Vending Machines OKC | Different Snack Machine

Podcast 19 with Kay and Kay vending, bringing Vending Machines OKC, and I’d like to talk about our various snack machine options that we can put into your office or location, whatever you would like. Whatever type of location it would be is probably going to determine what we will, uh, you know, decide upon. There’s some, some options. I’m a snack machine. When I say stack machine, I mean where you get your chips, your cookies, candy, you’re going healthier, maybe popcorn, almonds, Belvita breakfast biscuits. And so a lot of different, a lot of different options you can use there. And we’ll definitely, when we come in and, uh, um, you know, you, you look us up Vending Machines OKC on Google and then you, uh, you know, we come out and we checked things out. We’ll, we’ll figure out what’s the best, best a snack machine for you, if that’s what you decide.

Also, remember we offer other services other than just vending machines. We can do a pantry or a micro market which gives a lot more variety. Um, and so there’s a lot of options we can look at, but our snack machines, um, come in various sizes. The smallest that we have, um, is really, I think the smallest we have is what they call it too wide, meaning it only has two rows in it and it would carry, oh, somewhere around 12 snacks. Vending Machines OKC, that’s fairly small location and then it can go up to, usually we have what was called a five wide, um, you look at the top row of the stack machine and however many selections that has, that’s how wide the people. That’s generally how wide would you say the snack machine is? Um, and so a five wide, it would be our largest that we put in our full service break room and it’s going to carry, you know, somewhere around 45 snacks and it’ll give you all kinds of variety of, of various things that we can put in.

So, um, and then we’ve got some that are three wide, maybe a smaller office of be good, a good for. Um, we have four wives for maybe a medium size office. And so, um, you know, various sizes that we can, we can use and put in your very snacks, you know, we, we, we carry chips. Vending Machines OKC, you know, all your major chip brands lays, ruffles, Doritos, all the various flavors. They’ve got Doritos cool ranch Nacho, you got lay’s barbecue, lay’s classic. You’ve ruffles ruffles, sour cream and Cheddar funyuns we can do, we do a lot of mischief. Vicky’s, uh, the kettle cooked chips, they’ve got Jalapeno Barbecue, um, sea salt and salt and vinegar. Vending Machines OKC so a lot of different ship varieties that we can do. But we’ve got other brands, also a Fritos, a barbecue twists been selling really well lately. Cheetos, Jalapeno always so well.

Um, and then, you know, we can do just Kinda your, your basic snacks like a cheezit skark yet gardetto’s cookies, a famous Amos or we’ve been selling a lot of the keebler, m and m cookies lately. Um, we can also do things like oatmeal cream pies, moon pies, Vending Machines OKC. So a lot of, you know, just, just basic snack options. I know a vanilla wafers so well pop tarts if you’re looking for more traditional, um, if you’re going for the healthier options, you could do lays baked potato chips. Those are a healthier option. Vending Machines OKC, we, we sell a popcorn smart pop that, uh, is lower in calories. We’ve got definitely other varieties of, of things that can, can go in there. I’m pirate’s booty is a, is a healthier for you option that can go in there. Also we’ve got, you know, all your candy bars, m and m peanuts, probably the biggest seller.

Snickers, three musketeers, reeses. We could do basically any kind of snack. We do what we’ve been selling a lot of skittles. We have different skittles varieties that seem to sell well lately. Skittles, Barry’s skittles, sour. You can do a skittles or sour. And Barry, I mean there’s just all kinds of stuff out there now that we could put in. Um, and you know, and we’ve been doing like oreo cookies and we can do a healthier Oreo thins that are only 100 calories. The belvita breakfast biscuits, sef sold fairly well, uh, almonds, pistachios that we can put in that are healthier options. We’ve got the Salami sticks, a beef and cheese sticks that can also go in there. So, you know, there’s a lot of things, you know, if you look in a snack machine and, and uh, you know, you googled Vending Machines OKC wondering what is going to go into a snack machine.

We can do it all basically, if it can fit in those spindles, uh, we will probably try it. Um, and so we definitely takes suggestions, talk to you about exactly what your office and if, uh, you know, we can do it. We will, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll try. And so we’re constantly taking suggestions from other locations, current locations that we have and those are sometimes some of our best sellers. And so we’ll, we’ll try it and then we can move it onto to other locations also. So. And then we also try to keep switching things out, try to bring something different every time. It might just be something that we had in the machine before, but we took out and now we’re bringing it back, but we’re always, always looking for new new snacks, whether there’s chips, candies, healthier for you, options that will bring in.

Also on all of our snack machines, we are starting to put the Shervin technology and so no more of the spindle spinning and your chips or candy. It’s stuck and you shake the machine and you’re mad and it won’t come out and just kind of ruins your day. Uh, this takes care of that. And what will happen is when that thing spins, it has a sensor down where the product is, where you grabbed the product. And if it does not sense it with her, it’s laser than it will keep spinning the spindle until it senses something after awhile if it still doesn’t sense anything and then it will just give you your money back and usually lock that, that selection so that nobody else will come along. As soon as they hit it, it’ll say, please make another selection. Um, and so that’s, that’s a pretty cool technology that has come out, um, you know, in the last several years that we, we feel like’s instrumental on our snack machines also, you know, there, there’s all kinds of different ways to pay, not only with coins and dollar bills, but we also have a Vending Machines OKC our machines will take $5 bills, um, and it’s not just going to give you back a bunch of quarters, it’s going to dispense out dollar coins and it will also accept dollar coins, a will.

We have credit card readers on all our machines so they can use debit or credit cards on their machines and also mobile pay on the machine. So we just feel like in today’s world you have to offer that and we’re not going to charge a processing fee for that. People expect to be able to pay with their cards and you know, that’s just a cost of doing business in our opinion. And so we’re, we’re going to keep that, keep that, keep those fees to, to us. We’re not going to, I’m not going to pass that on to our customers. Vending Machines OKC, and so just so many great things that we do with our snack machines, somebody great products so we can put in there and we’re always bringing new stuff in.

So if you’ve got the munchies and you’re wanting a snack machine, you know, you’re on the internet looking at vending machines. Okay. See costs up four or five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. And we will get you a snack machine as soon as possible. We can get it out there and see what’s the best fit for you. See what products you want, traditional, healthy, both any and everything. As long as it’s legal, we’ll put it in there and uh, and, and it will help you out and help your employees and customers out. So give us a call or go to our website, vending, okay? C Dot Com and fill out our contact form and we will get a hold of you and find out a good time to come out and check it out. See where the snack machines going to be and you know how big of one we want to put in there. And then get all of the varieties that we can put in. Um, and so thank you for listening and keep buying from vending machines okc.