Vending Machines OKC | What Is Important

This is podcast 44 from K and k vending providing vending machines, Okc, and just wanted to look at why you need vending service at your location. I’ve run into a lot of locations over the last few weeks that have just not had vending service and employees are wanting something and so they’re having to provide for, for them and it’s costing them money, number one to do that. Um, and also was taken away labor. Vending Machines OKC so I’m really, I think vending service is something, maybe if you’re starting a new business or new location maybe is down on the list, but it’s really something that probably should be high up on your to do list to get the location ready to go. Um, when the employees come in and in and customers if they’re going to spend some time there, you know, they’re going to want things to drink and eat.

I mean, that’s just the basic human needs I guess. And if you have people somewhere for any length of time, they’re going to want some access to drinks and snacks and all of that. And if you don’t have that, then that’s going to be, um, you know, things are not going to work as well. They’re not going to be as profitable for you and your business. And so, um, you know, keeping employees happy, number one, they’re good, they’re going to get more work done, but then if you don’t have vending, you’re trying to provide that. You’ve got to assign somebody to do that job and that’s just, you know, they’re doing something that’s really not affecting your bottom line. I’m a lot, in fact, it’s probably costing you some money because you’re having to go out, spend money on things and who knows what’s happening to those snacks.

I mean either off free snacks and everybody’s going to grab as many as I can and probably taking it home and sharing it with their dog and their neighbors and kids and everything else. And so that’s probably not a very wise way to give stuff out. Um, and now, um, you know, and so having, not having a vending services could really help you, uh, or really hurt you. And so if you look at vending machines, Okc, and there’s, they can, I don’t know if we need it or not. Vending Machines OKC, I really, I really think you need to really check out Kang k vending and see what we can offer. We’re going to give you a really low price checked around, especially this week. And I’ve looked at various companies and I, and our prices are, you know, just can’t be beat on all of our stuff. And so we’re going to offer you the lowest price guarantee.

We’re going to come in to take care of the machine, provide the machine, take care of it, do any kind of maintenance on that machine. We’re going to provide the tax sticker. And it’s absolutely no cost to you. And so that’s what the great thing is. I’ve had several calls over the last few weeks of people wanting service and they’re like, so do we pay for or do we rent it? How does that work? And they really couldn’t believe that we provide that for free and basically we’re going to make our money from the sale of the products. And so, um, we’re just thankful to be able to get into your, uh, location and uh, have, have an opportunity to provide the needs for these people and to provide a win win situation. People need stuff, they want stuff at work and we can provide that and they provide us with great business.

And so that is just kind of how it all works. That’s how our economy works and it, you know, you do a good job and people were rewarded for that and we feel like we do a good job. And so, Vending Machines OKC, if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, see I’m definitely checkout Kane k vending because we are really an up and coming vending company in Oklahoma City area. We’re just, I think blow our competition out of the water when it comes to pricing when it comes to credit card processing fees. Had a couple people comment on that this week. Did you know that the other companies were charging for that? And we’re not going to use the dude and extra ten cents on anytime you use a credit card. And so, um, you know, we, we, we do not do that and I think that’s great. That’s just part of doing business.

Everybody uses a car today or their mobile phone or, or whatever. And that’s uh, that’s what we, we provide and we just kind of know that that’s just a cost of doing business. Vending Machines OKC so we would, uh, um, you know, we offer all kinds of payment systems will, um, you can pay with the dollars you pay with a $5 bill and we’ll give you back dollar coins. You don’t get a whole pocket full of quarters. We will obviously take change, um, and, and then your credit card, debit card, mobile pay and all of that is included with your vending machine. And then we work really hard to keep that thing stopped. Um, had a couple of people talk about how their previous vending companies just really didn’t take care of stuff and keep it stopped. And so to me that, that is the vending business businesses to keep keep products in your machine and keep them full and try to keep every selection available.

And um, and you know, that’s just the name of the game and so if you’re looking to vending machines, okay, see, definitely take that into account, make sure that they have a great record for service. One thing you can do is look at our google reviews. If you go to our, our website or if you googled Kane cave vending, LLC Okc, and uh, you will spend a bunch of reviews that will, will really showed, you know, customers have been really happy with our service and um, I, we think if you’re looking for a vending machine, Okc, that we will do a great job for your location. And so, um, and so, you know, definitely think about the service take about all the things that go into it. I’m going to have updated machines as you’re going to have a credit card readers on it. Vending Machines OKC, maybe the servant on the snack machines and a lot of drink machines, are they going to charge you too much?

Vending Machines OKC we will give you the lowest price guarantee. I’m not charging any processing fees. And so all of that added together. It’s just going to be a great thing for your location, your business, your employees are going to be happy, they’re going to be more productive, they’re going to be happier at the workplace, which can lead to the bottom line and being better. You don’t have to spend money on snacks, you don’t have to have an employee. You’d go out and take care of that and you know, that’s just taken away from your business when you could have that done really to no cost to you. And so it’s just a great thing to have a vending service and really if you’re location doesn’t have one or it’s just not very good at that, you know, not being very good can almost be worse to not have any Indian at all.

Uh, just because people complain and it just, uh, you know, especially people are already working and they start complaining. Then, you know, it’s just going to lead to not getting very much done. So I’m definitely check us out. If you’re looking at vending machines, Okc, give us a call. Four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. Go to our website. Vending, okay. [inaudible] DOT com. Check things out. We’ve got a lot of information on our website about products that we, that we have that we’ll put in vending machines. We’ve got a lot of interesting videos that you can, you can watch from people that you know from one great customer and then we’re my wife and are on there. Can I explain what we have at cane pending? So definitely check us out and thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.