Vending Machines OKC | Vending Equals Production

This is podcast number 25 from K and k vending providing Vending Machines OKC and just today I want to talk about how vending can make your business run better and maybe more pro profitable and why it is a good thing to have it in your office. Um, you know, the main reason is most people are expecting to have some kind of service there. If they do not, they’re going to be unhappy. And so, you know, if they come in, maybe they just got hired or maybe you’re starting a company and you’ve got several workers and that they don’t have anything to eat or drink during the day than a, you know, they’re, they’re going to get upset, especially if it’s hard for them to get out. Um, and you know, days, a long day, you know, at the beginning they may bring everything they need and you may have the great idea that you’re going to provide everything that somebody is going to go to Sam’s or Walmart and bring stuff to the office.

And you know, maybe that starts out well. But then as things pick up and, and you know, time goes on, maybe you know, you start running out of stuff and then you know, Vending Machines OKC before long you don’t have anything and people are like, and we still, you know, it’s hard to get things and they forget to bring stuff from home and you know, people are just aren’t happy if they’re hungry and thirsty and you need that fix, um, you know, they’re just not as productive. And so, uh, you know, one thing having vending machines is going to satisfy that it’s gonna keep your employees happy. It’s what most people expect. Customers expect, especially if you have customers that come in and are waiting in a waiting area or are going to spend any time at all, they’re going to want drink options, snack options. And so it’s just a, you know, it’s just part of running a business is to keep people happy and that leads to more production, more profitability.

And so it’s, it’s going to help you out. And so if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, see, you know, there’s a lot of different companies out there, but you know, we can help with that and we always provide our machines free. Um, you don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to worry about, Vending Machines OKC repairs, you don’t have to worry about if something breaks, you don’t have to worry about the annual tax sticker that goes with it. You don’t have to worry about having somebody to refill that and taking it away from the job that they should be doing inside your office or, or our business. Um, and so just having a vending services really gonna help from, from that standpoint. Another thing, if you don’t, uh, or if you don’t have a very good vending vending company is they’re just going, they’re going to leave and go to the convenience store and so that’s going to take time out of their day.

And you know, they may get breaks, but it’s probably gonna take them longer than their break to get there and get back and get all this stuff. And so that’s taking less time or that’s taking time away from their productivity, their job, and um, it’s just, it’s definitely not what you want. And so I’m having a vending machine, especially one like Cain gave, ending that’s gonna be run. Well, it’s going to be stocked. Um, it’s going to have all the stuff that we offer, like the lowest price guarantee, Vending Machines OKC a pay with your credit card processing fees, um, you, you are going to have happy clients, happy employees that are going to be more productive and make you money. And so, uh, it, it’s, it’s really a no brainer to have a vending service. Um, and we can offer vending service really for, for people of all sizes.

Um, we can, you know, if you are a large, maybe have shift workers 24 hour facility, you know, we can offer a full service break room program. Um, they’ll take care of not only their, their, their drink and snack needs. We can dry cold and frozen foods so they can get things to eat for lunch, dinner. Um, that, uh, you know, was more than just a snack. It’s a sandwich. It’s an entree, it’s uh, you know, maybe some ice cream, it’s hamburgers that they can meet up in a microwave and so there’s all kinds of stuff there. And so, you know, especially in shift workers, they maybe only half, you know, 20, 30 minute lunches, um, and it’s hard for them to get out and bring their lunch in. Maybe it’s a middle of the night, um, you know, that will take care of all their needs and keep them happy and then, you know, we go down from there, we can go smaller, we can go to combo machines or you know, Vending Machines OKC the traditional snack and soda machine and you know, just kind of depends on what your office needs and what they want.

And so if you’re looking at vending machines, Okc, uh, you know, definitely, um, you know, think of us first. They, you know, we will provide a great service and we’ll keep things, have keep people happy and we will, uh, you know, work with you to find out what your employees want, what your customers want. And those, that’s always shifting. And we are constantly looking to add new stuff. Bring new stuff in and keep it, keep it moving, not just keep the same old stuff in there day after day, week after week, month after month, we’re going to bring in new stuff. Um, and from there again, it’s just going to keep people happy if, if he tried to maybe run your own machine or provide their own snacks, Vending Machines OKC you know, it’s gonna be hard to give a big compliment of stuff unless you just go and just buy a ton of stuff and you’re going to have to store that somewhere.

And some of that might go bad if people don’t eat it. And so I’ve been in a company like Kane k can come in and we can bring a wide variety of stuff and because we go to a lot of locations, you know, we can bring a little bit to each location and we don’t have to worry so much about storing stuff or things going bad. We can spread them out and we can bring just a little bit of everything and it’s just going to give a lot more variety for you and your and your employees.

So basically vending equals profitability or poor production and so, and you know, one thing if you haven’t been doing and it’s not very good or your employees are happy, they’re always complaining about it, Vending Machines OKC that could be also something that could change. If you get a good service like concave in and you’re, you know, you’re looking at, you might go in and you know, people are not happy. Look at vending machines, okay C and see us pop right up at the top and we are, you’re going to see all the testimonials of people that are guests are say, you know, what a great job we’re doing and you know, we’ll come in and keep people happy and you know, you know that that could definitely be a change for your office, for Your Business and keep people happy, keep them more productive and uh, you’ll get more, more done on a daily basis.

And so definitely look at, you know, if you’re not happy, I’m definitely looking at KK bending to, to, you know, make, make that bending your break room a better place. And not only can we offer vending machines, we could do a pantry service where we just bring in snacks and drinks and uh, you know, invoice you for those, we can either do it as a one time order or, um, and you just order it again or we can bring them in and, and, uh, set up a shelf. So maybe a cooler or use what you have and you know, put out a certain amount and then come and check it every week, refill what needs to be refilled and then charge you for what was used. And you can set a monthly budget and then we, we’ve just invoice you for that. Vending Machines OKC or we can do a micro market and we’re very excited about that.

Maybe other companies on the vending machines. Okay. See, lists are not going to have this option, especially for smaller locations. Um, that, uh, you know, we can do a micromarket we set up shelving and a cooler in your break room or wherever you’d like. And people would come in, find what selections they want, and then use the APP that they download onto their phone, put their information in one time and pay on their phone. And there’ll be a beacon anytime you show up, uh, with your phone, then you will, you can just pay with your app. And people love that. It’s a, it’s kind of the new wave and vending, self-service, just like Walmart target, you know, all the big places. Vending Machines OKC it’s just kinda the same thing in your break room where people can check out there without having to go through a vending machine.

And so it’s kind of a cool option that we’d have. And so, you know, vending machines are, uh, important for any office and it’s something maybe that you don’t think about when you’re running a business, opening a business and make sure that your employees are happy. If I keep having a great service that is, uh, you know, doing everything that you want them to do. And, uh, so give us a call. Four, one, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four or go to vending. Okay. [inaudible] DOT com. And check things out, look at all the things that we have to offer, look at our testimonials, a fill out that contact form and we will get back with you as soon as we can and will come and figure out what, uh, what is best for you and keep your business running smooth. Thank you. And keep buying from vending machines. OKC.