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Podcasts, 36 fromK and k vending, providing vending machines, Okc, and just couldn’t want to talk about the, uh, what would be the ideal vending company. And obviously I don’t, I don’t know that there is such a thing as an ideal, any thing, uh, that’s perfect. That provides everything for 100 percent of customers. That’s just unfortunately the way life is, but you know, what would be the ideal vending company and something that I think about a lot as an owner of a vending company and what would that include? And so if you look at it, vending machines, okay, see what you want. And I think the first thing you want is just good, honest, hardworking people that are going to be running the vending company and we feel like we are at km gave vending, very hardworking. Um, we’re just a family run business. This is, you know, we are the people running this from a day to day basis and we’d take a lot of pride in it are basically our livelihood depends on it Vending Machines OKC.

And so we’re going to go that extra step to make sure you’re happy. Make sure that we can do everything we can to make you happy and we feel like kind of, you know, you don’t want to be too small, but you don’t want to be too big. We just kind of right in the middle is almost the ideal place because um, you know, if it’s too big, then you just get hourly workers that come and go, that don’t really care if it’s too small, Vending Machines OKC then maybe they don’t have all the resources that are, that, that you need to provide all the, the, uh, modern technologies and things like that. So, uh, so that, that’s something that we strive for is, is just to show, you know, how honest, hardworking, we want a win win situation. No matter where we go, we don’t want any kind of situation where we feel like maybe we’re taking advantage of somebody or um, it’s just on a good deal for you.

You know, those are, those are situations that I know we try not to even consider. Um, and so, uh, we, we feel like we are going to provide a great service for you and that you are going to be very happy to have it. And, and so, um, we, that’s what we strive for. The second thing I think he would want in an ideal vending company is, uh, you know, you’re looking at those vending machines, okay. Okc and you, you just want somebody that is going to provide great service. I’m somebody who is going to come fill the machine up and surprisingly first a lot of Indian companies harder than you would think. Um, there’s a lot of kind of small operators that think they’re just gonna throw some machines out and make a million bucks and go buy and collect the money. But they realized that they don’t make a million bucks with a, you know, one or two machines and it’s some work and they maybe do good for awhile, but then after awhile it’s kind of like, Vending Machines OKC, I don’t know.

Uh, you know, they don’t, they don’t do very well. They don’t come and service it and put all that all the time and attention that is needed. Um, and so, you know, definitely great service. Some of the bigger companies, they’ve got hourly workers that are going to, um, you know, not really care that much and they’re going to change, you know, a lot. And so we, you know, we try to find, we keep the small, um, we, we try to, Vending Machines OKC, we really vet anybody that we hire and we’re going to keep the um, you know, try to keep them for the long haul just like we do with any kind of, uh, um, location that we would get. We want a longterm relationship with employees. We’re going to try to do everything we can to keep a longterm relationship and really make them part of the family and really taking ownership into this company.

And so service is a big thing if you’re looking at vending machines. So Casey, on the other thing that you would look at, um, if you had an ideal of Indian company is good machines, Vending Machines OKC, that uh, you know, have the latest technologies that have credit card readers that have, um, you know, Shervin technology that are going to provide all the variations and give you a good selection. And we definitely strive to that. Um, you know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be brand spanking new machines, but it, it does have to include that in, in a lot of machines you can update. Um, there is technology available that, you know, an older machine maybe that still looks good and, or maybe it could be refurbished. You can, you know, put the new technology on it with providing a new board and, and, and other things.

And so we do that until a lot of our machines. And so, uh, you know, definitely want, you know, good, honest, trustworthy people. You want great service. Um, you know, whether it’s just your vending machines or you’re getting deliveries, people that are going to be on time that they’re going to take care of the machine. Something goes wrong with the machining, hopefully they’re going to get things done quickly. Vending Machines OKC, and so, um, you’ve, you’ve got to it. It’s amazing. I guess a lot of times you’ll see how long have you from another company, you’ll walk by a machine and see it out of order and maybe you come back a week or two later and it’s still out of order. And so that’s, that’s just not good business. Um, you know, try to get that done as soon as possible. Especially, you know, if it’s in a situation that, you know, people really depend on that, you know, we, we do whatever we can to get that going and most of the time you can get those machines up and running within a few hours, but sometimes not.

Um, I’ve got a fan motor that’s out right now on a machine and I, I just don’t have one. I just don’t have one with me and so I’m going to have to order one and so, Vending Machines OKC, that’s, that’s a typical thing, but I’m going to get on it and get expedited shipping and it’ll be a day or two. And then we’ll get back on and things will be running, running great. But a lot of times there’s just kind of a programming error or maybe something’s not set right and you can just readjust it. And so great service. I’m just show up, you know, that’s kind of success in life is just showing up and you know, we’re going to be there, a friendly faces and so, you know, we really tried to strive to provide, you know, those things. And I am. And those are kind of key tenants properly to anybody’s business, you know, good, honest people provide great service, you know, provide, you know, kind of the great and the latest technology, the latest service.

And you know, as long as you’re doing that, that was kind of things we feel like people were really appreciate you and I really want to do business with you and you’re going to start building those long term relationships. And in a business we feel like businesses is about treating people right. And if you treat people right and do the right thing, then good things are gonna happen. And so far that’s, that’s what’s happened to us and, and we feel like that we can bring that to your location or where your business and so definitely give us a call. Four, oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. And we can come talk to you about all the great things going on a k and k vending. Don’t just do vending machines, we can do deliveries, a micro markets, um, you know, possibly a combination of things.

And so we can, we’ll do any and everything that we can do to provide you great service and kind of figure out exactly what your needs are and kind of tailor that to your, your location. And so I, you know, I feel like not there’s not one location, it’s the same, you know, we’ve, we’ve got to make certain things available at a certain locations and it’s just a little bit different everywhere you go. And so also check out our website, vending. Okay. [inaudible] DOT com. And look at all the various stuff we have and we show you a lot of snacks and drinks that we offer. And then I’m also look at our videos and then a fill out a contact form and we’ll get back with you and we can come out and sit down and just really look at what would be a, you know, perfect vending service for you. What exactly do you want? And we will do everything we can to try to provide that. So thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.