Vending Machines OKC | What People Want From Vending Companies

Today I’d like, I’d like to talk about how we, um, my wife Kelly and I got started in the vending business in Oklahoma City and kind of the various things that we’ve gone through and kind of what we want from our, our vending business. Um, I think first of all we were frequent customers, have many vending machines. Okay. See, uh, around Oklahoma City and uh, and so we, we often will look at various machines, use various machines. I have used plenty in my life is my, Vending Machines OKC my belly would show I had a Dr Pepper addiction until about two and a half years ago. And so a frequent and a lot of vending machines. And one thing that I think both of us look at it as people have their habits of what they want on a daily basis when they’re at work, they want certain things and if they do not have those selections, you know, it kind of messes up their routine.

And so as a business owner, as a manager, um, you know, I would want a vending company that would, would think about those things. Um, you know, if my worker wants a specific item, I’m, in fact, I’ve got one location that has somebody who wants Lipton Green tea. I really don’t sell much of that anywhere else, but, um, he, he asked to have it and they say it is an important, um, important employee and that was the only request they had when I put my machines in there and you know, Vending Machines OKC if they come in that on one day and that stuff’s not there, it’s just going to kind of mess up their day and they’re not going to be as productive and they’re not going to be able to get stuff done. And I think we look at that if, if there’s certain selections that are popular and people are wanting and then they come in and they do not have those selections than um, you know, they’re not going to be as productive at work.

And so we try to keep that in mind. We want to offer great service and do everything we can to, uh, to fill up machines and keep them full. You know, it doesn’t always happen. It’s not a hundred percent perfect, but we really work on that and, and I think from a business standpoint, we would want, um, if I had a company inside or, you know, doing whatever and certain people want certain things, um, I would want that from my vending company to make sure that, that those needs are met, that my employees are happy with what they’ve got. And so we really look around, um, and we’ve got, um, several accounts that know they’ve made requests, um, and, and we have put a lot of time into putting, Vending Machines OKC you know, making sure those needs are met. Um, and so all of our vending machines, okay, see, um, we try to keep them full stocked, keep everybody happy with, with, with what they want.

And so that’s what we started out with. Um, you know, when we started this business, we back in 2012, you know, we just started with the little candy machines and, and um, you know, one thing that we got as we got into this, uh, probably the main thing, the main complaint that we had that, that many people would tell us but other vending companies was that, you know, come often enough that they don’t service the machine enough. And so we decided, you know, very a very early on that we were going to, you know, be that reliable company that we were going to provide the snacks and the drinks that were wanted. We were going to be there. They knew were going to be there and did, they could rely upon those. And you know, I think we have seen that in companies that we’ve gone into or maybe at the beginning of May, um, you know, the sales are not as good because people just don’t, Vending Machines OKC you know, the, the previous company did not come in, um, and as often as they should have. And so people didn’t know if they were going to be, they’re not. So they just kind of quit relying upon those machines, um, as, as we get in there within a few months, they realized that things going to be full and so that they can, um, and in our sales really start to take off. And so I think a lot of people will respect that and it will increase in productivity and um, so far it’s created a lot of happy customers for us.

And so if I’m a manager, owner of a company and I go to search engine and I’m looking for a vending company to come in, maybe I’m not happy with my previous or my current company, maybe just getting started out and maybe we don’t have any vending. Um, and I, I just want to see what my options are. And so I type in vending machines, Okc, what are the things that we would want from the company? And I think the first thing, and I think why we are an excellent choice is, you know, reliability being there. And so, um, you know, when we’re going to be there, you know, what’s going to get stocked. You know, that if, if there is a problem that we will be there to get it solved as quickly as possible. Vending Machines OKC and we, we take a lot of pride in, you know, if, if and when problems occur, um, you know, we’ll, we’ll take care of them and um, you know, we refund, you know, occasionally the vending machines, you know, there will be times where it, where people maybe lose some money.

Um, and so we are very, uh, very um, willing to give back refunds. Um, for the most part we don’t ask questions and we really haven’t had any trouble with that. We would rather people be very happy with their service and um, we’re not going to argue over a few dollars. Um, and so we’re, we’re going to take care of those problems. Um, we, um, any other issues? We will, we will be there and we, we feel like that in a vending company is, was one of the, the number one things we look at being reliable and knowing that we’re going to be there. We can get ahold of you and that you’re going to keep our employees. And our customers happy, and so that is the foundation by which we’ve built our business on a first of all, Vending Machines OKC being reliable and somebody that you can count on and taken care of, of, of your people.

And so, but beyond that, we have so many, much more to offer. You know, the other things, if you typed in, in that search engine vending machines, Okc, um, the other things that you would want is, uh, you know, most people don’t care a whole lot of cash. I don’t care a whole lot of cash. They, they want to use their cards or, or mobile pay. And so we offer that on all our machines. Um, but one thing is, you know, a lot of Indian companies, uh, they will, will kind of carry that charge onto you. And so it’ll, it’ll make things more expensive. And one thing that we have done at k and k vending is we’ve, we do not charge for credit card fees, processing fees, mobile payment fees. Vending Machines OKC so a lot, a lot of companies will say that they will give you a ten cent discount on products if you use cash.

But basically all they’re doing is raising the product cents if you use a card to pay for those, for those, uh, services, and we believe that that’s just part of what we live in today. And so we will, will take care of, uh, of those. Um, not only that, you know, the other thing is if you’re typing in vending machines, okay, see that you’ll want is a, you know, price our price. We, we offer the lowest price guarantee. And really I look at vending machines all around the city and I, I really cannot find anybody that can offer the lowest price. One thing that we do, especially on, on bottles, is we find the best deal on bottles right now. The best deal on bottles is 16 ounce bottles, um, which as somebody who drank their fair share of soda in the past, um, you know, the difference between a 16 ounce bottle, 16 point nine ounce bottle and a 20 ounce bottle is just not that much. And so we can offer that at a lower price than what other people offer in the 20 ounce bottles they offer the 20 ounce bottles sitting, you’re getting more, but then they really charge a lot more. And so we, we, um, you know, bottles, snacks, anything we, we, we feel like we can offer the lowest price and we will, we will offer the lowest price. I’m also a, Vending Machines OKC

we will not charge our or require you to sign a contract. A lot of places want you to sign a contract for a year or two. Basically that’s just saying that you’re not going to use another vending company or you can’t use another vending company for, for one or two years. Um, our philosophy on that is w, you know, we don’t, we feel like if you provide good service, treat people right, give them a great prize. They’re not going to want to go with anybody else. And if we’re not doing that, then they, you know, um, we, we just don’t feel like we’re doing a very good job and we probably deserve to lose their business. And so, um, we believe in that. So there’s a lot of other things, um, you know, that we look at to offer people across the city, across central Oklahoma, in our vending business, Vending Machines OKC and we would love to have your business and hopefully you can give us a call.

Our number is four, one, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four, or go to our website, vending, and look around. We’ve got a lot of great features, some videos to look at and I’m on that site. It’ll have a link to schedule a free consultation. Go ahead and click on that and fill out the form and we’ll, we’ll get ahold of you and find a time to come out and see what’s best for you. So when you’re, when you’re out there searching for vending machines and vending machines, okay, see, I’m think of us and um, and go to our website and let us see what we can do for you.