Vending Machines OKC | Going Out In Style

This is podcast 30 from K and k vending, bringing a vending machines, Okc and I just wanted to talk about drinks and kind of the various selections and uh, you know, what are the best drinks, what are people doing, what are the most popular drinks selections that might go into your machine and what would be the best fit for your location. Vending Machines OKC so if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, see you’re probably wondering, you know, there’s a lot of different options. Maybe you think there’s only a few selections and just take what you can get. But really today there’s so many options out there as far as drink selections that, you know, you’re gonna probably want to look over the list and, and um, depending on the size of your location, if it’s a smaller location, you know, maybe come up with seven or eight a drink selections, a little bigger, maybe 10 or so.

And then if you do the full service break room program, then it would be, you know, you’re going to have to pick a, you know, we could put the whole gamut in there. Really. Um, it might be easier just to tell us what you, what you definitely have to have, um, or don’t want than a tell us what you want because we put a big glass front where we got like 45 selections and so, you know, Vending Machines OKC we can do a lot of different options in those and those are great, like a little convenience store in your break room. And I think the first thing you’ve got to decide whenever we put a vending machine in his cans or bottles and there seems to be some people that don’t really care. Um, and then there is certain people that just want cans and there’s certain people just want bottles.

Um, and so most people, I don’t think it worry about it too much, but I have had people that definitely do not want gans. Vending Machines OKC, and I think um, cans are smaller. They don’t save as well, so you cannot put something over the top of the earth, you know, screw the lid back on. Um, and, and so, uh, there, there is some people that just want the bottle so that they can, um, you know, screw the lid back on and save it in. Bottles can last a long time depending on how much, uh, you know, people drink at a time. And so one thing we do with our bottles, our soda bottles, because we do 16 point nine ounces instead of the regular 20 ounce and that allows us to give a better price and that is, I think most people are more than happy to for the lower price and they get basically what they want.

That’s a bottle and it’s a significant amount. It’s more than a can will be 12 ounces. Um, and so it just kind of depends and some people like a mixture of both. Vending Machines OKC, obviously cancer will be a little cheaper. Um, but uh, it just kinda depends on what you want, but we can always do a, you know, sodas of any kind we can put in there. But really if you’re going to put, you know, you’re looking at putting up vending machine. Okay. See in there, um, you, your employees or your, um, customers are gonna want more than just soda these days? Um, they’re gonna want, you know, bottled water. Um, we can do both 16 ounce bottles or 20 ounce bottles and those sell real well. They want sports drinks, gatorade, there’s all kinds of gatorade so that we can do and we’ll put those in 20 ounce bottles.

The cool blue is popular, the yellow, uh, I don’t know if anybody really actually knows the name, it’s just a, they know the color. Um, I think it’s lemon lime is the yellow fruit punch, which is a red is good seller orange is good. Um, and then there’s all kinds of little, you know, you have like the frost glacier and all different kinds. Even came out with the zero sugar one. I’m not too long ago. Vending Machines OKC so we can put all kinds of gatorades sports drinks in there. And then energy drinks are huge today. And we can go anywhere from red bull, monster and Rockstar full, full throttle, sugar free. He probably of any of those so we can put in there too. And then we’ve got kind of a, the, those are kind of the higher end ones. And then we’ve got some people like those kind of the lower end ones that are cheaper, a venom made by seven up.

They have all kinds of flavors of those, um, and, and then old glory and they’re coming out with. They used to just have one, I think it was a citrus and now they have several flavors of old glory and, and so, you know, if you’re looking at vending machines, okc or thinking about what drinks would we want, um, you’re going to have to, you know, there’s so many things to look at and decide that you’re going to have to figure out and hopefully you’re big enough we could put that full, that a glass front in there and put a little bit of everything. Um, some other things that are popular today is vitamin water. Um, we can put all kinds of vitamin water in there, a juice, orange juice, apple juice, grape juice. Um, and so those are popular. Vending Machines OKC We even a certain locations like the Lipton Green tea.

Um, and so really just all kinds of options and things that we can do in your drink machine. And so, um, if you’re looking down at your vending machines, okay, list, you know, maybe there’s some companies that only do sodas, um, they won’t put in any of the other stuff in or maybe they just have a few varieties of that know we at k and k vending, you’re going to have a lot of different varieties and uh, give you a lot of choice. I try to bring in new selections all the time. Vending Machines OKC, maybe if something hadn’t sold well and awhile we’ll take it out. Um, and then we might try to bring it back after a couple months. It’s amazing how just stuff people get kind of tired of the same old stuff. You take it away for a, for a month or so, and then, um, they then bring it back and uh, you know, they, they want to drink it again.

So, you know, and it kind of depends on the size of the location, exactly what different options, um, some of our smaller locations that we might put a combo machine in a, we’ll do a mixture of cans and bottles. Some of those machines you have to put cans in, they will only a spins out cans and part of their selections. But the other ones you can do bottles. Um, if you just kinda have a warehouse and you’re just wanting some soda or things like that, I mean sometimes we can, we can get a machine that just us cans. Um, and so just kind of depends on what you’re, you know, you’re wanting and we can accommodate that. There’s, if you’re a little bit bigger and you’re just wanting to just regular drink machine, easily 10 selections. We can put a nice mixture of sodas and water and a gatorade, things like that.

So it just really depends on, you know, location and what you want. And again, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll work with you, switch it out and um, and all of that, if you know, if you decide to do something like the, uh, the pantry service or the micromarket we can put, give you a great variety of stuff. Um, that’s one of the great things there is we can give you just a few of every, you know, of several selections. Whereas if you, if you did you, maybe you want to just provide it yourself and have somebody go get all the drinks, you know, you’re gonna have to buy a lot of, a lot of different stuff and um, you know, maybe you only think, you know, for selections or something where we can give you really endless selections. And so that’s one thing to think about if you’re thinking about maybe doing your own snack and drink service in your office.

Um, you know, one thing is we can do that for you and save you from having to have somebody on your staff do that for you. We can come in and provide that and give you probably a lot more variety than what you could. If you, um, you did it yourself, so, uh, give us a call. Four, oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. And we can go over all the drink options and what you want and look at it, uh, or go to our website vending, okay. C Dot Com and check things out. You fill out the contact form and we’ll get back with you and come out and see what the best drink selections are. Uh, so thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.