Vending Machines OKC | Options For Snack

Spot casts 39 from K and k vending providing vending machines. Okay. See and wanted to look at the various ways we can deliver a snacks and to your office. I’m probably, most people are familiar with just basic snack machines. We offer all of those. Um, it just kinda depends on the size of your office, what kind of machine that we’re going to put. If it’s a smaller one, Vending Machines OKC, we’ve got some combo machines that’ll give you anywhere from 12 to 20 or so selections, which has really, I’m more than enough, I found for most locations, even bigger locations. Um, usually there’s about 20 that sell really well even if you have a bigger location in and then after that, I mean a few of them will sell, but for the most part there’s 15, 10, 15 really popular items at any given location. Um, and so those, those are great for anywhere really.

Um, and so just having a little snack machine can be great for your employees. Customers that can get something if they, if they need it and helps get stuff done, helps make it more comfortable in the office. And so, uh, you know, definitely probably the main way most people, if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, see, Vending Machines OKC, you know, that’s a tried and true method, just putting a snack machines so you have a smaller one. We can do some that um, you know, are a little smaller, maybe includes a drink with it. Um, but that’s, that’s a great way for smaller offices to do. It’s a little bit bigger. Um, we can put bigger machines in that do anywhere from 35 to 45 dot snacks options and that’s really for larger locations. Um, with a lot of people. And maybe one of your popular, what are a couple of your popular items?

We can put two of those selections so that way they won’t run out because we’ve got some places, man, as soon as you put it in there, they’re gone within a few hours. So, you know, if you could put two selections, um, it would really help out. Um, and so we’ve done that and all of our snack machines are going to happen. Shervin technology down at the bottom, Vending Machines OKC, which will be basically it’s insurance that your snack will fall and if it doesn’t, it will sense that with a laser and it’ll keep spinning the spiral. Um, it’ll do about three times and then if that doesn’t work, it’ll just give you your money back. Um, and so those are great for snack machines kind of stops that, that, uh, you know, one get stuck right there at the end. People get mad, check the bang the machine, um, that, that stopped a lot of that.

And so it’s really, you have a pretty cool technology that has come out in the last 10, 15 years in vending. Vending Machines OKC, and so definitely snack machines are tried and true for a lot of locations. That will be great, especially if you have your more public location where, you know, maybe different people are coming in and out, you know, snack machines are a great way. We’ll always have a credit card readers on our snack machines. Um, and so you got to have different payment options for people these days so that they can use their cards or whatever. However they like to pay, a lot of people don’t have cash these days. So, so if you’re looking at vending machines, Okc, and you know, you’re looking at what are your, my probably the first thing you’re looking for is the snack machine. Just a regular old snack machine. You put chips in there.

Um, you’re going to put your pastries, things like honey bonds, cinnamon rolls are pretty popular. Doughnuts, I’m candy. Any kind of candy, snickers, her, she eminem’s a milky way. Reeses all, all of the above. We can put in there, um, you know, cheese, it’s Gardetto’s checks mix. I’m famous amos cookies. Um, and so there’s all kinds of stuff that, you know, all you name it, we can put it in your, your machine. And then, Vending Machines OKC, if you, if you’re looking for maybe for some healthier options, we can put in, you know, almonds, pistachios, Belvita breakfast biscuits a, we could put in smart, smart food popcorn or skinny pop. Um, we can put in, um, you know, there’s a lot of different options that are coming out that are a little healthier for you. So, um, we can definitely look at some of those options. Um, I know the beef and cheese stick has been fairly popular and so we can look at doing that.

And so looking at vending machines. Okay. See that’s probably the first thing you’re going to think about when we get snacks, but there’s other ways, kind of a newer ways that we can get snacks to your office. And one is a delivery service pantry. We also call it where we can. You can just tell us what you want. We’ll bring it out to you, even set it up in your break room and then you just pay us for that. Vending Machines OKC basically you’ll just provide that for your employees. You could provide that for your employees or customers as just kind of a, a thank you or a service or you could just have, you know, maybe an honor box where, you know, if you’re going to take something, put a dollar in a, that’d be great for smaller offices, work really well, or you could do it.

We could do it a different way where we come in and we bring in a great selection of not only snacks but drinks. We can set up a cooler also, but basically they’d go find a snack they want and are based in. Well, they would just get what they wanted and then after about a week every week or so, we will come in and take inventory and then charge you for what you want or for what people bought. And so that’s another way to provide kind of endless a service where you don’t really have to worry about reordering. Um, and you can give us a budget and we’ll stick to that budget and then we will go over it and it just works. Great. Um, another thing, if you’re looking at vending machines, Okc is, you know, maybe you don’t want to pay for snacks or drinks for your office.

Um, we can, instead of having you pay for it, we can have the employee or customer pay for it and it’s probably gonna mainly be employees that this would work in. But we have what is called a micro market where we can bring in the snacks, set them up and shelves, and they’re going to download an app to their phone and when they come in they will, um, the APP will pop up on their phones. There’s a beacon in the wall and it will, uh, it will alert cer, phone their phone and stuff will come up on, on their screen and they can scan the product and from there they can check out with their APP. And so it, it worked really well and it just another great way to bring snacks to your office. So it’s not just your typical old schools snack machines anymore.

Things have changed where you can actually have a delivery service or a micro market, which is really cool. Kind of brings us self checkout to, um, to the break room. And so these are all great, great things. And so if you look into vending machines, okay, see this, you know, there’s more than just one way to get snacks to your office. So give us a call. Four, oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. And we will come out and or we can talk to you and then maybe come out and look at what’s the best option. It can also go online and vending. Okay? C Dot Com. Fill out our contact form and we will get with you and see what’s best for and come out and see all these various options. What’s the best way to get snacks to your office? And I bet you we have something that would help you out. So thanks for listening and keep buying from a vending machines okc.