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This article I’d like to talk about, ourK and k vending provides cold food services for vending machines in Okc. Uh, we, uh, if you have an office that is a little bigger that uh, would uh, qualify for our full service break room program, then um, we will put a cold food machine in and it will allow your employees to have more options as far as snacks and even meals to go with our drink and our snack machine. And so if you’re looking for, Vending Machines OKC for a cold food and snacks and drinks, I bet you’ve gone and googled vending machines, Okc and looked at a, at a lot of different companies and just like to kind of tell you a little bit about our company. And while people were fried in our, our cold food machines, the cold food machines allow us to provide a lot of different options.

First off, we in, in, in most of our cold food machines, we put a milk. A lot of people like milk, especially chocolate milk, sweet teas. I’m just regular tea and we can also put in. So a lot of drink options like that. That would need to be refrigerated. I’m also, we have, we provide a deli expressed sandwiches, can be ham, Turkey. Um, there’s kind of a Deli club, others, roast beef, there’s chicken salad, tuna salad, so a lot of different options there that we could put in the cold food machine. Um, we also offer salads for people who want to maybe have some healthier options. We can do fruits like fruit nuts, cheese, tray, um, or we can do the grab and go, I’m trays where you have cheese and ham and crafters, those kinds of things. So there’s a lot of, lot of good options there. We also do hamburgers, chicken sandwiches that you can heat up other varieties of maybe, uh, you know, just various varieties of hamburgers and, and, uh, other sandwiches, ribs, barbecue, rib sandwich, chicken Parmesan sandwich that we can put in into your, Vending Machines OKC a cold food machine.

We also offer many types of breakfast biscuits with egg and sausage, Ham. Many of of those that we can put in Burrito’s other items that are easy to warm up. Um, and also, you know, one thing that we do include with our full service break room program is at microwave, so all this stuff that needs to be heated or would want you to want to be needed, you can put in, Vending Machines OKC you’ll have a microwave there and your employees can, can use that to warm up their meals and they won’t have to leave the office. So maybe you have a workplace where they don’t have very much time to, for lunch or maybe there’s just not very many options around. They can grab something pretty quick out of the cold food machine and it’s just a great option and keeps employees happy and keeps, keeps the work work going.

Also we can provide with that condiments, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, plastic where anything that you would need as far as plastic forks, spoons and knives and plates, Napkins, all of that stuff. And so just cold food machines are very popular at the places that we have the man when you have the full service break room and they, they, um, they really, the employees appreciate that and the convenience and it just, uh, and employers appreciate it because it gives their employees options and they don’t have to leave and, but at the same time keeps them happy. And so if you’re looking at that list after you’ve typed in vending machines, okay, see, he knows a lot of different companies out there that will provide services but a k and k’s cold food machine, I think you will really like because of the variety that we put in, Vending Machines OKC, we, we really stock them up with just as much different stuff as we can.

We don’t just put in, you know, four or five different types of items. We try to put in a little bit of everything and especially after we kind of get a feel for what people in your office want. Um, so we can come in and customize, you know, what, what you think would be best or what your employees are asking for. Put that in and then go from there and adjust if we need to. But uh, we, we put a lot of variety in, um, we don’t just put certain things in, we don’t have a quota of certain things that we’ve put in. I’m also Vending Machines OKC, as always, you know, and ink vending is going to offer the lowest price guarantee. And so we have very good prices on our cold food and um, so a lot of people on that list, um, you know, uh, vending machines, Okc or are just their, their prices or are going to be pretty high. I’m. And, and like I said, that they’re just selection is just not going to be as good as ours.

Being able to accept credit cards on your cold food machine. It’s important and as always we have credit card, the ability to take credit cards on all our machines. And so, um, and we do not charge processing fees and so many companies who will charge you ten cents every time you swipe your card and we do not charge that. One great thing about kate and kate bending and so you know, Vending Machines OKC on your cold food machine, if you will, you know the prices are just a little bit higher than maybe your snacks, you know, your salads, hamburgers, Burrito’s sandwiches that are going to be a little bit more and maybe your employees do not carry around that much cash and having that ability to pay with a credit card or mobile pay is very important and we’ll, we’ll keep them happy and take care of all their needs and lunch, dinner time, just depending on what your hours are.

All of our cold food machines come with a health safety lock. And so if for instance, at your location, maybe in the middle of the night when nobody was there, um, you had a power outage and power was out for awhile and the temperature rose in the machine, the machine, once it comes back on will sense that and it will read the temperature and it will lock everybody out. Vending Machines OKC so nobody can get in there that way you’re not going to have spoiled food. Anybody that will will my chance get some. It’s not healthy for them and so the, that is one great thing about our machines is they will, they will take care of all of that for you.

And finally, as always, a k and k funding will not, will not make you sign a contract. You have any companies on that vending machines, okay. See List, uh, will, will require you to sign a contract. And so maybe they’re not, you know, if they come in and prices are way too high, they don’t give you hardly any selection, they don’t fill it up often enough, their credit card fees are too high or maybe they don’t even offer credit card capability on the machine. Then you know, you’re, you’re stuck with them. And so we feel like our services is going to be great and that you’re all, you’ll want us in there for years and years and years. Vending Machines OKC so we don’t have to offer a contract. And so, uh, with all those various things, the great selection of the credit cards with no fees, uh, the, the health, Locke, the great customer service, we feel like we have one of the best services in the city.

And if you’re looking for our cold food machine, um, you know, come check out our website, vending. Okay. C Dot Com. And look around, you can see some of the various things that we offer. You can give us a call at four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, eight, four. Vending Machines OKC, and if you’re on the website, go ahead and, uh, click on the contact form and fill all the information out. We come out and figure out what you would want. Um, if you’re a good option for our full break room program and we can get, get you taken care of.