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This is episode 10 of theK and k vending podcast providing vending machines. Okay. See, and today I was wanting to talk about these shervin technology that we put on all of our snack machines and uh, it’s also on a lot of our other machines also, but I think the one area that most people really wanted on isn’t in their snack machines. And um, I just want to talk about that today and why we, we, we love this technology. Um, I think it makes people, it gives people a lot more confidence when they buy from the machines and keep people happy. We’ve had a lot less, a lot fewer complaints about things getting stuck and people are, are, are really happy about that. Vending Machines OKC so a real. Basically what the Shervin technology and there’s various names, some people call it the golden eye. I’m Ivan, I’m Shervin does just kind of just a generic name that we, um, we use are, I think that might be a company that uses that name, but there’s a lot of different names for it.

But basically what it is, is at the bottom of a snack machine. They are our, there’ll be a, um, a laser basically, and it depends on who’s, what company in which technology to use. I’m on one side, there will be a laser on the other side. Um, it will connect and if those do not connect, I’m old, but basically they’ll connect and then at the bottom it can sense by that laser being interrupted that the something has ended. And so by using that, um, it can greatly reduce the, Vending Machines OKC, your snack getting caught on one of those spirals as it comes out. Now, I think anybody’s used a vending machine, you know, in the last before really ever had that, that, that happened to them where, you know, they’re getting a snack and usually it’s with your last bit of money, um, your last dollar or whatever and you just need something really bad and here comes at that, that snack and sure enough it gets caught and it’s just like jammed in there and people start shaking the machine, which is very dangerous.

Um, that those machines are very heavy tip over and hurt people, killed people. And so that’s not good for anybody. And it damages the machines on our part from a business side. And so they, you know, everybody’s had that and you know, people get mad and I’m like, Vending Machines OKC, I lost my money, I don’t get my snack when I want it. And it’s a, it’s just a bad, a bad deal. And so this technology has greatly reduced that in snack machines. And we, we have started to put it on all our snack machines. And so anyone, any new location that we would go into, we would put this on and we’re starting to put it on all of our locations. And I know one place we have a, we had a snack machine out at a nursing home, still have it and they were consistently getting things stuck and you know, people who are a little bit older, um, you know, first of all they can’t shake the machine, um, and things are getting stuck and never lose it.

A little bit of their money. And these were people that were on a fixed income and so, you know, they hated to lose that dollar or whatever. And, and so we were getting a little note saying a certain number of people have lost money in the machine or couldn’t get the snack out. And so we changed that machine out and this is really when we were really impressed with the venture business was the first one we ever got. Um, we changed that machine out for one with the Shervin and since that time have, I don’t think ever ever gotten a note saying somebody lost money when he was dramatic. And so this, this is just, it’s a game changer for us when it comes to snacks and keeping people happy. Vending Machines OKC so if you are looking for a vending machine, Okc, um, you need to make sure the stack machine has shervin Ivan guaranteed delivery is also another thing that they’re going to put.

So if you’re, and I’m vending machines, okay. And you’re looking through and um, you know, just one thing to look at is, you know, do they have that? I’m now a lot of our vending machines. Okay. See our, uh, you know, as far as drink machines go, they will not, not as much as you will see it on some. I just a regular old drink machine with like eight selections. Most people most of the time we found those, they’re pretty reliable. You very rarely. Two things happen on those. Every once in awhile we’ll, uh, we are starting to get into that where a little sense that. And so a lot of our, a drink machines will have that. If you do the full service breakthrough program, Vending Machines OKC it will have a glass front and all of those have a sensor. It’ll sense whether it puts that into the cup or not at the delivery cup.

So where you reach in to grab the drink, it will sense whether one was put in there or not. If not, it will try to go do it again. And if, if you still don’t get anything then I will refund your money. And so those are a great technology that they’ve come out with in the last several years that has really changed the game. Vending Machines OKC, and so, um, you know, if you look at the vending machines, okay, see, uh, you know, just you’ll make sure that they’ve got some kind of guarantee delivery. It really reduced things for your employees and customers and keep people happy.

And so currently, if, you know, if you, if you have a company in there that doesn’t have the Shervin guaranteed delivery system than, you know, call, give us a call four, oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. And we’ll tell you what we can do. We’ll come in and show you, you know, how, you know, the various things that we can do and I think your customers employees, we’ll do, we’ll just see a dramatic difference with that, you know, um, the, you know, the old style machines, there’s really nothing wrong with it. And for the most part they work on there certain things you can do little a what they call pushers on them. Um, but they’re just hard to, to get just right. You almost have to have them perfect. And especially if it’s a bigger company and they’ve got several people working, Vending Machines OKC, you know, it’s just gonna be, it’s gonna be hard for them to consistently just get that right and you’re just going to consistently get hangups on your machine.

And so I’m definitely give us a call and we will see what we can do and change that. You’ll see a dramatic difference in what, uh, in your delivery. And so, um, also, you know, if you’re looking for a vending machine, Okc, um, you know, go to go to our website, a vending, okay, [inaudible] dot com and look around and check things out. Um, there’s just a lot of testimonials there, some videos and you can kind of read about us, um, and then go ahead and fill out the contact form and we will, we will set up a time to come talk to you see what your needs are. And there’s a lot of different things that we can do and a lot of different options, whether it’s traditional snacks, healthy snacks. And also remember, you know, we always offer the lowest price guarantee. Um, we offer credit card readers on all our machines, another great feature, Vending Machines OKC, and so, and we do not charge any processing fees, so a lot of companies a little, you know, he’ll put it in there, but then you got to pay more and so we don’t do that.

Um, and you know, no contracts, we’re not going to require you to sign some piece of paper that says we will, you get to stay in there for a certain period of time whether we do anything or not. And so, uh, we offered that in the Sherpa and technology and all that stuff together. I’m just makes us a great option for, you know, any for your vending machine, Okc needs. And so give us a call. Four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. Go to our website, the Vending Machines OKC. I’m sorry, not vending machines. It’s just vending And so thanks for listening and keep buying from a vending machines. OKC. Thank you.