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This content was written for K & K Vending

K&K Vending is one of the top rated Vending machines OKC has yet to offer. We guarantee that we will be able to meet all of your needs when it comes to snacks and drinks. With this we guarantee the lowest prices and we also feel that it’s a no-brainer to offer you a free consultation so you have the chance to decide if you would be happy with the services that we offer. K&K Vending believes strongly in putting family first and we have incredible values that we promise to use while servicing you.

Although we only offer four different types of machines are machines range from really small to really big gives us the opportunity to serve all different types of companies, and businesses. If you want to see our services and more depth detail check out our website While you’re there still free to fill out a contact form so we can contact you to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about starting service with us. We promise the best and cheapest vending machines OKC services that you will find.

Depending on the type of area that you’re trying to set up a snack and drink machine plays a role in deciding which machine would work best for you and your area. For the smaller office typesetting we recommend our combo machines. This offer snacks and drinks and one machine to be more compact and take up less space. Although it is small it still gives you up to 20 different snack varieties. The next machine that we offer is our machine that doesn’t need to be in a temperature regulated environment. These are more of the heavy duty, weatherproof machines that can handle a lot. These machines can include pop, water, flavored drinks, as well as energy drinks.

Of course, if were the most attentive with our Vending machines OKC and of course who will offer the traditional snack and drink machine. These are perfect for a larger location with a larger amount of people to accommodate four. These usually carry around 30 different snack options and around 10 different varieties of drinks. We also felt the need to designs the venting technology that prevents your wonderful snacks from getting stuck right between the glass. No one likes to be taunted by their snack, so close yet so far away. Our last and largest service that we offer is something that we provide for very large locations with a very incredible amount of people to feed. We call this our full service breakroom. This includes 40 different snack options as well as 40 different drink options. We also provide a microwave as well as condiments, forks, knives, and spoons, or anything that might be needed. This option includes full meals like hamburgers, salads, pies, burritos, sandwiches as well as chocolate milk, ice cream, sweet tea and much much more.

Doing business with K&K Vending is one of the best decisions you will make. We guarantee nothing but the best service as well as friendly positive attitudes may come into refill all of your machines. Lastly, we do not require any contracts to do service with us. You can stay with us as little or as long as you one but were sure once you meet I shall stay with us forever. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation 405-529-5684.

Vending Machines OKC | Top Notch Snacks and Drinks

This content was written for K & K Vending

If you have a business that struggles with providing all the necessary snacks and drinks to allow their employees enjoy their lunch, then I have some good news for you. K&K Vending offers the most attentive and customer service oriented Vending machines OKC has yet to top. Our business is built on family which allows us to keep our morals and values true to us, our family and allows us to pass on to you. Our name K&K Vending was influenced by our two beautiful daughters. We are reminded every day we see the name of our business why we do what we do.

We offer multiple different snacks and each of our different machine options. From chips to cookies, pop tarts, popcorn, gum, to pastries like chocolate doughnuts, honey buns, zingers, candy including snickers, Twix and the list goes on and on. We also offer healthier snacks which includes skinny pop, pretzels, special K chips, veggie straws and again much much much more. Feel free to check out our website to view the full list of the options you have with what you fill your machines with.Call us anytime at 405-529-5684 we love to hear from you and give you more information about our company the top level Vending Machines OKC.

A lot of questions that we usually get our simple questions that we love to answer for you. However we want to stress all of our clients that they do not have to put out any work or provide any equipment or snacks, drinks for these machines. We provide the machine as well as all of the equipment and accessories for free. We also take care of paying for the annual tax sticker.

We service our machines depending on the machine type and the size of the location where the machine is placed. However if your machine doesneed servicing you will have to wait longer than a day to get it. All of our machines are also insured, which which we like to mention to give you peace of mind so you don’t feel that you will ever be liable for damage to the machines. Our machines except dollar coins as well as give them back so if you only have a five dollar bill, you will get a bunch of quarters. You will get dollar coins keep you from having a pocket full of quarters.

Here K&K Vending we are always open for you to suggest what snacks and drinks you want in your machines even if we don’t have a website let us know if you want to and we can do everything we can to be able to provide that. Aside from everything mentioned above we will provide incredible service, top-quality machines, and multiple different forms of payment including card, and phone. Give us a call today and let us provide Vending Machines OKC all your snacks and drinks at the easiest convenience to you.