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This is podcast number 17, Kane, tape vending, uh, providing vending machines, okc. And today I’d like to talk about the difference between just traditional vending, the vending machines and kind of the new wave and the new thing that we’re trying a micro markets and you see what there’s always different things coming out and maybe a different strategies that maybe your office has never even thought about that can, you know, really bring great service to your, to your people and keep them happy and get them more of what they’re looking for in today’s environment. And in today’s marketplace. And so traditional vending, I mean, it’s been around forever. Vending Machines OKC you know, everybody I think knows about that, you know, just from going by a machine to either putting a quarter in and turning it and getting a gumball too. If you have just a regular snack machine, a drink machine, you know, usually the old style drink machines, but have about eight different selections of canned soda and in, you put your coins in, dollar in and um, it would just make your selection.

And when one would come out a snack machine, same way. And so I think most people are pretty familiar with that, some problems with that, with that old style in today’s market is people expect a lot more, um, you know, they’re, they’re very picky and they expect you to be able to get a lot of choices and you’re, you’re pretty limited when you have a, just a regular old snack machine. Um, but there’s, you know, 30 slash 40 choices you can put in there, which is a lot. The Bud is just, you know, your traditional chips, traditional candy, maybe a little bit of the healthier for you stuff. Um, you know, some kind bars, granola bars and almonds, pistachios, Vending Machines OKC maybe a beef and cheese stick of Belvita breakfast biscuits, those kinds of things. Um, but, um, and, and we also do popcorns and Lena lays baked.

I mean the, there is a lot of different varieties, but you’re pretty limited on what she can put. Um, also, you know, people don’t carry around cash much anymore. So, you know, the old style machines, I mean, at first they used just coins and later on Amazon when you put a dollar in there. Um, and so that’s pretty limiting when you know there’s only a certain amount of, of things that you can put in there, a certain amount of, of ways you can pay. And so, and one thing that we have done at k and k vending is we have updated those two where you can to the more modern experience and so not only can they pay with points and dollars, they can also pay with $5 bills and that, Vending Machines OKC that is very convenient also, they’re not going to get back a handful of quarters, they’re going to get back a dollar coins, so you know, probably four or so back and you know, that makes it very convenient for them.

And also we, we’ve added credit card readers to those. And so the fact that most people don’t carry around cash, no, they can just swipe that card, that mobile pay, they can use their, you know, their phone and it’s just really easy for them. Also, you know, a lot of people complain about snacks getting stuck in the snack machine. We eliminate a lot of that with the Sherpa and technology. And so, you know, that that little little, uh, ship doesn’t get stuck, they’re just hanging on and you got to shake the machine and um, you know, get mad and all that stuff. Um, and so traditional vending is still alive and well and there are certain places it’s great in, um, as long as the machine’s been updated and we have k and k vending providing vending machines, Okc, uh, we’ll, we’ll do that. Uh, you’re traditional, you know, drink machine with the eight soda selections, Vending Machines OKC is, is now getting outdated because people want a lot more than sodas, I think for the first time in the last few years, more alternative drinks have been sold than just regular sodas.

So people want different varieties, they want things like water and they want you energy drinks, sports drinks, juices. And so there’s just a lot of different options that they’re looking for a tea. I know green tea is a healthy, healthy choice that we put in. Um, and so they’re, you know, if you just have the traditional eight selection old drink machine, first of all, a lot of those vending machines. Okay. See uh, do not, will not disperse anything but I can. And so you’ve got to get at least updated machines where you can do with cans and bottles that at least allows you to do a sports drinks and energy drinks and bottles, bottled water. Vending Machines OKC and so now a k and k vending and all of our machines will be able to do bottles and so we can give you a pretty good variety on, on our vending machines with them.

You know, we can do gatorade’s, we can do water energy drinks and just regular sodas. The, the old style drink machine is, is really limiting. And then you know, eight to 10 selections to do the full service break room program where the great new technologies that they have is a class front vending machine. Vending Machines OKC that’s just like going to the convenience store, I mean anything and everything is going to be in there for you to select sodas, waters, energy drinks, sports drinks, juices, you name it, we can put it in there. And so that is kind of your old traditional vending.

And so maybe you googled vending machines. Okay. See, and like an is a, I mean we just don’t really want a vending machine and they’re ugly. Um, you know, maybe you have a employees or customers that want a little bit more. One thing that we’re coming out with now is a micro market where we don’t, we don’t bring in a machine. We actually set up a will have a glass cooler that we can put various drinks of all kinds and shapes and sizes, you name it, we can put it in there. Vending Machines OKC and also inside that cooler we can put in salad sandwiches and things that can be eaten for lunch. Um, anything that needs to be refrigerated, yogurts, we can put it in a small freezer where could put a entrees that can be heated up in a microwave and then buy ice creams.

And also, you know, will you could set up, we’ll set up shelving where they, you know, we had, um, you know, your chips and your cookies, maybe know almonds, pistachios, popcorn, smart pop and you know, all kinds of different options that will just really take care of everybody in your office. And so you don’t have to do a vending machine, Okc, um, you can do a micromarket and we have a great, um, a great way of doing that. Um, it’s, it’s not your traditional, it’s going to be all self checkout, um, but for the most part, everybody’s got a smartphone today and especially in office type settings, almost everybody has a smartphone and what they will do is use their smartphone to check out and they will download the APP and there will be a beacon right near the micromarket. And as soon as they get into range, it’ll pop up and they just kind of scan what they, what they, uh, what they want.

And then they at, when they first got the APP, they put in all their card information and then they will just click pay and it’s taken care of. And it’s really easy checkout. Um, it’s, it’s very, it can be in small or smaller offices, bigger offices. One thing is tradition. When these first came out that you had a bike kiosks, like you see a walmart or target or wherever, self checkout kiosks, those are really expensive. The, this is really cost effective and allows us to bring it to much more. I’m a lot different clientele. We can go to smaller offices to the larger offices. It can handle either one. So we’re really excited about that. And so if you’re googling vending machines, okay, see and looking around, you know, hey, there’s, there is um, you know, there’s great places for vending machines that traditional vending machines or the full service break room program we can put in a, a, um, you know, machines and take care of everybody’s needs. There’s also some places where a micromarket made it makes sense. And so we can do either. And so, um, give us a call. Vending Machines OKC Four, one, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four or go to our website. I’m bending. Okay. C Dot Com. And check things out, fill out our contact form and we’ll get back with you and we’d come out and see what the best for you. Traditional vending machines or maybe a micromarket. So thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.