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K and pay vending podcast three, providing vending machine. Neat and just wanted to talk to a service and why service is so important because the offending company to really look for companies that provide outstanding service, where we try to do the people today who were not happy with their current company, they’re servants just wasn’t that great. The issue that they could get big name Depaul did David say, yeah, we’ll try to get hold of. So, Vending Machines OKC so whatever happened that they could never really get hold of anybody that could take care of the problem. Um, and so that’s something that we tried to do is if there is a problem with the machine, we’re going to get out there and we’re going to either get out or that day or the next day, she takes care of things running smoothly and we can get it relatively quickly. And so we really work on.

That’s service you’re going to fall if you fall, you’re going to, you’re going to get answered quickly. Vending Machines OKC I think I’m really happy with what we can offer. So if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, the, you know, all vending companies machine in there and everything’s gonna work great. That’s just the first thing. And then after that sort of thing is a, they were upset that the machine for and people just couldn’t get their election and so we really try hard to keep already collection pool for some reason that was empty this time. No, he would mark it down to put more in next time. But for the most part we will, will know will come and check quite often we can check on the computer and that’s one great thing about the latest technologies as they have that we put on all of our machines is with your credit card reader.

You can get data which is going to give us information about your machine and we can see what selections have sold, how many items are in that machine and get a good feel for how much, how much product is there. And then also you know, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll evaluate how often we come out. You know, there’s some locations that, you know, there’s really no way to know until you get out and start putting a product in machines and look at it the week and there some that you don’t, we go once a week and it was perfect. Um, and then there’s some that, you know, we feel like if we wait for the week, if you do long and so we go twice a week, we’ve got some that we go three times a week and I think before long, you know, you’re going to have, Vending Machines OKC, and I think a lot of puppet named companies have some that they go every day.

And so it just kinda depends on what your location is, how often we have to go. Obviously if it would be a situation where you have to go every day, that’s great for us because we’re obviously selling a ton of stuff and there’s definite win win. I means that people are happy with the selections. They like what’s in there and then they are going to, uh, and so they’re going to bring us business. And so that’s just better for us. And so that’s the definite windman and we’ll look at and we’ll evaluate constantly how often we come to service machines and so we’ll be there as often as possible. So when you’re looking at vending machines, so Casey, think about the service and, you know, look at bendings reviews. Vending Machines OKC, we have a lot of reviews out there that, you know, people will say great service, great customer service, and we really work hard to keep things stocked, keep them up and running, which is basically the business.

I mean, that is our business. If our machines are not up and working and stocked, then you know, then our business is going to fail. And so it’s kind of hard to believe that there are vending companies that are like that. I think one thing is some of these just get way too big and very impersonal and they’re not just going to bring, they’re not going to bring the cause a small family owned, um, experience that pancake indeed can offer. Vending Machines OKC, and so, you know, definitely think about customer service when you’re looking at a vending service, looking at vending machines. Okay. See, and what they’re bringing, you know, what kind of machines are they bringing in a, they have credit card readers. The thing that they were unhappy with this company was that they charged an extra fee when they use credit cards. And so we do not, you have any kind of processing fees when it comes to credit cards.

A lot of times I think it, it’s pretty kind of standard that you will add at ten cents extra payments to any credit cards. So basically the way they do it that you want to sell shifts for a dollar, which ours are lower than that. But so you say, this is the example that I saw today from this, this company is, they sold their tips for a dollar. They actually put the price at 1:10 instead of a dollar and then they said you get a discount if he’s cash in a way that’s just kind of trying to trick people and make them think that they’re getting a good deal. But in effect they are charging you extra, use a car. Um, and that’s, that’s just less, just the way that they operate. Vending Machines OKC, you know, for us at and k vending, we’ve just feel like that is just part of the business today, that you’d have to have a credit cards because nobody carries cash anymore and you’ve got to be able to say a mobile payments and he, and that’s just a cost of doing business. And so we provide those on all our machines that do not charge credit card processing fees. And so I think that’s really, really big.

And I guess the thing that their prices were high, we try to do everything we can to bring great value to the customer, um, and bring prices that are going to be the lowest. And in fact we offer the lowest price guarantee on all our products. And, you know, the more I get, the more I look. Um, you know, we bought car everybody when it comes to price. Um, and so price is important. Processing fees is important. Having credit card readers, Shervin technology where you’re, Vending Machines OKC, you know, have a laser at the bottom to make sure that, you know, machines aren’t shaken and uh, people get mad because they don’t get their product. And so all the various thing, when you look in the vending machines, Okc, Casey, that came k has to offer. I’m also, we don’t require any kind of contracts for us.

That’s what people who have bad service, you, um, you know, basically we, we feel competent enough that you’re going to love our service that she wouldn’t want to use anybody else. And so we don’t require you to sign a contract. And so a lot of good things going on at k and k vending. We’re really seeing a lot of great feedback from our company and just a great need just to have a very, you know, good vending company that offers great prices, great service that I think people are really, really hungry for. I’m in this area. And so our number is four, one, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. Or you can go to our website vending, okay. C Dot Com. And check things out and fill out our contact form and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can. And thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.