Vending Machines OKC | Getting The Things You Pay For

Podcast 12 fromK and k vending, providing vending machines, okc. And today I wanted to talk about the micro markets that we are starting to also put in two locations rather than getting vending machines. Okay. See in your office or location. I’m kind of the new trend in basically everywhere I guess is self checkout and what we can do, and this has been growing over the last 10 years in the vending market is basically you get rid of the traditional vending machine, Okc and you put in a self service market and so you have some shelves where we would put some snacks, could be healthy, it could be traditional candy bars, just traditional things that would go into a snack vending machine. But instead of putting him in the vending machine, they would just be out. Um, and then you might, you would have a cooler, Vending Machines OKC a refrigerated cooler where you could put just regular drinks.

Um, you could put anything in their milk, salads, other cold food sandwiches. We could have another one that was also a freezer that we could put, you know, ice cream, frozen entrees for employees. And uh, just you name it, we can put it in there and instead of you paying with the vending machine, you know, putting your quarter in or dollar in or paying with your credit card, you would pay with a app on your mobile phone. And the way the APP would work is you pull it up and you would scan the product that you want. Um, and I guess I should say first, when you first get the APP, you will enter all your information with your debit card, credit card, Vending Machines OKC our if you want to pay and that will be saved on there. Um, with um, an APP, a very, very safe app where all your information will be very safe.

Um, and then anytime you go into the break room, if you’re an employee, um, a, it’d be very easy for employees who are there every day. When you go in there and you see a snack you want, you just pull it out and you scan it with your app and it will put that into your cart. And then maybe you see something else you want a drink, you scan that, maybe something, a sandwich, a scan that, and then it’ll give you a total, I’m sorry, charge you sales tax and then you just push pay and it’ll pay with that car that you had entered early on. And so this is kind of the new wave. I mean everybody, every, a lot of the stores now have self checkout and this is kind of that same model. Vending Machines OKC, that is just going to the office now. The APP is very interesting because it, it, it allows for, at least on our side, I’m a lot more options.

The one thing if you go to the self checkout at Walmart, you know, these big Ole kiosks and you can pay with cash and credit cards and all that. Well those things are rather pricey. And so maybe if it’s a smaller office where you know, it’s questionable, you know, whether we could put in a kiosk, you instead have this app, this APP is, is really on our side, very cost effective. But in also, you know, most people today have a smartphone and use debit or credit cards anyway and, or, but we’ll pay and so they can use that to pay for their products through what is called a micromarket instead of. So instead of, you know, getting a vending machine, okay, see I’m just like, uh, you know, traditional, you know, you can have this micromarket that is just going to give your employees, Vending Machines OKC, you can even have customers use it if they’re, you know, they’re coming in, they will, they will just download the APP but their information in and then boom, they’re ready to go.

And so this allows you to have all kinds of options from cold food, frozen food, salad sandwiches, healthy snacks, healthy drinks. I mean just about anything. They’d go in there and a very cost effective way instead of, you know, we’ll do a full service break room program where we actually put it in a cold or frozen food vending machine, snack machine, a glass front machine, you know, those, those are very expensive. And, you know, it’s going to have to be a pretty sizable office for us to go in and do all of that. Um, this offers, you know, your, your employees, that same stuff, but it, it, we, we can come in and do it at, at a smaller locations. Vending Machines OKC, and so basically, um, you know, uh, for the most part, I think most of your employees will be able to pay that way, um, and, you know, work very effectively and a lot of people might ask, you know, are they just going to steal all this stuff?

Well, generally what they found in office type settings, especially that you people are, you know, this is our job and other people around there, they’re not going to be stealing stuff and you know, they kind of police themselves and there might be a little bit, um, you know, the, I think the national average is about five percent. And so, you know, in your location and you know, it’s, it’s, uh, we would obviously see if it’s a good fit, we could set it up and then just see how it works. Um, and I think you’ll find that it’ll work just great and um, you know, it’d be no problems if something by chance did happen. That’s on us. I mean, that’s, that’s the risk that we take. Vending Machines OKC, that’s just part of the self self service industry. You can, you might, you can handle just a little bit of people taking stuff in return.

You get a lot better return on, on investment, you know, Walmart, they don’t have to hire so many employees to check people out, people get faster service. And so that’s, that’s Kinda what this allows also. And one thing that we can do is put a small camera on top of the cooler that would, Vending Machines OKC, be able to show if anything is going wrong. But for the most part, I think once people know that other people around in an office setting where their job is that you’re going to find, they’re not gonna steal, they’re going to be very honest, um, and uh, and, and pay the way that they’re supposed to.

And again, you know, the be no liability on you. We would definitely take over all responsibility for any kind of theft, um, and, and really we’re not looking to go out and get people if, if we see, you know, become the next time and there’s a bunch of theft and basically, you know, we’ll just say, hey, we may have to come up with a different solution for your office. And so, um, you know, that’s just the main ways that we’ll look at that, but you know, the, this gives you just a lot of different things and this is kind of an alternative to the pantry idea where, um, you know, maybe you would have us deliver products to you and then invoice you and you can either collect the money from the employees or you could just provide that as a service to your employees or customers.

This would allow them to get things and pay for them. Also get things in a different format other than a vending machine. So yeah, we’re very excited about this option. We’re just getting started in this. And so we think that this is a great option for offices of any size. And so we, we can offer a lot of different solutions and so we feel like no matter why, if there’s something we can offer for your, um, your office and provide that convenience and get you to drink snacks and you really know anything for your office. So give us a call at four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. And we’ll see what we can do for you. See if, Vending Machines OKC, you know, you know, you googled vending machines. Okay. See, maybe you’re looking down through the list and you know, vending machines would be okay. Uh, but you know, maybe this other option would be kind of cool. Give you something that other other companies don’t have and give your employees a lot of different options. And you can also check out our website, [inaudible] dot com and go look around and fill out our contact form and we will get back with you. So, uh, thanks for listening and keep buying vending machines okc.