Vending Machines OKC | The K&K Difference

His podcast 15, uh, with Kay and Kay vending, bringing vending machines, Okc, and today we’d like to talk about the k and k vending difference, some of the things that we do, um, in the community and how we, we try to run our business and our lives. Um, first of all, Vending Machines OKC, we, this is a true family owned business. A K, k is named after our two daughters, um, Kinsey and Kira. And so really everything we do, we want to make them proud. I’m Kelly and I, we want to make them proud of what we’re doing and we’re trying to provide a great service. And so we’re, we’re just a truly blessed to be able to, um, be able to, to bring this business to everybody. And we’re very proud of that. And you know, our family’s name is on this and so we want to deliver every time.

And you know, also when we were, when we’re going into a location or just just talking to people or dealing with people, no matter what it is, whether it’s business or not, I mean, we, we just tried to treat people right. And, you know, the golden rule, treat people like you want to be treated and what we, we want to go above and beyond to help people out as much as we can and, and to make things a work as best we can and just do anything that we, that is required to, Vending Machines OKC, to help people out. Um, you know, so we, we don’t look to come in there and make a quick buck. Um, we’re looking for long term relationships that’s going to last you for several years. And so, you know, maybe other vending machine companies on that list of vending machines, Okc, you know, that they’re going to come in maybe and your sorrows from it, some snacks in there are drinks and then move on to the next location.

And, you know, if things go wrong, well, you know, they’re not going to worry about too much. Um, you know, maybe it’s a lot of people lost money. He and that they’re not gonna offer refunds, anything like that. Um, you know, and that’s just not how we do business. We’re going to come in and where you are going to just just really go out of our way to do anything we can, um, to make, to make you happy. We’re going to treat people fair. Um, we, for the most part, we feel Vending Machines OKC, you know, with the Sherpa and technology, you know, we’re having a very few complaints on our snack machines. Every once in awhile somebody will say, you know, that they, um, they, they’ve lost some money and there’s no way for anybody really to know on that. But for the most part, we’d almost hundred percent give, give them money back, give refunds.

And so, you know, even if it may cost us a few bucks, we’re not going to haggle over that. We want to keep people happy, make sure that they’re getting their snacks because there’s a lot of people will get upset if you’re going around blind from vending machines. Okay. See, and, and you and you’re so thirsty or hungry or whatever and you put a dollar in and don’t get what you want. And we understand that and we’re gonna make it right. Um, and, and just treat people right and, and help them out. Vending Machines OKC, you know, oftentimes people while we’re servicing the machine will come up and, you know, maybe they only had, you know, fifty cents or something and then product 75, you know, or like, Hey, here you go, one time discount. We’ll do stuff like that. If, if anything is about to expire, we give that stuff away a lot of times, two locations.

Um, but the main thing that we do and we’ve really gotten involved with is um, because we donate a lot of our food and we give back to the Oklahoma City Metro alliance. And so we, we really believe in the program. We, we know several people that work over there. I’m Kelly works in the mental health field and this is in social work and we really believe in giving back. And so one thing that we have done is, um, you know, help them, um, as much as we can. And they helped us also by letting us into two of their locations, the first step of women’s and the first step men’s program and both those are drug and Rehab, alcohol rehab facilities, and they’re on campus and it gives people a second chance. Vending Machines OKC, maybe things haven’t gone very well for them. They have an addiction and it helps them get back on their feet and not go to prison. And so we believe strongly in this program and it’s done a lot of great work for people and we, we, we think it really helps the community. And so we do all we can for them. And so we’re just always looking for things like that too to help out. And uh, and that’s just what Kay and Kay vending is all about.

And in the end, we just believe that’s what makes a good business. That you build relationships and build trust. And that over time, you know, every it’ll work out for everybody. Um, you know, your location will get what you need as far as service and snacks and drinks and keep employees happy and, you know, we’ll get what we need. We were, were looking for a way with your business and it’s just a win win. And so no matter what we do, we’re looking for a win, win for everybody, treat people right. And, Vending Machines OKC, we’re not looking to come in there and just make a quick buck and, you know, everybody’s mad, um, are, were taking all, you know, everything now prices are so high and so we just feel like that’s just how you run a good business. And so if you’re looking you vending machines, okay, see, um, you know, just keep that in mind.

Um, you know, we really try to go out of our way to, to provide great service and make a difference in the community. And this is just a true family, family run business. And so, um, you know, and also we provide a lot of, a lot of good stuff, um, with our, with our service, um, we can, um, you know, lowest price guarantee. We offer credit card readers on all our machines and we don’t charge any processing fee and that’s kind of goes back to treating people ride. Um, I think sometimes they sneak those processing fees into, into the transaction and so, you know, people don’t realize that they’re, you know, they’re paying a little bit more when they, when they swipe that card and Vending Machines OKC, you know, the Shervin technology trying to make sure that people get what they want. Um, and then no contracts.

I mean, to me that’s just good business, you know, if you do what you’re supposed to do, you treat people right. It’s a win win for everybody. You don’t need a contract. Um, everything’s gonna work out and so that, you know, that’s why we don’t, we don’t require contracts. And so I really thank, you know, if you’re looking for a vending machine, Okc that you’ll, you’ll, you’ll be very happy with our service. You can give us a call at four, oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. Vending Machines OKC see what difference we can make for you. Um, we can go to our website, vending,, check things out and see, um, see all the various stuff we have on there, all the different selections we can do both healthy and traditional snacks. Um, and uh, also, you know, read about how we help the Oklahoma City Metro Alliance, um, and how much we believe in that.

And then also, um, you know, go ahead and fill out the contact form and we can come out and, and see what’s best for you. We offer all kinds of services. We try to do a complete vending service and doesn’t necessarily mean a machine. Um, your location might be great for a pantry where we just bring out a snacks and you just invoice you and you provide that for your employees or customers or maybe you know, all your employees just, um, you know, pay as they go as they, as they grabbed the snacks. Um, you can also do a micro market where we use an app from your phone and your employees can pay using their phone. And so we just have all kinds of options and, and did various things and we’ll just do whatever. Whatever fits best for your, your location and look at your needs and wants. And we really think that we can, we can help you. So thanks for listening and keep buying vending machines okc.