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Back again, this rubber with a video game providing great vending machines, Okc and say, I’d like to talk about what a different snack options we can provide for your machine is if and when he decided to use our company and so, you know, maybe you’ve gone to a surgeon doing again, I’ve been vending machines. Okay, Vending Machines OKC, and you go down through the list and you see, you know, the company that don’t really say what options they have or maybe get others that are just healthy options and you’re not quite sure what that is. There are certain things that you want in your machine. Um, and so I’m just want to look to tell you a little bit today about what can we really don’t put ourselves in, in either category traditional where you have know most people consider maybe a little bit unhealthy snacks, but traditional, when you think of vending machines, most people would think of kids, a honeywell sentiment, candy bars, cookie kind of thing.

And we certainly do those. Those are very popular. Many people comes down to it. I’d rather have that stuff. They, a lot of people are on diets, but they eat a lot more of the traditional stuff and so whether it’s your customer that you’re providing the service for most many of them say, yeah, it’s great to have great health, but really often they, they’ve got to make decision on that. Great. They will unconditionally feel for a traditional. So one thing we can offer, we offer all kinds of chips, Vending Machines OKC, all the, a lot of different variety of our mission. We also offer a lot of, uh, you know, other than traditional bag or a pastry honey cinnamon roll French with your team Milky Way. Snickers definitely have. It can also provide other thing, like a little conditional items that you know, what the right price guarantees that you are. Most of our customers keep calling them up and they keep buying.

Yeah. And also again, you know, our product spiral machine come out, all our, all of our tech is going to believe in a sense that it will keep commenting after a certain amount of time and nothing ever falls. So a lot of competitors have to deal with the frustration. Then you also see when you look at that head search, Vending Machines OKC you go down the list and you just say healthy vending and you might wonder what that is, what that look like. They just put in there a lot of things that people are healthy for you and your good.

We tried to accommodate everybody. We know that there are people a little bit better. Now you know that a lot of sugar and would rather have other options so we can provide those options. Forced. We sell very well. People ask for chips, big shifts that do that. They say a lot of different varieties. Are you comfortable with of all at a we bought 500 calvert. We’ve also found the popcorn variety that have sold very well, that had looked outreach. If they only have 100 calories per pack. Vending Machines OKC Also had a lot of success with all the big sellers kind bars.

It was just a lot of various thing. Lower sugar, lower calories, a lot of different things are coming out. There’s a lot of different things we can do both put snacks in there or a healthy healthier often. So you know, you’re going to give me any places, people very long thing that I would go change it up, what ever going to be, what all we can do, different stuff. So I’m definitely getting a lot of options. You can put it in the requested, probably get it for all those different things we never thought about that we try to sell as well as that locations that we put in another location. That was definitely for one person to another. I’ll tell other people about it, Vending Machines OKC get the ball rolling far as what we offer to other patients. And so it’s looking at the list that you know on, on, on the west side, uh, was which one should I go and pay a case?

We are here to tell you choose either traditional I think we can do about it and accommodate whatever you give us a call. Our number is four. One five, five, two, nine, five, six, four. And we’d be glad to talk to you about different options we can offer or go to our website that. Okay. Dot Com. Check out our website. Vending Machines OKC there a a lot of money that actually put in their competence, but we’re always adding stuff all the time to look that asked and also fill out the contact there and a bill it out to get ahold of who and we can be thinking.