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Podcasts, 36 fromK and k vending, providing vending machines. Okay. See, and just wanted to look at why you should use a vending service and not try to have your own machines. Maybe you have an office location and you just decide, hey, we’re going to put our own machine in there and see what happens. We’re gonna make so much money and it’s going to really help our business. Vending Machines OKC I think a lot of people get frustrated because in the end, uh, it’s a lot more work than they expected. Maybe they’re not making quite as much as they expected and um, things go wrong and you’ve got to fix it and then you’ve got to go get stuff to put in there which is going to take time. It’s gonna take, uh, an employee to go handle all of that and figure out how to, um, you know, the logistics of it all.

And so there is a lot of things that go into having a vending machine in your location that I think you would really like to have a service. Just take care of it and not have to worry about it. Vending Machines OKC, so if you’re looking to vending machines, Okc, maybe you’re in that situation where you’ve got your own vending machine, but you know, it’s just people complaining because you don’t have enough time to put drinks in or you know, something broke and you just don’t know how to fix it or who to call to fix it. And so there’s just a lot of things that got to go that go into it. And so, you know, the first thing is if you hire somebody, first of all, it’s not going to cost you any money. If you hire Kay and k vending, we will provide the machines, we will provide the service, do all the repairs, provide the sales tax, stickers, anything that is needed and all of that’s just free to you at the location.

Uh, we make our money when we sell products from the machine. And so there is no, um, there is no cost to you just to have that service. And so, you know, right there, you’re already winning because you don’t have to provide a employee and pay them to take care of that which is costing your company money. I’m also, you know, those machines can break, that’s going to cost you money to get the repairs. Vending Machines OKC, you know, not to say just the upfront cost of buying the machine. Those things are not cheap and so there is a lot to think about. Maybe you’re just starting out and you’re wondering whether I should do vending or not. Um, you know, those, if you get a vending machine that not cheap, you know, a couple thousand dollars, which would be easy, especially for a new business or maybe you need other things.

And so, uh, first thing is, yeah, if, Vending Machines OKC, if you look at k and k venting, it’s going to be completely free to you and a service that will be provided free of charge and it will help your customers and your employees a second of all it we’re going to provide great service, can keep that thing full. And so no more complaints about, you know, there’s not enough stuff in here. We’re going to be out there as often as needed to keep those things full, keep those products moving, keep people happy. Customers, employees, which in the end helps your business, your location. Police are happy, they’re going to get more work done, customers are happy, they’re gonna, provide more business. And so I’m definitely having a vending service can be very helpful for, for a location.

Next, I would say, you know, just having to go out and get all the products for the machine, you’re gonna have to buy a lot of stuff and have a lot of boxes of snacks and candy and drinks that, you know, if, if you’re going to provide a wide variety, you’re going to have to really buy a lot of stuff. You’re probably gonna have to play, have a place to store that. And you know, a lot of those, uh, you know, especially chips, diet drinks that don’t have very long shelf life. And so, you know, some of them might go bad, you know, if you use a vending service like kk vending, Vending Machines OKC, you know, we, we take care of all of that. Not only that, but we can probably give you a much wider selection than you would be comfortable with providing a yourself.

And so, uh, definitely no selection and I’m just taking care of all that somebody has got to go and get all that stuff. Most cases of pop are expensive and, and a heavy. And so, um, you know, just having somebody take care of that, it’s worth a lot right there. So if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, see, you know, just, you know, maybe you’re thinking about buying one. There’s just a lot of reasons maybe to think about having a vending service and give us a call and we’ll talk. We’ll be glad to talk to you about our vending service. Um, and then, you know, I think a lot of people, once they put a vending machine in, they realize, you know, maybe we’re not making a ton of money on it. And really I think vending companies make a lot of their, their profits from having a lot of machines out.

Um, you know, not just from one particular location, you’re not going to become, you know, make a ton of money. Vending Machines OKC so it, unless you just have a very high traffic location, um, it’s probably not worth the hassle to run it yourself. And so I’m just having a company come in and take care of it, you know, it doesn’t cost you anything and just, and just not have to worry about it. It’s just worth a lot. And so you’re looking at vending machines. Okay. See you think about a service like a and k vending, um, and in that also, there’s a lot of other stuff that we can provide and maybe you’ve never not even thought about it. I mean, we’ve put out a lot of machines and so we kind of know what people want and what doesn’t work. That kind of thing. Uh, one thing is people want credit card readers and so maybe that’s something you don’t really want to mess with.

We put credit card readers on all our, all of our machines. And so, you know, that’s something to think about if instead of a, you know, if you, if you have your own machine and having to figure out all of the various accounts that you’ve got to set up to have a credit card reader, um, you know, we’ve already got that stuff taken care of and we can, we can put a credit card reader on there, no problem. Vending Machines OKC as always, we do not charge any processing fees once you, once you swipe a card, no processing fees, uh, to your customers or a lot of vending companies that are going to charge you an extra fee just for using the card and we do not charge that. And so make sure if you’re looking to vending machines, okay, see that, you know, if you look at a company that, that, uh, made sure, number one, that they have a credit card readers, if they’re going to put it on your machine or a number to that, what is their fees?

And uh, nobody’s gonna beat us because we don’t have any. Um, and so that, that is a great thing that can’t cave vending offers. Um, you know, other things that we have, Vending Machines OKC, you know, we can do both bottles and cans out of our drink machines and so whether you want bottles or cans or some machines that are older machines usually that can only do cans. Um, you know, a lot of machines have a hard time with the 16 ounce cans of Red Bull, a lot of people like red bull, but there specific type of machines that you have to have for that. And um, you know, and that’s another thing is there’s a lot of specific products that you’re not going to be able to buy just from Sam’s that maybe some of your customers or employees want, um, that we can get ahold of ’em.

And so that’s another reason to use a vending service and snack machines. We can have a lot of technology that maybe you don’t, we can have to serve in technology where if at the of the machine, if they did not since there’s a laser down there and if it does not sense one has dropped, it’ll keep spinning. And if not, if, if it never since one, it will refund your money. And so that’s something when you’re looking at vending machines, okay? C is to make sure that they have shervin technology because that is going to be to solve a lot of problems. People get mad when they don’t get that snack and they started shaking the machine and it’s not good for anybody, you know, can damage those machines and get hurt that person. Um, and uh, you know, having that is going to really solve a lot of problems. We were really proud of that and we feel like we take care of our customers when it comes to technology, whether it’s credit card reader, Shervin, um, you know, any other things that are out there that we can use to provide a greater experience.

And so definitely check us out if you’re looking at vending machines. Okay, see, I’m, and don’t know whether you want to buy a machine or a, have a service, you know, definitely call us and we’ll come out and talk to you. Um, you know, no pressure. We’re, we’re, we’re pretty down to earth people and we will come out and tell you what we can do for you. Four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight. Four is our number. Give us a call or go to our website, vending and check things out and give. Fill out our contact form and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can and come out and talk about what we can do for your business. So thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.