Vending Machines OKC | Misconceptions

Podcast 16 for K and k vending providing vending machines, okc. And today I wanted to talk about some of the common misconceptions that people have about vending service. Um, and if you googled vending machines, Okc, you’ll see a bunch of different companies that pull up and a bunch of different companies and services that will pull up and you’re probably wondering, you know, how it all works and maybe you have some questions that maybe we can answer it. Vending Machines OKC, and so I think the first thing is people will say, well, I’ll vending machine companies are the same that, you know, they just, you know, vending machines, vending machine and it’s just, you know, they put stuff in, people stick their dollar in and, and that it just magically appears. But that can be far from different, uh, uh, or, or far from the truth. You know, the first thing is service will they, you know, you want to accompany that, you know, you can rely upon.

Because not all vending machine companies are going to a service the machines as often as they should be. And I bet a lot of people, especially in smaller offices, you know, can talk about having vending machines there that just are never full. Uh, they might get full, you know, once a month or two, but then after a few days, you know, there they start getting empty and then before long there’s nothing in them. Uh, and so that’s one thing also, you know, what kind of technology are they using? Are they using the latest technology, do they have the Sherbet end, um, and uh, you know, are they offering credit card readers? Are they offering the ability to take both at $1 and $5 bills? Vending Machines OKC, are they given back dollar coin so you don’t get up just a bunch of quarters and, and so there’s a lot, a lot of things there that you got to look at also, what’s the prices are, you know, are they going to come in and make you sign a contract and then not do anything.

And so, you know, not all vending machine companies are the same. It’s just like anything else. You’ve got to have people. Yeah, machines are there and they’re doing their work, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I’m getting prepared to get out there, servicing the machines and then all of the different things you can offer with your machines. And so make sure, uh, when you’re looking at that vending machine, Okc lists that you are picking a, a company that’s got great service and we a k and k vending pride ourselves on our service. We’re going to be out. They’re going to keep those machines full. Something would happen to go wrong with it. We’re going to get out there. I’m probably the same day, um, and, and get, get it fixed that we have decks, textile technology, and we can get updates on what’s going on with our machines and sometimes get out there before anybody even knows anything’s wrong. Vending Machines OKC, and so eating and plus we have the Sherbet in technology. We have the lowest price guarantee, no contracts. And so there’s all kinds of things that make our, our vending machine company different than everybody else’s.

Another common misconception for vending machines Okc is that maybe you think to get a vending service, you’ve got to pay for it. And uh, there that could be further from the truth, you know, especially if you have an office of any size, um, you know, vinny companies will provide machines free of charge, um, and so it shouldn’t cost you anything for a company to come in. So if any company is trying to get you to pay, then I would look around and you can definitely find some company to come in and provide your service. You know, in the, there might be some exceptions if you have a really small office, uh, were hard to make enough money to justify an expensive machine, then, you know, there might be some, uh, some ways where maybe you could lease a machine. I know that happens sometimes, but that’d be the only reason that she would have to pay.

So if you have a location as any traffic or employees at all, you shouldn’t have to pay it all. And one thing also, you know, there’s a sales tax. Do you have to get a little sticker that goes on the machine every year that’s taken care of by a vending company and so, you know, a k and k will provide all that, uh, whether if you’re in Oklahoma City, there’s a city, the decal that has got to go on and there’s a state decal and so all those services are included and it is no charge to you. Vending Machines OKC, I mean really, there’s nothing that you have to do. Um, we, we take care of everything. We’ll put the machines in, we will service them as often as needed. If anything breaks, we will take care of it there. There’s really no, um, no, nothing that you have to do a, we could have liability insurance on them and insurance on those machines. So if there’s anything is, if they’re damaged, then we can, you know, it’s all on us and we’ve got insurance for that. Um, so there, there’s just really nothing, um, that you have to do as far as vending. Um, you know, somebody would happen to break into the machine, you know, that that’s all on us. And so that, that is definitely taken care of by the vending company. And we became, Kay will provide a great service.

Another misconception, if you’re looking at that vending machine, Okc list, is that you just have to, do, you know, there’s a lot of people advertising for healthy vending machines, healthy for you and you maybe you think, well, do I, can, I only do healthy stuff? Maybe some of my employees, you know, on a candy bar every once in a while or some chips. Uh, we at KK will offer both. We can, we can set it up and, you know, basically anything that we can vend, we will put in there. Vending Machines OKC, if you decide to do a vending machine, if you do a, um, a micro market or a pantry service, we can just put it in whatever. And so there, there’s no limitations. We don’t just do healthy for you snacks, we don’t just do traditional snacks. We could do a combination of both. You can have your candy bars a year or your nuts, your granola bars and you know, all along together.

Um, and so there’s no reason to just go with one or the other and so we will customize that, will come in and customize your, your machine to whatever you think your employees have and then constantly monitor that and we constantly are trying to turn over inventory and give new selections or crate somehow, maybe for a few months and then bring them back because we know people who use it a lot, you know, they want different choices and over time they get sick of certain products and we take them out for awhile, bring them back and, and you know, in that time, you know, they’re, they’re ready to, you know, they’re craving them again. So, um, you know, we’ll look at all that and provide great snacks and, Vending Machines OKC, and, and choices for your machines or your pantry service.

And I think the last thing that you might think of, you know, maybe maybe some of your employees or customers have said, you know, why don’t you have, you know, offer vending service. I’m here at your location and, or maybe you know, the current company is not doing very much and you’re like, hey, we want a bigger machine or something along those lines. And you say, well, you know, my employees don’t need need that. They can bring their own stuff. Um, you know, it’s just too much hassle and I think, you know, one thing you’ll find is bringing a vending machine and we’ll, we’ll make employees happier. Um, keep them working. Um, people that you know, or thirsty or hungry and, you know, those little cravings, Vending Machines OKC, if they can just get that quick snack and get back to work, um, there’ll be more productive.

And so it’s uh, you know, I think most people when they go into a location expects some kind of a food service. Whether, you know, it’s just, you know, whether it’s a pantry service or a micromarket that we offer a micro markets. You will bring out shelving and a cooler and put all kinds of stuff in there. And then they would pay with an APP on their phone. And I think you’ll find that your employees would really like that. And did that, it would, um, you know, that most of them already use stuff like that and that it would be a very easy transition. Maybe you have, you know, regular vending now and uh, you should try maybe a micromarket and it just gives so many more choices and kind of gives more of a, a, you know, a small Deli or convenience store inside your, your, your location.

And so, um, you know, there’s just a lot of different options. And, and uh, you know, if you’re looking at Vending Machines OKC, um, you know, your employees, your customers, they’re going to work better. They’re going to be happier if, uh, if you, if you have something to offer at your location, I’m in, remember we also have the pantry service where we can just deliver, um, uh, you know, snacks, you can order what you want and we’ll just pay one time invoice and when you run out of order it again, or we could come in and set it up and then just charge you what had happened, what has been used. And you could give us a specific number of how much you would want to spend each month and when would keep it at that. So, uh, just a lot of different options. And so really, um, you know, if you look in vending machines, okay, see there, there’s just a lot of good reasons to have those, those machines. And, and you know, you don’t have to pay for them. All the work is done by us can and, um, you don’t have, you don’t have to worry about liability or something happening to those machines. That’s on us. We have insurance for that and uh, you know, it’s going to make your customers and your employees happy. So, uh, give us a call. Four, oh, five, five, two, nine,


six, eight, four. Or go to our website, vending. Okay. C Dot Com. And thanks for listening and keep buying Vending Machines OKC