Vending Machines OKC | Drinks

In this segment, I would like to talk about drinks and kind of the common drinks that we, we put in the types of drinks that we’ve put in to our machines. And so, um, you know, just kind of going along with your, you’re looking for a vending company, go to your search engine and you type in Vending Machines OKC and a bunch of things come up. Uh, you know, what, what kind of drinks do people put in? And one thing that we do is we’ll come in and look at exactly what, um, you know, what kinds of things that, that you sure would you rather have a cans would read the bottles if you want sodas and to, you know, we can do either one and sodas. Do you want energy drinks? Do you want a sports drinks? Things like gatorades and powerades, do you want flavored water?

It’s becoming popular. Vending Machines OKC so there’s a lot of different choices that we can go through. And so, you know, obviously the first thing most people think of when they think of a drink machine is sodas. And we obviously offer every kind of soda that you can think of. Um, and we do bottles and cans or bottles. Generally we have found that it is better for everybody if we do 16 point nine ounce bottles instead of the usual 20 ounce bottles. First of all they’re, they’re cheaper, it’s a better deal for the customer. And, and, uh, it just worked really well for us. And so most people, 20 ounce might be just a little too big. They, it’s hard to drink at all and it doesn’t really stay cool the whole time before you can drink it all. And so we found that, uh, that this 16 point nine ounce bottles of work really well, our customers have really appreciated those.

And so we can do any, you know, any soda, Dr Pepper, coke, Pepsi, seven up. We do a lot of root beer, orange drinks, great drinks, really just any soda that you would want, we can do in both bottles and cans and some people like bottles, so people like cans or don’t mind cans. Vending Machines OKC, and so it just kinda depends on your location and what you want. Also, uh, you know, and typically in the past, that is mainly what you think of when you thought of a vending machine, a drink, vending machine was that just sodas I’m in, you know, in the last several years that has really started to change. People want more than just a sodas. And so we offer a, of other selections, um, energy drinks have become very popular and we offer all kinds of energy drinks from a monster, all the various types of monsters to a rock star, two nos to, uh, you name it. And we, we, we can put it in. Um, also we do a little bit. Those others are a little bit more expensive, but we do some kind of the cheaper brands. The venom has been popular for us at certain places and so there’s a lot of different flavors of venom, also old glory and they’ve recently just come out with a lot of different flavors of old glory. And so those are popular too. Those are both the cheaper energy drinks. And so just a lot of different energy drinks that we can offer.

Also, we do a lot of, of sports drinks, um, our, our main seller is gatorade. We do 20, 20 ounce bottles of Gatorade and those have been really, really good sellers for us. Basically they’ve got so many different flavors of gatorade. Anything that’s your officer location would want we can put in there and uh, they, they, they do very well and there’s a lot of people that like Gatorade, especially in the summer months. Um, and also, you know, that there’s also a lot of different, if you’re looking for healthier options, you know, the first thing people think of as bottled water and when we do that as we saw a lot of bottled water and that is a great seller and we can do it in a 20 ounce bottles, a lot of machines, we can do it in 16 point nine ounce bottles. So it’s a little cheaper. And uh, we, we can do that. I’m also juices, apple juice, orange juice. We sell a lot of that other, other juices, grape juice and so we can do and those flavored water, vitamin water. And so if you’re looking for some healthier options, Vending Machines OKC, that, those would be definitely things to look at.

And so we can offer a lot of different varieties and will come in and look at your, at your situation, what you guys want, what’s your location, serves what your employees want, and decide what the best I’m the best drink combinations are. And then then after that we’ll see what sells and not. Maybe there’s something we want to change request. And so we will customize it for you as always. Um, and so if you’re looking down that list, you’ve done the search Vending Machines OKC and uh, you know, there’s a lot of companies there that, that won’t do that. They either do cans all, all cans or bottles. They won’t give you any kind of variety. They only carry a few energy drinks. I don’t do flavored waters. And so we are going to offer you a lot of different options. But then, uh, the many, many other vending companies. And so also the many companies will just do the traditional sodas, which many people still drink. But a lot of people are getting away from and so there’s just so many other options out there today and who we will work with you and then just figure out what you want.

And so if you go to our website, vending, okay. C Dot Com and look at uh, you know, look down through our website and you in your office location would be a good place for a full, our full service, a break room. One thing that we put in is kind of the latest technology at glass front vending machine. They easily will, will allow 40 to 45 different selections of drinks. Just gives you just all kinds of options which we, the places that we do have the math people just love because it’s almost like a little convenience store in your, in your place or your location. Vending Machines OKC so we can offer a little bit of everything and people can, you know, we can really satisfy almost every body with those machines and put in all the stuff we just talked about. Sodas, energy drinks, waters, sports drinks, you name it, we can put in there.

And it’s always, um, you know, with, with all our, you know, you’re looking at that list of vending machines. Okay, see, uh, on your search engine, you go down through there, you know, what, what separates us from them is we’re going to offer the lowest price. All our drinks is going to be the lowest price. Also a, you know, a lot of those people on that list, you know, vending machines. Okay. See if you really go to and look, click on their website and on that list, after you pull it down, they may not offer credit card readers and they may not offer or they may just offer $1 bills where you could pay for with a dollar bill or coins. Vending Machines OKC we also, all our machines are going to, are going to take ones and fives and you’re not going to. If you use a five and it’s a $1 product, you’re not going to get a bunch of quarters back.

We use dollar coins and all of our machines will take those dollar coins. And so we give you a lot of different payment options. We’ll, we’ll give you a credit card reader will, uh, also we’re not gonna have any, any processing fees. And so a lot of people that do have credit card readers are going to offer those, those processing fees. And so we do all of that stuff with our drink machines. And so not only do you get a great selection, you’re gonna get the lowest price you’re going to get a credit card readers and um, and, and just a lot of service. We have locations that are going on that, you know, especially in the summer months, really go through the drinks and we pride ourselves on just getting out there and keeping those things full. Vending Machines OKC, you know, people are getting hot and they’re thirsty.

They want their drinks. Vending Machines OKC, and they, they hate to see the sold out. And so we, we get out there and we fill them up. And, uh, so, you know, looking at that list, I know a lot of different companies on vending machines, Okc, but you know, we feel like where you are above and beyond our service, the things we offer with our credit cards, with our low price guarantee, no contracts, you know, if you get a drink machine in there and it just doesn’t work very good and they won’t fix it. Um, they’re, they’re not keeping a full. It’ll go days where there’s not any drinks in it, then there’s just not much you can do about it. And so, um, you know, we, we don’t require a contract to you. We do. We feel like we do such a good job that you’re not gonna want to get rid of us.

And then we’re going to be there for years and years and years. And so we encourage you to give us a call, four, one, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. And we can talk about all our various drink options. And then what we can do for your, your, your business or location also can go to vending. Okay. [inaudible] DOT com. And Look, look around our website. There’s some videos you can look at, you can look at a, we have a page with all our various drink options, but that is not a comprehensive list. It, Vending Machines OKC, we can, we’ve got all, we’re adding drinks all the time and so look at that and go ahead and fill out our contact form and I just click on that, fill out your information and we’ll get with you and set up a good time to come by and we’ll get your location and see what we can do for you. So thank you.