Vending Machines OKC | Judging Your Location

This is podcast 29 from k and k vending, bringing vending machines, Okc, and, uh, just wanted to talk today about a kind of the other options other than putting a vending machine in your location. You know, you’re looking at vending machines, Okc, and you’re thinking, well, you know, I don’t know if I really want to a big machine in there. Maybe you don’t have a whole lot of space. Um, maybe you’ve got kind of a nice office and you don’t want that to a, you know, big old vending machine to, to stick out. We can do some other options out there. And kinda the future of vending is maybe to get rid of the, of the vending machine. Vending Machines OKC one thing you can do is have a pantry service in the pantry service is really a will, is basically we will deliver snacks to your location and then invoice you for those snacks.

You can either provide those as complimentary to your employees or customers, which is just a, you know, a great way to, to, uh, um, to show your appreciation for employees, make it a better work environment and maybe retain more employees if you’re providing stuff for them. Today’s market, you know, everybody’s changing jobs all the time and that’s one thing you could do to maybe help keep people, um, if you providing stuff for them, you know, the more that you can do, the more you can keep maybe your best employees. I mean, that’s always something to think about. And the pantry services is something that, you know, you could do that maybe doesn’t cost a whole lot of money but would bring in, you know, Vending Machines OKC a lot of goodwill. Um, and so in effect, what we could do is we can bring in the snacks. You can tell us what you want, snacks, drinks, how we could even set them up for you wherever you’d like, and then just bill you for those.

And then you could, uh, you know, order again when you’re ready. Um, you know, one thing you could also do is you can just put them out and kind of put it on her box and say if you take something, uh, you know, uh, put a dollar here and a, that’d be one way to pay for it without getting a big vending machine. Um, and so we could definitely do that. The other way we can do it is bringing in shelf or use your existing shelves and bring a cooler or refrigerator and when they take it in a, um, when they take one, basically we will know by when we take inventory, I will come once a week, take inventory, we can figure out how much it has been used and then bill you for that. Vending Machines OKC, and so that, that’s another way, that way you don’t ever have to reorder.

You can just, it’ll always be there. And we can always change things out. And that’s, that’s a great option to. One thing you got to think about is, uh, you know, things go out of date, especially chips, chips have a fairly short dates compared to other snacks. You know, their dates last month to two months. Um, and so, you know, that’s one thing to think about if, if you’re just going to do a delivery service, you know, some of those might go out of date, whereas if we do it, we come in and we, and we set it up and we just charge you for what’s used and it’s on us to look at the dates and if, if it goes out of date, then that’s, that’s on us. So, Vending Machines OKC, definitely check out our kind of our delivery service or pantry service, um, which is uh, something different than your regular vending machines.

Okay. See, and then kind of the other cool thing that we’re doing now is our micro market. And in similar to your pantry or delivery service, we will put in a snacks and drinks. We could put in a cold food sandwiches, salads, fruit in, we can put frozen food, even a ice cream, entrees, frozen entrees. And instead of you paying for it as the employer, Vending Machines OKC, what will happen is they will download an app on their phone and when they see something they want, they will scan it and pay for it on the APP. And uh, then it works pretty well. It’s kind of the new phase in vending. Self-Service is, is kind of really taken off in all retail. Whether, you know, it’s, Vending Machines OKC, you know, you can go into Mcdonald’s or Panera bread, a walmart target, you know, they all have self checkouts or cell phone order.

And so that’s kind of the similar thing here. Instead of actually using a machine, you use an app and you just pay for yourself. And, and in an office type setting, uh, works pretty well. Um, you know, one thing you might say is, well, what happens, uh, you know, wanting to provide, just steal stuff. And, you know, there, there could be some of that, but statistically across the country, um, people that I’ve done it see, uh, you know, very little, I’m stealing, especially in an office setting where everybody knows everybody. And, you know, there might be four or five percent of that, one thing we can do is put a camera in there just to kind of make people think about it, uh, but really, you know, we’re not in the business of trying to get people in trouble or lose her job. And so if, if there is there happened to be likely come one week and they would happen to be a lot gone, then we would just, you know, look for another option.

And so that’s something to think about. Instead of doing the vending machines, Okc, you do a pantry service or a micromarket and um, you know, we can do all kinds of different things. Um, and still, you know, we’re gonna have the lowest price guarantee. We’re gonna no contracts, uh, and you know, processing fees for using that APP. Vending Machines OKC, the one thing we do have to charge on the APP is sales tax on your vending machines. We pay once a year, we get a sticker that that’s how we pay sales tax on vending machine stuff that’s sold in vending machines. But in a micromarket you actually have to pay sales tax, but that would be included in the APP. Um, and so there’ll be a little bit extra on top of everything that is purchased from the state. Um, so definitely something to think about and something different other than your normal vending and maybe something that your employees, customers would really appreciate and really think that was pretty cool.

And so when you’re looking at that list, vending machines, okay, see, you know, think about, um, you know, what, what do they offer, do they offer things other than a traditional vending machine? Um, and you know, we, we, we provide, you know, traditional vending machines and there are certain places you have to have those. Um, I would say any place where, you know, it’s just general public people come and in and out, then you’re probably going to have to have a vending machine. Um, you know, a micromarket which is a little bit of an honor system is probably not going to work very well. Um, and then, you know, if somebody is only going to be there one or two times and download an APP, uh, they may not want to do that. And so definitely, you know, whatever your situation, we can find a solution for you with your snacks and drinks, uh, even if you’re an office of like five people and you know, we can deliver and uh, you know, invoice you and, and uh, you know, that’s a way to have snacks and drinks and so people aren’t just running down the street to a convenience store and it’s taken them a long time.

They’re not getting any work done. And so this is a great way to kind of keep the office happy. Um, I think people would really appreciate that, you know, you’re looking out for them and they’re going to get more done and more work is going to be done. So definitely check out our website, vending, okay. C Dot Com and see what all the stuff we can do for you. We can do, Vending Machines OKC, you know, we can look at every, every location’s different. And so we can, you know, figure out what works, what works best for you. We can try stuff, we can try the micromarket maybe a week or two and you know, hey, it didn’t work then, hey, we bring in a vending machine and slash or you know, we can try the pantry service. And I didn’t like that much. Well we drive micromarket and uh, you know, or eventually bringing a vending machine.

So there’s all kinds of things were where we’re looking to, you know, figure out what you want and it’s not just one time will will decide that and put it in and then we’re not changing. Uh, will, will, will change. And we could go a long time. Maybe you changed your mind. You have a vending machine lab. Let’s try this micromarket switch it. So there’s all kinds of things we can do. So give us a call. Four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. Check out our website, vending She can fill out our contact form and we’ll get back with you. And, uh, thank you. And keep buying from vending machines. OKC.