Vending Machines OKC | Hangry; A Hunger that makes you angry

This content was written for K & K Vending

If you’re looking for an option for your business to be able to offer healthy and normal snack items as well as soda, water, energy drinks, and even sports drinks K&K Vending has the service specifically for you. Like to contribute an incentive to help aid you in making the best decision on vending machines OKC. We assure you the doing business with us here at K&K Vending that you will without a doubt get the lowest prices. We also feel that as if every client should also receive a full free consultation to be able to provide information so we can determine what machine would be best for your business.

Businesses, people, companies are all different. Here at K&K Vending we have the ability to provide you with all the different options that you could possibly want/need. We pledge that our vending machines OKC services will blow every company out of the water. Feel free to check our to view testimonials, reviews from current clients. We know we do not offer less-than-perfect service, and doing business with us is the biggest convenience.

Our first and smallest machine is called a combo machine. This holds around 20 different snacks and drinks in one machine. These are for a smaller office that is not going to be feeding a lot of employees. Although this machine is small, it definitely gets the job done and it is still an option for smaller offices out there. Second is our warehouse machine. This machine is a heavy-duty, can handle it all type of machine. It is built specifically to be in an environment where the temperature cannot be regulated. We like to offer this because the warehouse workers deserve a nice refreshing beverage during their shift.

Of course, like all vending machine companies we will offer the traditional vending machines OKC usually has everywhere you go. These traditional machines are for a larger type of setting with more employees. This offers up to 30 different snacks and drinks, and offers the choice of canned or bottled drinks. These are the most popular in the most common vending machines that you will see set up and businesses today however we just recently decided to come up with the service of being able to administer a full-service break room. Snack machines with cold and frozen meals. From solids, burritos to ice cream, and even pies I guarantee you if you have a lot of employees to feed and take care of this is the right choice for you. We also provide a microwave as well as all the condiments and utensils necessary to have an enjoyable lunch without having to remember to bring stuff from home.

Check out our website for more specific details on the snacks and drinks that we will offer and to read reviews and testimonials on our service. Here at K&K Vending we happily provider service with an at-will basis. We do not require any contracts to be able to use our machines. So call us today to schedule your free consultation at 405-529-5684. We can’t wait to hear from you and learn more about your business.

Vending Machines OKC | Snacks in Style

This content was written for K & K Vending

If you’re looking for the convenience to be able to feed your employees with low-cost, but multiple option snacks? K&K Vending is here for you to meet all of your vending machines OKC needs. With the guaranteed low price, as well as no contracts we assure you that doing business with us K&K Vending will be the best decision you and your business ever made using the convenience of vending machines in an industry, business, office typesetting allows your employees to feel a little more valued by the options they are giving them. We are a family business and use it as an example to help teach our daughters how to live with values and morals.

We dedicate specific time to be able to come and check out the machines every day if necessary. You should never have to worry about whether the machine will beast stopped, or working. Because we will be there the same day if you have any issues or if you need a refill. Here K&K Vending we provide the snack machine as well as the snacks and drinks necessary to fill it. Free of charge. We also pay for the annual state and city tax stickers that are required to use our services and business. If you by any means are unsatisfied with your service or product will refund your money no questions asked.

We like to give you the ability to choose what exactly are machines are stocked with. This includes drinks and snacks. Our machines are equipped to take payments with a credit card and the card reader as well as cash or coins. We are always open to new product suggestions so if you want something of any machines that you do not think we offer let us know and we love to get that free. These machines are resolve your needs including your unhealthy snacks to your healthy snacks, drinks too. We vowed to you doing business with us will not be more work than not having us. We will do everything necessary to make this at the utmost of your convenience to make you and your employees happy.

Although we only offer four different meaning machines, the different types of services these vending machines OKC will offer are absolutely incredible. First off we offer are, machines reserve more set for smaller office typesetting’s these are drinks and snacks included one machine. They typically hold around 20 different snack Fridays. Our warehouse machine is specifically designed to be in an environment that does not have a regulated temperature. This allows you to provide nice cold refreshing beverages to your employees are working in the heat or even in extreme cold temperatures.

Of course we also offer traditional drink & vending machines OKC which hold up to 30 different snack selections, and told him to dent 10 different drink selections. These give you the option to choose cans or bottles. K&K Vending also offers a full-service breakroom that is for businesses that are of the larger quantity that have more employees than most. These break rooms are perfect for larger companies with multiple employees because the this knack machines hold 45 different snack options everyone can be satisfied with that they have for lunch this can vary from chips, candy, granola bars to burritos, salads, hamburgers, to ice cream. This service also includes a microwave as well as condiments and utensils to provide everything necessary to have a good simple easy lunch. Call today for your free consultation at 405-529-5684! Check out our website for reviews and more details on what we offer.