Vending Machines OKC | Why K&k

This is podcast number 21 from k and k vending providing vending machines, okc. And today I’d just like to talk about why k and k vending, I mean, what do we have to offer that other vending machine companies do not offer vending services? And if you googled vending machines, Okc and you’re looking down the list, you know, why out of all the people you should pick us. And um, I’m just kind of wanting to go over, uh, the various things that we have to offer that will separate us from the competition and we’ve got a lot of different things. First off, this family run business locally run business that um, you know, we’re not going anywhere. Vending Machines OKC We’re going to, we’re not looking to expand into, you know, across the country and, and you know, just have some small office here in Oklahoma City. Um, and uh, you know, hire a workers and, and never really put a whole lot of thought into it.

Just throw stuff in the machine and move on. Um, you know, we’re really going to take care of our machines. This is our livelihood. And, uh, and try to build relationships and keep the relationship good for many, many years. We want to provide service for your office location. Um, and, and so that’s the first thing. I mean, we’re, we’re, we’re gonna work hard, try to go the extra step to do whatever we can to keep, uh, keep you happy and to keep things running smooth. And then we offer a lot of things that, that other ones, other vending companies, uh, from that list of vending machines, Okc don’t offer. Um, we’ve got, um, the lowest price guarantee. I mean we will, Vending Machines OKC um, we’ll beat anybody’s price and we feel very competitive in that, um, you know, we go around and look at our competition and our price is always lower than everybody.

And so we feel like we’re going to offer that lowest price. Um, whether, you know, it’s chips was cans, bottles, drinks, energy drinks, whatever, a cold food, frozen food, and we’re going to give you that lowest price guaranteed. And we feel like, um, you know, that keeps our customers coming back wanting more and they don’t, uh, don’t feel like we are taking advantage of them just because they’re in a, in a, you know, we’re in a spot wherever your workplace where maybe they can’t get out. Vending Machines OKC so we take the advantage by really pushing up the prices, you know, we don’t do that and, and people like that and people are happy to come back and give us business. Um, the other thing if look at that list of vending machines, Okc is we’re going to offer credit card readers on all our machines that is essential in today’s world that you have the ability to pay with a credit cards, debit cards, and this will also accept mobile payments.

Maybe you have an app on your phone, apple pay and others that will allow you to pay with that and less and less people were carrying cash. And so having that option of having that credit card reader on there is just really key to keeping people happy. Um, and I, you know, we, we look at our competition also and I, I see machines all the time, don’t have credit card readers and you just, you just can’t do that in today’s world. And so, um, you know, we offer that definitely on all our machines, uh, and, Vending Machines OKC and, and, and the other thing about that is a lot of people will put them on, but then they will charge you for using your debit card or credit card. They’ll charge you an extra 10, fifteen cents. Um, and we don’t do that. We, we feel like that’s just part of doing business today and that, you know, when you go to Walmart they don’t charge you for using your debit card there.

Um, and so we’re not gonna charge you either. And so that’s, I think that’s very important. Make sure you’re looking at that vending machines, Okc list, do they have credit cards so they can offer that? Are they going, what’s their processing fees going to be? Again, a charge, 10 extra cents, extra cents per transaction. Um, too, when you use that card, the other thing that, a lot of vending machines. Okay, see companies do is that they’ll want to come in and have you sign a contract to say, well, you know, this, these vending machines are expensive, we’re going to come in there, then we need to have a contract and they aren’t going to want to sign a year, two years, maybe in four years. Um, Vending Machines OKC and you know, the problem with that is, what if they’re not very good? If they’re not providing the service that you want, they won’t listen to you.

They’re not putting in very good products. You don’t are they ever see him. This machine’s empty, uh, you know, things aren’t working and it takes forever to get fixed. So, uh, you know, in our line of thinking, we’re going to do a great job, um, we’re going to try to build a longterm relationship. We’re going to keep prices low, offer whatever you want. And because of that, you’re not going to want to go anywhere else. So we don’t know. We’re not gonna off make you sign a contract just to get our services. We feel like that, uh, we don’t need to because of the great service and great things that we have to offer a KK bending. And the other thing is if you look in a vending machines, okay, see you’re wondering, Vending Machines OKC what, what kind of technology are they using? A, you know, on all our snack machines, we have upgraded them to the Shervin technology, guaranteed product delivery.

Some people call it. And basically what that means is when those spirals spin and you know that chip maybe get stuck right there on the edge, what this provides is it will keep turning. It’ll try to sit, sit down at the bottom, it Wilson sit down at the bottom and it will turn until it senses a product, fall down into the delivery been. And if it does not, it just never senses one. It will refund your money and then lock that selection add anytime you tried to select it, Vending Machines OKC it’ll say make another selection until somebody comes back and resets it. And so that’s just a great thing that has come about and vending machines in the last 15, 20 years. That really has helped stop a lot of the people getting irritated with their chips and snacks and candies and all that getting stuck in, in their, in their snack machines.

Also we, uh, one thing that we’re starting is where we’re offering a pantry service and micro markets also. That’s kind of the new phase and vending kind of the new thing and vending that is coming out. Um, and we, we, you’re getting into that and so, you know, maybe you don’t want a vending machine. Maybe a vending machine does not make sense. And so we can offer other things and really we’ll work with you. We’ll come sit down with you, figure out just what you want and we will, uh, Vending Machines OKC you know, Kinda customize whatever you need to and whatever you need, we’ll figure it out and bring it to you. The pantry service. Basically you can just order from us. Uh, and we will be glad to bring out snacks, drinks, maybe even cold foods and stuff. And we can even put it wherever you’d like us to.

And then we invoice you. And then you can either, you know, allow employees, customers to get that, um, free of charge or you could, you know, maybe to have to do the honor system where everybody pays for it somehow and you just kind of take care of, have that on your end without having to have a big machine in, into your workplace. You could also set it up where we bring in, you know, maybe a cooler or we could use your refrigerator that you already have, um, and we bring in shelving or use your cabinets and we put a certain amount out each week and we would come by and service it and checked to see how much was used and then we can bill you for what was used. Um, Vending Machines OKC and that way you keep it stocked and you can give us a budget. How much do you want to spend and if, uh, and we’ll set it up so that, you know, it won’t go over that, uh, that budget.

And then the other thing we’re really excited about is our micro markets where you can, we can set up, you know, coolers, and we can put in maybe a little freezer shelving in your break room or wherever you’d like or employees. Customers can come, just grab what they want and are going to download an APP on their smartphone. Everybody has smartphones today. Almost everybody pays with a credit cards and debit cards or mobile payment and they’ll put their information in one time. And then from then on, uh, there’ll be a little bluetooth beacon that will, um, their apple just pop up anytime they come in, they see what they want and they scan it and pay for it on the APP. And so it’s, Vending Machines OKC it’s a pretty cool deal. The advantage of that don’t have to have a machine. And also it just, you can really give a wide variety of stuff, whether it’s cold food, frozen food, a healthy traditional stacks, all of the above.

And so we’ve got a lot of things to offer. I think if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, see, you know, we’re, we’re, we’re really going to go that extra step to make your vending service great. And so give us a call. Four. Oh, five, five, six. I’m sorry, four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. Vending Machines OKC Or look us up on vending. Okay. [inaudible] DOT com. And check us out and see what we got on our website and look at our videos, look at our testimonials, what customers are saying, and give us a call and an Oregon. Go ahead and fill out that contact form on our website and we’ll get. We’ll get ahold of you and we can set up an appointment and come out and show you all the great things that we can do. So, uh, thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.