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This is podcast six of k and k vending, and on Tuesday talking about Vending Machines OKC, I wanted to talk about our full service breakroom program that we offer, um, and uh, the value that you get from that and all the various things that you, you can do with that. And so if you have, um, and these are, this is for a high traffic area, um, if you have a, an office with a lot of employees, uh, or maybe if you have an area where there would be a lot of traffic coming through, but mainly, um, it’ll, it’ll be just for larger companies that have a lot of employees, especially if it would be hard for them to leave for lunch and they generally eat lunch in the break room and maybe oftentimes need a neat stuff for lunch. And so what we can do is offer the full service breakroom program, which is really going to be kind of like a small convenience store inside your breaker.

And, and so I wanted to go with that. And so, uh, you know, we have very vending machines. Okay. See, Vending Machines OKC, that, um, you know, we can put in there, we have, uh, we will, we will put in a lot what is called a glass front machine, a drink machine and that is the top of the line drink machine. And one thing that has really changed over the years and within the last 10, 15 years is people just don’t just want sodas anymore. I’m sure they want their sodas, but they also expect and want a lot more. Um, especially with, um, you know, many people want water. I want bottled water. Bottled water is huge. Um, also you have energy drinks, you have a, you know, sports drinks, you have juices, you have, um, flavored water and so on. The list goes on and on and on about, you know, what, what types of drinks that people want.

And so one problem with a traditional vending machine that many people might see is you’re, you’re limited to the number of selections that are in there. And most, most drink machines are going to have between six and 10 selections. And so basically that, Vending Machines OKC, that’s your options. You can get about, you know, if you get a big one in there, you can get 10 options. Well, with a glass front machine there is 40 different slots. Um, some of them, uh, I think the best Max by Dixie Norco is 45 slots and so you have a lot more. I’m a lot more ability to put in various things and so you can, you can put in the sodas, you can put in the energy drink, you can put in the Gatorade, you can just put it all, almost anything that anybody would want in the office inside that machine.

And so it just really is convenient for people. It gives them what they want. If it helps your employees, keeps them happy, it makes customers happy because they can get the things that they’re looking for and not just have to, you know, get cokes that a lot of people are trying to get away from. And so, uh, that’s the first thing we offer when we do the full service break room program is you’re going to get a, a glass front drink machine that will give you all kinds of options to buy drinks. Next we’re going to give you a large snack machine that’s just going to give you, you know, 40 to 45 different selections. Um, you’re going to have, you know, anything that know, convinced we will put in there, Vending Machines OKC, it can be healthier snacks, uh, you know, things like I’m fake chips, uh, to breakfast, biscuits to granola bars to nuts, those kinds of things where we can also put in a, you know, your traditional snacks, you chips, just regular chips, your candy bars, a, your pastries, things like honey buns, cinnamon rolls are pretty popular.

Um, and then, you know, we always offer, you know, other things like, um, uh, and uh, maybe, Vending Machines OKC, a lifesavers, those kinds of things. Um, and so that’s going to be a, the largest vending snack machine that you could get is going to be in the full safety in the full break room program. You’re gonna have the largest snack machine, so very wide variety of various snacks that, uh, for your office and also all our snack machines are going to have to serve in technology. Um, there’ll be a laser down at the bottom and if you, so that’ll stop for the most part. We’ll stop, you know that, that, that snack getting just caught on the edge and won’t, won’t drop and it really frustrates people and they start shaking the machine and yelling and cursing and all that, uh, that, that will, um, that will stop that.

And so what we have put that on all our, our snack machines and really had a lot of success with that and people appreciate that. And then the last machine we will put it in, there is a cold food machine or a or a frozen food machine and this gives your employees the ability to do two meals. I’m inside that, that break room, the cold food machine, you know, you can get sandwiches, hamburgers and cold food and frozen food, hamburgers, all kinds of different sandwiches, salads, fruits, and just basically anything that, you know, somebody might want for a quick lunch and they can get that from the cold food machine that don’t have to leave the office, keeps them happy, it keeps them work and it’s just a, it’s a good thing all around. Uh, and also with that, you know, with our cold food will offer, offer complimentary plastic ware, condiments like mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, and we’ll, we’ll put a microwave in there that will allow your employees to, to heat up anything that needs to be heated up.

Vending Machines OKC it really works great for a larger office. Uh, maybe shift workers 24 hours a day, you know, people are there and it’s middle of the night and they really can’t go anywhere to get anything to eat. Um, this is perfect for them. And so the full service break room program is, is really a great program to take care of all your vending machine needs for vending machines. Okay. See, and as always, you know, that’s just a part of what we do. All of our machines are, all of those machines would have a credit card reader on them that will allow your employees to pay with their credit cards, debit cards or mobile pay, as always, we do not charge a credit card processing fee on the machines that we have. And so you’re not going to get that ten cents extra just because you’re using a card and it was very convenient.

Most people do not carry cash with them anymore. Vending Machines OKC so this is going to really helped your employees, customers out and, and help get them what they want and keep them happy. The other thing, um, you know, we, we, we never require you to sign a contract. Lots of times people, you know, you, you put three machines in there that’s expensive and so they’re, they’re gonna want you to sign a contract, maybe even more than a year, a couple of years just to just. And in that contract, basically they’re going to say we cannot bring other vending machines. Okay. CN. And they end. So basically you have to stick with them even if they’re not providing good service, not listening to you on the varieties that you want. And so we will not require you to sign a contract just because we believe we’re going to be so good that you’re, you’re not going to want to get ribs and that we were going to build a long term.

Relationships don’t last for several years. So go to our website, Ding. Okay. C Dot Com and look around. You can see us more on our full service break room program and other things. There’s a couple of videos I’d like you to look at and while you’re there just go ahead and check out, um, all the snack and drink options that we have. And, uh, click on the contact form and set up a free consultation. If you just put in your information, we’ll get ahold of you and we can come out and look at whether your, your location is, is a good fit for our full service break room program. Thank you. And Bye. Vending Machines Okc.