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It is 5:37 K and k bending, providing vending machine of daisy and wanted to go over some of the differences between cain caves in Dayton and other vending services and I think what to think that all companies are the same. Um, and so there’s a lot of differences between what they did. They didn’t, just spending. Companies don’t just provide, first of all, are they selecting good machines? Vending Machines OKC Are they getting good machines are going to be the most part. I’m workable. Number five, did you get all the various things that you want it updated with the more modern technology? So there’s a lot of things to look at it. Don’t just say that all been there he is.

Make sure that you know, when you’re selecting a vending machine. Okay, so you’ve lived that, you know, of any company that you use is going to be one to provide the very best circle k and k bending. Kit’s going to provide great service. Our customers happy to keep working. If something would happen to them that day and we’re going to have technology that’s going to let us know, give us update time that was going on before you get there with them. Vending Machines OKC So that is what they can look at that people use a lot and then a month later they finally get the part in getting finally get out there.

And also, you know, one of the complaints that we hear about other companies are going in patient, we’re gonna come in, we’re going to call it our goal with every collection you get there. Vending Machines OKC that’s another thing that we can get that at all. We also will be running low or maybe it did go out for a day or so before we get there. We really think about that stuff. Going to get very wide election, all options. So I think it’s very important that you have a company thinking about that and I think that separates us from other bits.

Um, also what are the payment options is just dollar bills point, you know, they are thinking of change and let’s people want to use a credit card, credit cards and all that also do not charge you a fee of. Some people will put her on there, then they’re gonna. He could use it once our DSP and then um, we will also put, or you can instead of just what you said, but I think when people are, uh, you know, just seeing five, some people request that we can put sets of 10 and then you will get out. It’s going to change and so that you’re not going to get a punch for, gives you a lot of different payment options, won’t just be dollar five. Vending Machines OKC I think a lot of people might say the fact that you’ve got various options and so if you’re looking at a vending machine, so KCC, make sure they have various payment options and different ways to pay. And are they charged for that? Also, we’re going to add the lowest price guarantee. We feel like we ask anybody’s price, the antibodies and set a lower product that we are not going to come in real low prices in stages. Even employed. Her prices will eventually go up for everything because the relationships, but that’s gonna. That’s gonna be way down the road and we’re not going to raise price as you get.

Also, we talked with the technology within the event technology we didn’t eat or snack machine. We think it’s vital that have a little knack. That pain is we’ll have a laser down to the bottom, so if it does all then it will come back and it’ll keep a spiral of something called that. If not, then it will give you your money back. So I think that is a great teacher that any people like that. We also a lot of problems for us, we had a rotation where we didn’t have that first part is didn’t really solve all of that from a lot of people that maybe didn’t quite know exactly what they were, how to use the machine to solve all those problems. Vending Machines OKC Has great ever gotten you down, put it on all that. I think that you’re looking at the vending machine, looking at the sheet that they see as if they have driven and another thing is I think a lot of people, and we’ve heard this circle of people, they just don’t want to track.

I think contracts, number one word, don’t know exactly what you’re signing. You know what you’re getting into. Really. How are you going to know it’s a company’s in good if you have and so we are required to track because we think our services are going to be so good that you don’t need it and that you will be very happy with with what you get. But you’re gonna get a great vending machine that’s updated technology. Can credit card readers all the questions if you want a low price and great service and so you know, I mean there’s not much else you could want. And because of that, we’re going to build longterm relationships that, you know, we really don’t have to have a contract and a lot of people come in and I want you to sign, even if it’s a bigger location to a four year contract to provide a new service and it, you know, what happens if after a few months to your life they don’t, like, they’re not doing their job, you know, Vending Machines OKC the really the only way to get out of that is to sue them and go to court over that.

Vending Machines OKC you know, the stuff that you really don’t want to do, especially like a manager, you’ve got to report to somebody else. Well, why’d you pick this company? I’m still want to have that conversation. So, um, we feel like that, you know, we’re going to do a great job and we do not need to have contracts at all, feel good about our service. And so, uh, I think it’s another thing to think about if you’re looking at this machines, Okc, are they going to require on tracks? And I personally feel like you got the signed contract. There’s a lot of these out there that won’t make you sign a contract. A pavement indefinitely has always. All, all of our services are free. We cost nothing to the location for us to come in and provide this service, so we really feel like we kind of stand above everybody else when he goes to all of that stuff. Prize technology, service, no contract, there’s just a, you know, all that together. It’s a great company. Great Short. Give us a call. Four, oh, five, five, two, nine, two, eight, four. Or go to our website, sending and fill out a contact form and we’ll get with you as soon as we can and come out and talk to you about what we can do for your business location and how it can help. So thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.