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The 31 to 50, providing vending machines or Casey and the kind of the benefits of having a local lending company and benefits having a small family company and I think there’s several benefits that you will see that that’s not necessarily, you know, the bigger, the better when it comes to this company is some maybe a little bit different than some other industries out there. Um, and you know, just kind of the great service that we can provide personal service that I think a lot of people appreciate. And first of all, I think a lot of people when they looked at 50 machines, so take the really, and I’ve said this before, where they really don’t think about the differences of 50 companies. Basically they just see us as they provide snacks and it’s all good, but there’s really a lot that goes into it. You know, what kind of machine is going to put in there. What are the painters they’re going to be on there. We’ll have a credit card reader. Well, Vending Machines OKC let’s have a will. Let’s take a one to five.

What are the prices tend to be? What kind of products are you going to put in and how do you service you come in every so often, once a month. I think it’s pretty important for you come in and it’s all completed full. Are you taking recommendations, break buy in into it, you know, here you weeks or so for. Are you going to get right on it? And just getting back to running. And I’m close to the time. I would say 95 percent of the time women cheat isn’t working most the companies that somebody will come off and get it running fairly quickly and easily will respond. He’s in a few hours or that fast. But uh, and so you know, it, it is important that you look at the vending company and I can’t get, Vending Machines OKC, we strive to provide a great service that uh, that, you know, keep, keep the fuel that keeps it running.

You follow a server and you know, another thing to think about is we have a deck technology on our machines so we can usually tell if something is going on maybe before he noticed and we can get out there and get it and you know, we, we find out that machine’s not working. Will you be out there within a few hours? That’s one thing that a local company can do. Regional companies around in Oklahoma City that um, you know, they’re not always on a quick serve their services that quick and uh, you know, maybe their variety is not that great ab day. Um, you know, they don’t eat the machine coal, they have certain quotas they have got to put in there and when things run out too quick and they don’t get back quick enough. Vending Machines OKC so for them to think about if you’re looking at 50 machines, okay, is, don’t assume that every company is saying that the machines are or can all be handled the same.

Everybody is it just like anything else? There’s good companies and we strive to provide very good service. You’ll almost know exactly when. You’ll see there are similar time, Vending Machines OKC, we’re going to service that machine and it’s a wall box awkward. And so I really think that people, different service, um, know another thing is, you know, we’re all local company and you’re going to see a lot of familiar faces. You see a lot of people every time, people that don’t really care because there are lots of reasons and uh, you know, for our daughter’s kids era and you know, that’s, that’s when you really think about we are working in them, providing for them. Hopefully they can complete it on. And so, um, you know, having a local company and a small company is that personal touch. Whereas if you call a beginner data reading all the companies and you know, you’re going to get somebody who’s probably worked there a few months, it’s probably going to quit here in a few months and you know, they care or not care, um, and you know, going to constantly be turned over.

Maybe the one guy’s good and then the next guy they bring in a few months later and flow, you’re not going to find that thing that I think that’s at the big advantage. You’re going to know exactly who to call. Don’t probably going to know that cell phone number, interest you could reach out to tech and from there you’re going to get really great service. So having, having just kind that personal touch, I think it’s a real advantage and I think most people, you know, they, they want to help all local companies that know that that’s where a lot of like a farmer’s market great shows and I think that it always tries to help out the local businesses rather than take this. Vending Machines OKC I think everybody gets all their money with Walmart but they’re evil but in a lot of other industries you can, you know, help them.

The smaller guy and not less than get taken out by a bigger company. And that’s what the thing was. Vending the vending machines, the vending machines in a lot of ways. And they really hasn’t been awake for one company to really corner the market like Amazon or Walmart that may become an, I don’t know, somebody a lot smarter figured that out. But, um, it, it really leads to a lot of local people and a local industry that can provide great deserve. A lot of times you’ll see companies that come from out of town and do large town and you’re not going to get the same service as yet from a local, a local. So definitely something to think about when you’re looking at. So, Vending Machines OKC and also what kind of a variety do they offer different services that, you know, are they going to one size fits all or do they have a lot of different things?

And we have. And one thing that we pride ourselves long as we feel like we can handle location of any size, whether you’ve got five people in office or we’ve got solutions for you. And so I think, uh, one thing if you get in bigger companies, you have maybe a medium falses. You know, they’re not gonna, they’re not gonna really put the effort into your ears or your service or your micro market that we would, Vending Machines OKC, because we, we really thrive on those mediums with large businesses also. And server nodes do. But we really looked at some of the, a medium size, all this really run on this.

Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, two, eight, four or go to our left sides 15. So Tom, we have great video testimonial. We have video of my life and talking about various things and we really take a lot of pride in our businesses and great service, great service, really pride ourselves on providing quality service niggles above and beyond. So a check things out on our website and fill out a contact form and we’ll get with you and figure out what’s best for your business and try different things. Vending Machines OKC I think really like working with David for lifting and he finds that she gave me.