Vending Machines OKC | Snacking the right way

This content was written for K & K Vending

Do you ever have one of those days where you would kill for a red bull, and a pack of chocolate doughnuts? Because that happens to me every day. With K&K Vending we offer the most convenient way of getting your snacks when you want them where you want them. Being a business built on family let’s us have the ability to treat our job as such. With that we assure you that we have the lowest prices of all vending machines OKC. We let’s offer all of our clients are free consultation, this is a no-brainer for us. We want to be able to meet you first get to know you to build a lasting relationship. My favorite thing to tell our clients is the fact that our business does not believe in contracts. You the choices they would essay her own will and if you ever feel like we haven’t provided the most outstanding service for you, we will refund your money no questions asked.

Although we only offer four different varieties of Vending machines OKC , the options that are included with those four are absolutely endless. Our smallest and most basic machine is our, machine. This is more ideal for your small office typesetting. This machine will deliver up to 20 different varieties. The next size up is for an outside type of setting. This. Our warehouse machine was built specifically to be in an area where the temperature is not regulated. Although it does get all the warehouse workers chance to be able to feel refreshed and hydrated on a very hot day. Of course we offer a traditional snack and drink machine. These are a lot like our, machines. The only difference is the snack and drinks are separated into their own machines instead of combined together.

The next thing we offer is so big it had to have its own paragraph. Our full service breakroom is typically reserved, or held for larger locations with an incredible amount of employees. The large snack machine includes up to 45 different snack and drink options. These machines are built with top-of-the-line features that prevent snacks and drinks from getting stuck in the machine. If you the things that this machine will offer include full meals like salads, hamburgers, sandwiches, burritos, pies and even drinks like chocolate milk, sweet tea and even desserts like ice cream. This is an even touch the surface of everything that these machines can include. Our full service breakroom also comes with a microwave for the ability to heat up the cold food. All of the condiments, spoons, forks, knives and any other necessities need to eat your lunch will be included as well. We can do all this for you without a contract.

Give us a call today 405-529-5684 to schedule your free consultation as well as ask any questions and give us an opportunity to address any concerns you may have a scheduling service with us. Feel free to check our website to view reviews, as well as a more detailed list of all of the snack and drink options you have to choose from when getting service with us here at K&K Vending. We hope you make the decision to get the leading vending machines OKC has ever seen.

Vending Machines OKC | Snacks; It’s what you like

This content was written for K & K Vending

If you are looking for vending machines OKC , K&K Vending could offer you the absolute unsurpassed customer service as well as products, and machines. We guarantee to exceed your needs by providing you with a customized vending machine that includes all of the snacks that are best for you and your employees. What makes us the finest company is the fact that we give you all the services that are necessary, plus more. A no-brainer for us is to offer all of our clients free consultations, and vow that we have the lowest price and declare that we are providing the best service by not requiring a contract. Doing business with us at K&K Vending will always be an at-will basis to you for comfortable, and not stuck in something that you are sure of in the future. However, I assure you your first consultation you will be confident in what we can offer you and will look for to doing business with with us.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the services that we will provide to you, we would like to give you little bit of information that applies directly to all of the frequently asked questions that we get here at K&K Vending. Are machines are insured which that means that you are not held liable for any damage or issues with the machine. We also always pay any state and city tax stickers that is required.

Our Vending Machines OKC are equipped to take payments through credit card, mobile pay and dollar coins. They accept multiple different bills and will return dollar coins if necessary. This will convenience keeps you from having a pocket full of quarters for the rest the workday. Like I said above you can pick all of your products specifically that will be in your vending machine. Feel free to also make suggestions for new products and we will do everything we can to provide this for you as well. We cannot stress enough to be will pay for everything that a cost to get the services in your building you don’t have any extra cost with the machine, product, etc.

We offer four different types of vending machines OKC. Starting with our combo machines, these have the convenience of snacks and drinks in one machine which is perfect for smaller office, or business. We also have our outside drink machines, which gives us the ability to provide a fresh cold drink in an environment where the temperature is not regulated. Next, we have our traditional drink it’s not machine. This is a lot like the, machine except we have more options as well as your drinks and your snacks are in separate machines. Lastly, we offer a full service breakroom. This is usually reserved for larger locations where the next financial amount of employees.

Please give us a call today at 405-529-5684 to schedule a free consultation or even to get more information on which machine would be best for you and your business. Please check out our website for a detailed list of all of the snack and drink options as well as read our reviews to give you confidence in us in our business.