How it Works


How often is the machine serviced?

This depends on the size of the location and the amount of use.  Typically that is once per week but we have several locations that we service more than that.  We will continually assess the machines to make sure they stay full in between service.  We will come as often as needed to keep them full.

Do we need to provide our own soda/snack machine?

No, we provide the machine and all of the necessary equipment and accessories for you free of charge.

Do we pay for the annual tax sticker?

No, we pay for the state and any city tax stickers.

What if the machine gets damaged/destroyed while at my location?

We have insurance on our machines.  You would not be liable.

Do your machines accept dollar coins?

Yes. All of our machines accept dollar coins.

If I pay with a $5 will I get a bunch of quarters back?

No.  We always fill are machines with dollar coins to limit the amount of coins that are returned so you are not weighed down by a pocket full of changed.

What happens if the machine stops working?

Although we work hard to keep the machines up and running occasionally problems occur.  Call us and we will immediately respond and usually have the machine running smoothly again in a couple of hours.  We do have remote monitoring on our machines so often if problems occur we can fix them before anyone has to call.

Is our office to small for a vending machine?

Most offices over 25 people can support a vending machine.  However locations with less employees can support a machine if they have walk in traffic or if they have extended hours throughout the week. Just give us a call at 405-529-5684 and we will figure out your vending options.

Do you offer refunds?

Absolutely! If you are not 100% satisfied with your product we will refund your money no questions asked.

Can we pick what products go into the machine?

For sure! The machine is for our customers and we will let you pick any of the products we offer to put into the machine.

Can we make suggestions for new products?

Yes! We are always listening to our customers and adding new products. Finding new products that people like and buy helps our business.  Many of our best selling products are customer suggestions.

What types of payments will the credit card reader accept?

Our credit card reader from USA Technologies will accept all major credit cards and apple pay.

Why should we use K&K Vending?

K&K Vending will provide great service, great machines, several forms of payment while offering the lowest price guaranteed. We take pride in everything we do and will work hard to make your expectations. We will take the time and care to service the machines properly as often as needed.  We are constantly striving to provide more for our customers including more payment options and the latest in machine technology.

Common Misconceptions


Vending services will cost us money to be placed in our building.

We provide everything you need at no cost to you. Our business runs on the customers that buy the great snacks and drinks from the machines. We are honored that you would choose us for your vending needs and will provide everything you need. This will save time and money by keeping people from leaving to get their snacks and drinks.

We will have to pay for a service call to fix the machine.

No that is provide with our vending service.  Just call us and we will have the machine up and running usually within a few hours. We understand that employees and clients depend on these machines and we do everything possible to keep them running smoothly. We carry most parts necessary to fix any problems that might occur.

We will have to pick a healthy snacks or all classic snacks.

No. This machine serves your needs.  We can put some of each type of snacks or drinks into the machine to accommodate all of the people.  We will work with you to decide the best options for your location and constantly reevaluate those needs. We recognize that every place is different and that those locations evolve over time.

Our business is too small.  They will not service our machine enough and it will always be empty.

The life blood of our business is small businesses. Whether your business is small or large we treat them the same and provide excellent service no matter the size.  If we put a machine in your location we will treat it with care and attention.

All vending companies are the same.

Vending companies are not the same in OKC. The frequency and care of service is extremely important and many companies will not put the time needed to properly take care of the machines.  If problems occur they may be slow to fix the problems and they may wait until the machine is empty to refill it.  K&K Vending prides itself excellent service and care of our vending machines.  We will take the time to service the machine properly as often as is needed.  If problems occur we will work quickly to fix it, usually the same day. We are committed to providing the best vending experience while also offering the lowest prices. 

My people don’t need snacks or drinks.

Offering snacks and drinks to employees and clients is a great service that increases their enjoyment and productivity. Happy employees and clients helps your businesses bottom line.  Not having those options could lead to less comfort and productivity.  Overall most people expect to have drink and snack options at most locations. 

Vending Machines are to much work.

You don’t have to do anything.  We handle everything for you so that you don’t have to worry and your customers and employees are happy.  In fact we believe it will save work and make everything run and work better by keeping morale high.  Call 405-529-5684 today to let us help your business.

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