Vending Machines OKC | Making Break Rooms

This podcast, 50 from Kane, k vending, bringing vending machines. Okay. See and just wanted to look at our full service break room program and what we can do for larger offices and locations, how we can really help, um, help make the workplace a better place and hopefully make everybody more productive and happy. And I’m really think that we can help a lot of people out with our full service breakroom program and this will be for larger locations, may be a, uh, maybe manufacturing or if you’ve got, um, a lot of people, um, that especially do not have access to going out or maybe they only have like a 30 minute lunch if you have shift workers, maybe people that worked at odd hours. This, the sweet perfect for them. Vending Machines OKC really just any, any location that has several, um, just a lot of employees or if you have a lot of walk in traffic from customers, um, the first thing that we’re going to do is come in and figuring out how exactly what you want in your, in your vending, the vending machines.

So if you’re looking to vending machines, Okc, um, you know, you definitely want to pick a company that’s going to come in and figure out what is your basic vending needs and then what are you looking for? I mean, what do you want? And that’s the first thing that we’re going to come in and do. And uh, and then from there we’ll, we’ll, we’ll kind of taste to what the needs are, what you feel like that your employees would want. And then once we set that up and so tastes change. Do you want to do traditional or a mix? I think probably I would recommend for most locations to have a mix. And so if you’re looking at vending machines, Okc, Vending Machines OKC, you know, there might be some companies that could only do just your traditional snacks, your potato chips, Nachos, Doritos, Nachos, ruffles, candy bars, honeybuns, things like that.

Whereas other vending companies maybe can only do healthy options like almonds, pistachios, um, you know, even cheese sticks, pirate’s booty, all of that stuff. You know, that it’s kind of a healthier option. Maybe some granola bars, things that are less in process, sugar, corn, corn, starch, sugar, um, any of those things, you know, we can keep those down, but it came cave ending. We can do both. We can give a good mix of things for your, your, your machines, and that’s going to hit the most people because, you know, every location you’re going to have some that want the old style stuff you’ve got and then you’re going to have some, some that want healthier options. And so it just kinda depends. But I would say any place of any size, Vending Machines OKC You’re gonna have a lot of diversity. Um, and so that’s the first thing we’re going to go do.

And then from there, um, you know, we’re going to look at putting in three different machines. Um, either a cold or frozen food machine is probably the one thing that really makes our full service breakroom program different is it’s gonna allow us to bring in entrees, meals, burgers, um, you know, things that can be heated up and will provide a microwave. And that’s going to allow your employees not to have to leave to get meals. And that’s especially great if you feel you have 30 minutes for lunch, Vending Machines OKC maybe you’re in an area where there’s not a whole lot around to go get stuff. And so it’s going to allow your employees to just grab something real quick, heated up, and I’m in and then be satisfied, you know, for the rest of their shift. And so that’s one great thing to have in your full service breakthrough program.

You know, we can put, you know, if it’s cold food, we can put a, you know, salads, sandwiches and just a lot of uh, maybe lunchables are, are good. We can put chocolate, milk, Vending Machines OKC sweet tea and those kinds of things. If it’s frozen food, we could put frozen entrees with, put some ice cream and just really give you a good variety of stuff. And so, you know, if you’re looking at vending machines, Okc, and you know, you’re thinking, you know, I really need as much as I can get in here. I’ve got a lot of employees, uh, they can’t get out a lot and I need, I need meals provided now this is going to be great. Then we’re going to give you a snack. Machines can be our largest snack machine. It’s going to provide 45 different sacks, snack selections, all kinds of chips or we can even, you know, we could do regular chips with the fake chips and maybe have a little bit less fat and in and other things.

So, um, and then you just, your basic snacks. Ricardo’s your checks mix. Famous Amos cookies. We could do a cheese. It’s and all kinds of different options there. Candy bars, m, m and M, peanuts. Probably a big seller. Snickers, twix, reeses, you name it. We can put it in there. Um, and then we can give things like Oreos, Rice Krispie treats. Maybe we could put in some healthier things like almonds, pistachios. I like to put in a Belvita breakfast biscuits has been selling lately. We could put it in, you know, Vending Machines OKC just regular crackers, cheese, crackers or peanut butter crackers and really give a good variety. And then we can put in some pastries if you want that some places do, some places don’t. Maybe some donuts, honeybuns those kinds of things. Or we can try to keep it more along the healthier side and bring in some more baked chips or pirate’s booty, those kinds of things.

Maybe some popcorn, smart food, popcorn and, and, and keep things better bed, keep things a little healthier. And then with your drink machine, and this is probably a very cool feature, full service breakroom program is maybe if you’re looking to vending machines, okay, see you might be thinking what kind of drink machines are they going to bring? And you know, everybody I think is familiar with traditional drink machine where you see the big machine with maybe Pepsi or coke on the Front, seven up and then you’re gonna hit. You’re going to figure out what you want, that’s your money in. And then hit a button on the side and then fall off. And there’s like 10 selections in our full service break group program. We’re going to give you a, a glass front vending machine. And what that allows is it is we can give a 40, Vending Machines OKC 40 to 50 different selections.

And so instead of just having 10 selection, you can have all kinds of selections. Um, and you know, usually you’re popular sellers like Dr Pepper, coke, Pepsi, mountain dew might take up a couple selections, um, and then you know, you might have some gatorades, uh, that can take up a few, but then you’re going to have all kinds of options as far as juice, maybe snapple. Um, you can have water. I have one that likes tea, green tea, um, and then we can put all kinds of energy drinks, monster Red Bull Nos, a rock star, a sugar free monsters or red bull. I’m, we could do flavored water and we could do some, uh, cheaper energy drinks like venom, oaklawn, you name it, we can put it in there. And it just gives you so much variety. And I think people really liked the option of having that. Vending Machines OKC, it’s not like it wasn’t the old days where there’s about four or five. So does that. People like to drink, people want a lot of options and it’s really to make your employees happy and keep them, keep them working, and so our full service breaker and program great for bigger locations, really kind of give you the words on all your bending needs

and it’s just going to keep people happy to keep them working. And I’m really works well. Give us a call. Four, oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. Or go to our website [inaudible] dot com and check things out. Fill out our contact form and we’ll get back with you and come out and figure out what’s best for your full service break room and thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.