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This podcasts 40 fromK and k vending, providing the vending machines, Okc and just want to talk about cold food, frozen food, kind of the various things that we can put in there and what’s difference and what locations are they best for. And basically really to have a cold frozen food. Um, it’s probably gonna be a place that is bigger that maybe has shift workers. A lot of the places we have our cold food at, they have shift workers that work late nights, early mornings maybe don’t have a whole lot of time for lunch and our dinner depending on when they’re there or breakfast. Um, and so it would be great because in the cold food machines you can put meals basically. Uh, we, we, we put a lot of hamburgers and sandwiches, salads. We’ll put, Vending Machines OKC you know, easy things to heat up, like burritos and white castle. Slider Burgers, we put the lunchables in there. Um, we can put hot pockets, um, you name it. I’m it. Cold food that can be refrigerated. We will put it in there. And usually with our full service break room program, we’ll put that in there. And also provide a microwave so that they get a hamburger and then they can heat it up in that microwave and, and it works great.

We give, we try to give a lot of variety. I think some other vending companies will only put four or five selections in there. Where are we? We really try to give a real wide range of variety in our cold food. And usually, you know, there’s different types of cold food. There’s some spin around. Um, there’s some that just sort of like a snack machine with the little spindles says that go. Um, and so we’ve, we’ve got both. Um, and so generally in cold food machines you’re just going to put things that can refrigerate. They last for a certain number of days and it works great. We also put milk in their chocolate. Milk is a big seller, sweet tea from red diamond has been a great seller for us. And you know, any, anything like that we can put into your cold food machine, into your break room Vending Machines OKC.

And that’s a great way to help employees. Customers who may not have whole lot of time to get really more of a meal or snack machine is more for just little snacks. This can provide a full meals for them so they don’t, they don’t have to go out and uh, worry about bringing their lunch or anything like that. So if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, see I’m thinking about the cold food and really it’s more meal options. Um, and so I think for, for many locations that’s, that’s important to think about with your employees are, or if you have customers that have to be there a long time, I’m cold food is, is definitely something that provides a lot of convenience. Um, and the other thing, if you’re looking at Vending Machines OKC is maybe you want to a frozen food machine and there’s not a whole lot of difference.

You can put most of the stuff from cold food into a frozen food. The main thing that you can do different in frozen food, first of all, you’re going to, you can put ice cream, which, Vending Machines OKC, is a good seller and you can put on trace a TV dinner, entrees, things like that, uh, that are going to give you a little bit more options and we can still put in the um, you know, hamburgers and other sandwiches, burritos that will easily warm up, frozen in the microwave. So, um, you know, a frozen food machine can also work in a lot of locations. It just kinda depends on what people want. You know, if you have to have chocolate milk, then you know, frozen food would work. Um, if you want lunchables or sandwiches even, you’re going gonna want a cold food machine, a salads also in cold food.

Um, you know, but if you don’t need those kinds of things and we can put um, frozen food in there. And the great thing about frozen food is it from our side is you know, the food last longer and you’re going to get more choices and it’s just a. But it just kinda depends on, on exactly what your location needs. Um, and so cold food, frozen food, if you’re looking at vending machines. Okay. See, definitely think about they’ll come. We can do one of those with our full service break room program. If you have a larger location with a lot of employees, um, we can definitely take care of you.


Another thing we can also do is we can set up a micro market, um, and that and deliver our cold food that way. I’m not quite like the traditional Vending Machines OKC cold food or frozen food and it’s the same with like the snacks and the drinks. We wouldn’t put a snack machine or a drink machine in there. It would be a, um, it would be open and we could use your existing freezer or refrigerator or we could bring one in and instead of the employees customers coming in and buying it from a vending machine, they would just pick what they wanted, downloaded the app to their phone one time, enter their card information one time. And then from then on he would have that. And a beacon is, is plugged into an outlet and the law and anytime they come right near that micromarket, that screen will pop up and all they do is scan it into that APP and from there they can get their choice and then pay with their card from the APP. And so it just works really well.

Um, it is just kind of a new thing in vending and it’s going to provide a lot of different options for you. You could also do it with a pantry of delivery service, you know, if you wanted to have a few meal options for your employees that you provided, um, we could definitely set that up where we put it in the freezer or the refrigerator. We can also set that up with where we take inventory of that and you put a certain amount in there. Um, and so there’s really a lot of different ways, Vending Machines OKC just like our snack and a drink machines, we can put all kinds of things in your break room and either invoice you. And then maybe you have everybody put a dollar in if they grab something or we could put a micromarket where they use an app on their phone to pay for it.

So a lot, a lot of cool stuff out there. Um, a lot of interesting things that can really add to your break room. And I think employees, customers would appreciate having the different variety. Just had somebody today talk about how they were so glad we had a cold food machine in their office because sometimes I forget their lunch and they only had a 30 minute lunch and so they didn’t want to waste time driving somewhere. And so it was nice to have that. And so really think about that when you’re looking at vending machines. Okay. See, uh, especially if you’ve got a little larger, um, location, if you have a little smaller location, you know, the delivery or the micromarket would work much better. Um, would still work, um, at, at those smaller locations. So definitely check out the cold food, frozen food options that we offer. Give us a call at four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four, or you can go to our website, [inaudible] dot com and check things out, fill out our contact form and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can and come out and see what the best cold, frozen food options are for you. Vending Machines OKC Thanks for listening and keep buying from vending machines. OKC.