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This podcast, 46, four K and k vending, providing vending machines, Okc, and just wanted to look at maybe today you’re tired of just the same old vending machines that meet your office, has location has and that maybe you want to look at something different and kind of the future of vending services. Just want to talk today about some of those various options that we can do and I’m kind of the differences, different things that we can do. Um, and so if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, see, you know, basically you look down the list and first of all I will say not all vending companies as the same, you know, there’s a lot that goes into a vending service with vending machines. Not everybody uses the same machine. Some are old and not updated. Others are. And we’re going to use not necessarily brand new equipment, but it’s going to be equipment that’s going to be updated with all the latest technologies that’s going to have the credit card readers and it’s going to have a servant under snack machine.

Those kinds of things. So make sure if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, so you don’t think all vending machine companies are the same? Um, you know, prices are going to vary services big. I’ve had several people over the last few weeks just tell me their service, just not any good. And so, um, you know, make sure the vending machine company you get it has good service, but you know, maybe you’re, you’re wanting to do something different for your employees or customers and we can do that in kind of the new thing that has come about is micro markets and depending on what size, I mean, this could be really be for anybody of any size. Um, well let’s say that, you know, if you have an office of 10 people, micromarket is probably not going to be very good or a um, um, a vending machine probably will not have enough sales to really justify the amount that, that equipment’s going to kind of cost.

And so, um, but there’s other things we can do for offices of 10. Um, and that’s kind of our pantry service, which we’ll talk about here in a minute. But the micromarket can really go to any size and one thing that they do, this is a self checkout option that has really taken over a lot of retail spaces, whether it’s Walmart, target grocery stores, whether you go to Panera bread or Mcdonald’s, you name it. There’s a lot of self checkout now, um, where you can order and then pay with your card and it just really works out great for the customer and what a micro market is, is basically we’re going to bring in products, set them up either using your, what you already have, your cabinets, um, or any kind of existing shelf or we can bring in our own, um, we can use your existing refrigerator or bringing in a cooler that is ours.

And we can put out products and then people can use an app on their phone that is, allows them to pay for the service. Um, they can find what they want the APP on, their phone will pop up and then they scan it and they will pay for it with the car that they have on file with that APP. So basically they will go down and they will upload this app to their phone, it’ll ask for some information, they put their credit card in one time and from there it’ll be securely saved. And then we’re in your break room. We will have a small little beacon that will plug into the wall and now and anytime if you have that app downloaded, anytime you come within a few feet of that, um, it will pop up and it’s just automatic. And then you can pay for whatever you want using that.

And it, the advantages of that is you’re not limited by what can fit in a machine. You can give a little bit of almost everything. I’m not only can we do the traditional vending products, we can do fruit, we can do some cold food like Salads and yogurt and maybe, um, you know, cheese and things like that that maybe you couldn’t put it in a traditional vending machine and we can put that in the cooler and people can just have a lot of different options as far as their vending. And they could really get a lot of variety. And so that’s just one way to change from the vending machines. Okay? See from those companies that you see on on vending machines, okay, see, that’s one way to look at something different. And one thing that, you know, some companies might have and they come in and they have, what is the key, asked the same thing you’d see at Walmart or wherever.

Um, and basically there would be something that would sit inside the brick room. People will get what they wanted, scan it on this kiosk that stayed in the break room and that’s where good. But the problem with that is, number one, if you have a lot of people coming in and it’s lunchtime, they have to stand in line and wait on that kiosk number two, if that kiosk goes down, then, then you can’t get any vending service. And so by having apps on phones, I mean, it’s, you’re almost guaranteed that it’s going to be up. You don’t have to wait in line. And it’s just a great service. Um, I think a lot of people worry about maybe their employees would not like the fact that, um, you know, the king use cash, but really it is. Most people today use card or mobile pay or um, any kind of service like that debit card and by having this on their phone, I think more, most people will be more than happy.

Sure. You’re going to have maybe one or two, um, but you know, they could always pay a friend, um, you know, a buck or two to buy a Ford of them. And I’m sure that would work out great. We could maybe work out some kind of, have a place for them to pay. Maybe you have gift cards, those kind of things. If they’re just, they’ve just dead set on, on paying cash. And so there, there’s ways that people would, could pay cash if they really just absolutely had to. But I think most people are going to be perfectly fine with paying on their phone. Um, and it’s just a great service to have. It’s something different from all those other people on the vending machine, Okc list and it’s just kind of, um, the future of, of what’s going on. Um, and it really just gives so many options.

Now, this won’t work in every location. There’s some where you just need a traditional vending machine anywhere where you’re just going to have a lot of people in and out that is not the same people. Um, public, uh, public area is probably not going to work. Um, it’s got to be more of a controlled office type setting. Um, you might think, what about people just stealing stuff and then that is a possibility. Um, we will, we will, we can put cameras, things like that just to basically make honest people honest. Um, but for the most part, if you’re in an office type setting, most people are not going to steal. Um, what they’ve found with these micro markets is there, there is a little bit, um, maybe five percent, um, but it is, you get so many more sales because people have so many more options.

So it’s like having a little convenience store in your break room. You can put all kinds of things and you’re not limited by the amount of selections that you have in a vending machine. And so that is just one great way that you can change stuff. Um, you know, and if stuff is stolen, you know, it’s something we will definitely take inventory and that’s something maybe after a month or two, if there’s a bunch stolen, you know, we just have to reevaluate. We could maybe add, um, if we didn’t have a camera we could add a camera. Um, and then eventually, you know, hey, if it just didn’t work then we can look at a more traditional vending machine. And so I think it’s something to work out and that’s all on us. Um, you know, if things are stolen then you know, we have to reevaluate and you know, we’re not going to call for a police investigation or anything like that. We’re just going to say we’re, we’re losing too much from theft. And so what is something else that we can do? And so I’m all very good options. Something different from a Vin, the vending machine, Okc, um, things that you’ll see online.

Um, and the other thing that you can do is a pantry service, a pantry if, say you have 10 employees, but she still wants some things in the office, but you really don’t want to assign somebody to do that is we can come out and provide things for you, um, and you could order what you wanted and then we could just bring it to you in an invoice, you, um, or we could just set up an area in your break room and put out snacks, drinks, and then people would get what they wanted and then we could take inventory every time and then bill you for what was used. And that’s a great option. Also if you have maybe a smaller area, um, or if you just want to add something different for employees, show you that you appreciate them. Um, and so, um, there’s a lot of different things you can do. Um, and he, you know, bigger, small, a micromarket will work bigger, small pantries will work, um, vending machines, you’d probably definitely need to have a certain number of people, but there’s a lot of different things we can do. And so if you’re looking to vending machines, okay, see, you know, look at k and k vending. Um, we’re not just vending service, we can do micro-markets Pantry, um, and really will come and look and see what’s best for you. So thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.