Vending Machines OKC | What Service Do We Need

This is podcast 22 from K and k vending providing vending machines, okc. And I’d like to talk today about what place, what location is great for vending service. Um, and you know, what a, maybe you have a location, you know, I mean we are we okay for a vending service, uh, Vending Machines OKC you know, what kind of things do you look for when you’re looking for a vending company as far as what kind of location? I have a. and so basically I would say almost anywhere and have a vending service. Certainly from a vending company standpoint. If you calling you the companies on vending machine, okc lists from Google, you’re probably, um, you know, the obviously the bigger the better from a business stand pops stand stance. But, uh, the one thing we’ve done at k and k vending is we try to provide services for offices, locations, businesses of any size.

And we know that there is different types of businesses out there with different types of employees, different expectations, different just office culture. And, you know, we, we tried to really be flexible and how offer all kinds of different options that we feel like we can, um, really provide for almost anybody that know, that wants any service and we think almost anywhere can have vending service. And so, uh, you know, really when we go into, if you have a large office complex, Vending Machines OKC maybe have shift workers, um, and you know, you’re going 24 hours a day or if you know, you’ve got, you know, you’re running 12 hours a day and um, you know, those types of places, then you definitely, I think our full service breaker program would be, would be great for you. I mean those are maybe people that cannot, uh, your employees probably cannot leave because, um, you know, it, it would be hard to get out, get something and then get back.

We can provide, you know, cold food, frozen food and microwave for them so that they can get something to eat and on their breaks. Um, obviously we’d have, we’d have the glass front vending machine that we could, we could provide that would give them a wide assortment of drinks. That’s, that’s our biggest invest a drink machine and it’s Kinda like a little convenience store in your break room. And so anything from energy drinks to a sports drinks to water’s flavored waters, juices, you name it, Vending Machines OKC we can put it in there. And so it just gives you a lot of different options because people today don’t just drink soda. Um, they are, you know, for the first time, I think more people are drinking, drinking things other than soda these days. And so you want a wide variety and that’s what people expect. And then we’ll all just have your typical snack machine.

Our biggest snack machine all in all are stagnant. Key machines come with the Shervin technology. Um, and they, they will have about 45 different selections of chips to cookies, crackers, pastries, things like cinnamon rolls, honeybuns. He wants some healthier options. We can do that. Um, you know, definitely almonds, pistachios, you know, any kind of beef, cheese sticks, things like that that people have asked for in our locations. You know, we can do some kind of a, you know, healthy, healthy options. Vending Machines OKC We can do mostly healthy options or we can do partial a healthy options and so when you go with k and k vending, you know, you, you, you can basically tell us what you want and we’ll put it in there and you know, a lot of those people on that to Google, oh, vending machines, okc lists are, you know, maybe they just do traditional, they don’t have healthy options and maybe they offer one or two or maybe there’s another one that that’s all they do is healthy.

And so, you know, maybe you want a mix of that because there’s different people at different locations that want different things. So you’re just gonna have to figure out what works best and one thing, you know, we can set it up and then we’ll, we’ll change as, as time goes on. You know, we’ve been, we’ve built relationships with locations where we’ve been in there several years now and it’s, it’s interesting to watch, you know, things that were selling before, um, you know, certain types of chips. Vending Machines OKC Maybe we’re selling really well. Well, as time goes on and maybe employees change and people change, you know, maybe the chips don’t sell that. Well now it’s two pastries, things that weren’t selling it at all before and so time things change over time. And so, um, you know, we can all do all of that with our, our full service break room program.

And then from there, you know, going down, just depending on how big your office is, you know, we can kind of assess and kind of see what your needs are and we try to bring the best that we can, you know, we can go to, you know, smaller snack machine for maybe offices that you know are a little bit smaller. We can have a combo machine that has about the drink and the snacks all in one and it takes up this space of one machine. So maybe you don’t have a whole lot of room there. Um, we can do that. Vending Machines OKC but the thing we’re really excited about is our pantry service, which allows us to really provide vending services for offices of any size we can. You know, no matter how small you are, we can provide through our pantry service and basically what we will do is come in and bring snacks, drinks that you order and bring them in.

We can set them up for you wherever you would like them, um, and then send you an invoice and there you go. Your employees are taking care of your customers are taken care of. If you wanted to, you could, you know, do an honor system, maybe put her on her box and you know, an office type settings. People are going to be honest and have them, um, you know, just put in a dollar or whatever, uh, for, for each item they take and you know, and that way it’ll pay for itself. Vending Machines OKC and that would be a great way for small office. Maybe you only have 10 people in your office. Well, we can bring this stuff out and then just put on honor box a little box that they just stuffed their money in and that’s a great way to do it. Um, and so, you know, from the lowest 10, 10 employees to hundreds of employees we can take care of.

Um, and then another thing that we offer with a, you know, that we’re starting to offer is the micro markets and we can offer those in fairly small offices. Um, and it provides the full service break room program that we have. Really, we can do that in offices have a much smaller offices, a lot less employees. Uh, mainly because we don’t have to spend a lot of money on big expensive equipment. Um, it’s just an APP that you use on your phone. We’ll put a shelving out and we’ll put a cooler out and then you will have an app that people pay with an APP. Everybody has a smartphone, everybody pays with credit card. Mobile pay today and one, they’ll download the APP, Vending Machines OKC put all their information in one time and anytime they come around to the market, it will pop up on their phone.

They look at the shelf and they, the grab whatever they want. Maybe some shifts and maybe some fruit. Maybe there’s something in the cooler, like a salad. And they scan it and, and, and pushpay and they got it. And so that, that’s just a one way we could really provide great service, great options to maybe some smaller offices. And so, um, you know, when you look in the vending machines, Okc and you’re thinking, you know, what was the best service for us, go with a company like k and k that can provide all kinds of options. You know, Vending Machines OKC we don’t have the traditional machines, we don’t just do the old style of vending vending is changing and where we’re getting all the different options and, and not every location needs a vending machines and not every location has to have vending machines. Maybe you can have a micro market or a pantry services.

Um, and so there’s all kinds of different ways we can get in there and, and take care of you. Um, and so we’re very excited about that. We think no matter who you are and what type of, of location you are, we have something for you. And we provide great service. Um, we always come with the lowest price guarantee. We offer credit cards on all our vending machines and if you do the micromarket he can pay you pay with the APP. So we have, we offer no processing fees for that and don’t be fooled by some of the other companies that will say they do credit cards within charge, you have processing fees to us, that’s just the name of the game today. Vending Machines OKC that’s just part of dues and business people expect to be able to pay with their but their cards and then not get charged for that.

Also, we don’t require you to sign a contract. We’re going to, we feel like we’ll do a great job. We have several locations we’ve been in for several years that um, you know, we feel like we’ve, we’ve built trust up with them and that they will, um, you know, that we will continue to build those relationships and we’ll, you know, if we come into your location, we’re going to continue to build that relationship. And so we don’t need a contract and it’s the way we feel. Um, and so there’s just all kinds of stuff from K and k vending. There’s a lot of different options that will, uh, we feel like we can take care of almost anybody. So give us a call. Four, oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. Or go to vending and check out our website, fill out our contact form on that website and fill it out and we’ll get back with you and we’ll see what we can do. And there’s all kinds of things we can do for your office. So thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.