having a small deli in your office and people love it.

Since inventory management takes place online, we can more accurately evaluate your stock and the freshness of your vending products. This leads to easier communication between vendor and customer since our system already knows what you need.

There’s no need to tip over the vending machine—our micro mart vending services take out the risk of getting snacks caught on the coil.

Like stocking a vending machine, we can cater your snack and drink options to the people in your office. Our commercial micro mart vending services include the same variety of vending snacks, drinks, and healthy options.

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