Vending Machines OKC | Why To Change To K&K Vending

This is Kay and Kay vending podcast number when t three and providing vending machines, okc. And I’d like to talk today about just kind of your various various machine options that you can get ’em out to your location. And if you are thinking about I’m getting vending service or changing the vending service that you currently have, then you know, what, what can k and K do for you? What are the various machine options that we can get it for you? Um, so if you googled K, if you’ve googled vending machines, OKC and you’re looking down the list, maybe you’ve got your, your current a vending machine company just isn’t quite doing what you want. You know, some of the common complaints we hear from customers that you are looking to change companies and are talking to Kim k, uh, is, you know, they, they just don’t come and fill the machine very often.

Or maybe they, uh, you know, aren’t really a, we also get a lot of people say, as you know, they just won’t put in what we, what we want. Maybe they’re putting in a, you know, they want Dr Pepper and it’s running out, you know, maybe they come once a week and after two days after they leave, it’s, Vending Machines OKC it’s running out, um, but yet they won’t put in another selection. Um, I know one, one place we had was kind of the complaint they had from the previous vending company was they would only put in a few doughnuts and supposedly they had some kind of vending formula that, that if they did not that that can only put in that amount and they were always running out and they tried to get them to put in more, put in another row and they really just wouldn’t listen. And so they were not happy about that.

Um, and so, you know, one thing that we do at kk is we really try to listen to our customers that they want certain things in their machine. We will do everything we can to accommodate that. If, if, uh, you know, there’s certain places, you know, there’s several places that we have where we have to coax elections just because they’d be. A lot of people drink coke or Dr Pepper, we’ve got, uh, several that seems very popular, you know, and in other selections, whether it’s snacks, we do that all the time. And so, Vending Machines OKC you know, probably lack of service which we go, we will do a great job of servicing your machine. I’m just not providing all the options that you want. One thing is maybe they don’t offer credit cards and so you, maybe you want to come over and get with a company that offers credit cards and with no processing fees.

And so, uh, you know, that’s one thing when you’re looking at that vending machines, Okc list, Vending Machines OKC you know, to think about. And so what, what are the, what is your current vending company doing and what can, can k doing walk in k and K do for you. And so, you know, usually if we’re going to come in, we look at the location size, um, if it’s a smaller type office, um, we can do a combo machine, um, you know, bring that in. It takes up a lot less space and we can put in, um, you know, usually the top kind of depends on the type of Combo machine, but we can put on the top snacks whether it’s healthy or traditional or a combination. And then the bottom will have drink options, usually a six to nine drink options that we can put in and all of those will have credit card readers and all the other things that the other machines will offer.

Fits a little bit bigger office. We could put in one combo machine that’s also kind of a refrigerated machine that really is, is very cool that can offer drinks and your standard snacks and a little bit of cold food and just gives you a little bit of everything in, in that, in that location. And so those are our very cool, um, if you’ve got maybe just a little bit bigger location, um, those, those are pretty expensive machines. But, um, you know, they worked well. Um, when, when I get into the right spot, um, and then up from there, you know, we can go your traditional soda machine that most people are probably used to that maybe it’s got the coke or Pepsi or Dr Pepper on the front and it’s kind of been dot cans or bottles, maybe 10 selections. And then we can do a snack machine that, you know, um, uh, various size of our biggest one’s gonna have probably 45 selections and then down from there, Vending Machines OKC you know, a next one’s probably around 35 and then we’ve got some that offer, you know, 25 or so and so it just kind of varies on the size and what we think would be best and what you want.

Um, and then, uh, from there, you know, we can go for a full service breakthrough program. Um, and so, you know, if, if you’re looking at vending machines, okay and, and you want to maybe look at what, what can I get to satisfy all my employees and I’m a larger location than the full service. Breakroom program is great. You know, we can put in the largest snack machine, 45 selections. I’m a cold or frozen food machine that’s going to offer all kinds of sandwiches and salads. Um, if more frozen, it can be entrees, it could be even things like ice cream. It’s going to have things you can heat up in the microwave hamburgers and other sandwiches, a warm sandwiches, maybe chicken or barbecue. And Vending Machines OKC it just, you know, whether it’s cold food or frozen food, whatever is best for your location. And then we’re going to offer you that great big glass front drink machine that is just great.

It’s just, you can put so much in there. Um, as far as drink selections, any drink you can think of is going to go in there and you’re going to have, have a, you know, there’s some, you know, that sell really well that will, we’ll put three or four selections of that. Others that maybe you only saw a few a week, but that’s fine because you’ve got plenty of selections. Maybe there’s a flavored water, it’s maybe only five or six people. I’m like, and in you can be a. and you can just put that in there and you satisfy those needs so we can go people who we can put the stuff that everybody loves and he even put in a few of, of the things that only a few people liked. And so, Vending Machines OKC I mean, it just really takes care of everybody when we put those, when we put those in.

And so, you know, there’s all kinds of things, you know, if you’re not happy with your current vending company and you go to a vending machines, Okc and you want to look at the various options, we can do that at cane cave and, and you know, also the other thing and you know, maybe you don’t want a machine or maybe you thought you want to machine, but this might sound know even better is you know, we can do a micromarket in your location where we put in a, you know, shelving and a cooler and people will come by and just check out, um, the selection. And, and they will, they’ll download an APP and they’ll pay for it. Well, Vending Machines OKC they’ll put in their card information into the APP. And then when they’re ready to pay, they’ll use the APP to pay for it and it, it works really well and people are really happy.

Everybody’s got a smart phone. Everybody pays by a car now. And so the, the thing about the micromarket is it gives you a, basically the options are limitless. Um, it doesn’t matter what kind of machine you’ve got because there is no machine and so you can put anything and everything in there and a little bit of, of, of it all and to satisfy, you know, everybody’s, everybody’s, um, a once and so, uh, those, those are great options. Kind of the new phase in vending that we’re excited to offer. And uh, it, it’s, uh, you know, just whatever your office looks like, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve probably got something for it. If it’s a smaller office, you know, Vending Machines OKC maybe only a few people, 10, 15 people, we could do a pantry service and um, you know, come in there and um, and give you snacks and invoice you a number of different ways.

So really anybody, um, any office, any, any location, we, we’ve got a program for you or service for you and we’ll, we’ll look to do whatever is best for you. And so, uh, don’t, don’t just sit there with a vending company, you’re not real happy with, um, give us a call at four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four or go to vending. Okay. OKC Dot com. Check things out, fill out our contact form and we’ll get back with you and, uh, we will, uh, figure out what’s best for you. And so, uh, Vending Machines OKC thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines, okc.