Vending Machines OKC | It’s all About Options

Podcast 24 from K and k vending, providing Vending Machines OKC. And today I would like to talk about, uh, just kind of the various products that we offer, what’s popular and the different ways we can get those to you. Um, I think anybody who looks around at Vending Machines OKC, they want a variety of products and I think times have changed. Um, I think if you go back 20, 20 years ago, maybe even 15 years ago, you know, it’s just kind of your standard clips. Ships in there, put some candy in there, um, and then soda and that’s all people really wanted to pay with a dollar bill and throw your coins in there and you know, every once in a while I might get stuck and that’s just kinda what people were okay with. And that’s just kinda how it worked. And people, everybody understood that times have changed on that from a product selection to the types of machines to the uh, waste to pay.

And so first of all with products, what can we put in your vending machines? Okay. See all kinds of products. I mean, today people want a lot of variety and you know, we could do your traditional ship’s ruffles, sour cream and Cheddar, so. Well, Cheetos, cheetos puffs, cheetos, Jalapeno. So well, um, you got a lay’s classic lays barbecue. Um, we’ve been selling a lot of Mrs. Vicky’s various flavors. You got see a sea salt and vinegar, sea salt and vinegar. Also you’ve got a Jalapeno, um, and then you’ve got, you know, just your basic Doritos, your Doritos, cool ranch, all those. And then you’re lays baked or become a popular. They’re kind of a healthier option and they come in a lot of varieties, ruffles, sour cream and onion. I’m kind of, the cheetos are also become baked and so you can do a lot of various of chip varieties that way.

And then you can also just do your basic snacks. Things like cookies, famous Amos, maybe keebler, eminem cookies. Uh, we do a lot of sugar wafers, Knott’s berry, a shortbread cookies. I’m also pretty, pretty good sellers. And then oatmeal cream pies. And then we also, you know, maybe a little bit healthier Gardetto’s keys. It’s checks mix. Those are all good sellers for us, gold fish and we can even go into kind of the smart food popcorns and if you do a pantry or micromarket the, um, the, the uh, some other types of popcorns and um, and so there’s a lot of different varieties that we can do there. Um, you know, all your candy bars, snickers, snickers, almonds, Hershey, Hershey almonds, a dove bars, eminem’s, m and m peanuts, the paydays, three musketeers, Milky Way, twix, skittles, lot of skittles varieties out there that people like skittles, Barry’s skittles, sour skittles, um, a very sweet and sour I guess.

And then. And so a lot of different kinds of candy options you can do Oreos. Oh, also, uh, uh, and then some of your health healthier options are some crackers. We do a lot of beef and cheese sticks. Salami sticks are a little bit healthier. A belvita breakfast biscuits are healthier. We’ve been pretty popular item right now is the almonds and pistachios. And so those are some of your healthier ones. And then we do a lot of people like still like the old pastries, things like cinnamon rolls, honeybuns, chocolate donuts, we’ve got a powdered donuts and we can do a, you know, a lot of different varieties there. Cherry cheesecake and then your basic gums that just kind of goes down the list of if I’m, I’m just thinking of a vending machine starting from the top and going down. Um, those are the kind of the basic things.

And we can do, um, you know, mostly healthier options. Maybe ones that are under 200 calories are around 200 calories with less sugar. There’s several different varieties. You do kind bars also. Um, you know, there’s a lot of different things that we can, we can do with healthier options or maybe you’ve got something in mind. Um, and so you, you can do that, didn’t, that’s what people expect, you know, they want a lot of different variety. Vending Machines OKC not only that, you know, we don’t just put that, you know, come up with selection right when we put it in there and just leave it. Um, we’re going to constantly be moving things around. Try to bring something new almost every time. If nothing else, switch things out. Bring something that maybe was there a month or two ago and you know, and, and bring it back.

And so try to keep things fresh and moving and that’s what people expect. Vending Machines OKC Something that’s different from vending machines maybe 20 years ago. And so, you know, if you’re looking at your vending machines, okay, c list and you’re thinking, you know, what, what, what do I want in a vendor company you want one with, it’s going to give you variety. Um, and, you know, drink machines, you know, it used to be all everybody wanted was soda. Well, that’s changed a lot. I think other drinks are now selling more than sodas for the first time and they’re, they’re going to want water, number one, unless you’ve got some kind of water service that comes into your office, they’re going to want sports, drink, gatorades, and there’s all kinds of flavors of gatorade. Do you name it? We can put it in there. They’re going to juice a apple, orange grape.

Um, and then, you know, especially with the younger generation, they want energy drinks, whether it’s monster, uh, we, we do a lot of uh, you know, old glory and venom are kind of some, some cheaper versions of energy drinks that we can put in for a lower cost. Red Bull, if it is a glass front or we’re doing a micromarket or pantry we can do, they will not vend out of your traditional vending machine very well. Here’s an update k you can put on it, but it just doesn’t work very well. And so, um, we, we, we try to stay away from that. It just causes too much trouble. And so, but, but again, you know, we’re going to give a lot of different variety and a lot of different choices, not just your average soda into the machine. And so that’s what people expect, that they’re wanting things different than one cold food.

Now, you know, they want salads, they want sandwiches, they want yogurts and ice cream and things like that. And those are all things that we can put into your whole food machine. And so, and then if, you know, they’re also wanting different ways to pay, they don’t want to just pay with a dollar coin anymore, um, you know, they also want to pay with a $5 bill and get dollar coins back instead of a bunch of quarters. But, you know, Vending Machines OKC the big thing people want is to be hell to pay with their car today. Vending Machines OKC we offer that on all our machines. And so with no processing fees, there’s not going to be a 10 sentence, um, addition to anything that you buy with your, with your credit card. And so that’s, that’s a big thing. And that’s what people expect today. They want that variety.

They want to be able to pay with their carts, um, and, and there’s just a lot of different things that we can do. So if you’re looking at Vending Machines OKC, and, and you’re thinking, what a, what is my office wanting? They’re wanting variety. Um, I can guarantee you that they’re not going to be okay with just the same old, a $1 a vending machine with just some soda and some chips in there. They’re gonna want a lot of different things and one thing that we can do is also is a micromarket and with an app on your phone that we can, we can come in and we can um, you know, put a little bit of everything, everything that they would want from, from cold food to frozen food, ice cream sandwiches, things they can heat up in the microwave hamburgers, sandwiches with the, with the chicken or barbecue, we can put it in there.

And um, then we can give traditional or healthy snacks of options that are out drinks, all kinds of drinks, all the different juices and waters flavored water. I’m a two year and then we can still do your soda. There’s still a lot of people like soda. Um, and so we’ll, Vending Machines OKC we will do a little bit of everything and is split. Instead of using cash to pay, they’ll pay with the APP on their phone and people are happy with that. Everybody’s got a smart phone and then that can also use her card. Um, they, they, you know, most people use their card anyway. So I’m just a lot, a lot of great options there. Bending is changing and they’re there wanting to um, you know, get, get the different options they want to be able to check out like they do a walmart self checkout. And so we offer all of that.

Um, and, and if we do put a vending machine, you know, some places just needed, I need a vending machine. Um, you know, we’re going to have the guaranteed delivery technology on your snack machines and so those snacks don’t get hung up. And so just a lot of great things that we offer. Um, and so, you know, if you’re unhappy with your current vending service or don’t have any service, you’re looking at vending machines. Okay. See, and you’re wanting a different service, you know, come check us out, give us a call. Four, oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four or go to a vending. Okay? C Dot com, check things out and fill out our contact form and we will get back with you as soon as we can and will come out and see what’s best for you and give you all kinds of options. Uh, thanks for listening and keep buying from Vending Machines OKC