Vending Machines OKC | Addressing Misconceptions

So you’ve gone to your search engine and on the Internet and you’ve just typed in vending machines. Okay. See, and what are the different things that you’re looking for? What are the expectations you have and what are some of the common misconceptions that I think people have is what I’d like to talk about today. First of all, a lot of people think that you have to provide your own machines and a, or do you have to pay for those machines atK and k vending? Vending Machines OKC We’re who we’re going to provide the machines free free of charge. That’s just part of our service. We will provide the machines for you. Anything that you need, all the products that go along with it, um, will be provided for us if anything goes wrong with the machine that is, we will come out and fix it. Pay For any costs that go along with that and your office will not have any, any charges to it.

And so everything, when you sign up with Kay and Kay vending is going to be included. Um, as far as machines go, taxes, you do have to pay sales tax every year, but that is provided by us. We pay both state sales tax once a year and put a little sticker on the machine. I’m also, if you’re in certain cities like Oklahoma City, you have to get a, a city tax sticker for the, for, for your machines, and we provide that for you also free of charge. Um, and so, and then also if you, if you have a certain, you know, to do our full service break room program, um, and we provide cold food will provide, um, you know, condiments is mustards Manet’s and things like that. Vending Machines OKC Also we provide a microwave. And so there’s just a lot that goes in into that, uh, that will, uh, that you do not have to do anything that the customer location does not have to provide anything.

Really. The only thing that we need, um, when we, when, when he come into your location is to just have some place to connect our machines, uh, an electric outlet and they’ll just be a small electric electricity being used. And so that, that is really the only thing that we need. Everything else was included. You will not have to worry about anything. The machine breaks was take care of it, we’ll take care of the tax sticker and then all of that. Um, the next thing you might after you’ve typed in vending machines, okc into that, into that search engine is, you know, there’s all kinds of companies you and you just decide as an office manager, owner, you know, Vending Machines OKC they’re not going to provide what I want and it’s just better for me to just, I’ll provide all that for my employees or customers. Um, you know, and there are certainly people that do that.

I’m the first of all, there is a lot of work that goes into that. You have to consistently, constantly be getting products and staying up on top of it. And if you don’t, you know, employees will get upset. Customers you will not be getting, giving them the greatest service you can get. And so, you know, there, there is a lot of work involved in keeping up with your. If you decide to get your own machine that you’d have to have to work on, um, and so there is a c, you’re going to have to provide a lot of time during the days, weeks inside employees to go do that. And that’s just one more thing that you’ve got to do. Um, you know, there’s gonna be a lot of products, Vending Machines OKC a lot of, uh, you know, unless you buy a lot of different things, you’re going to have a very limited selection.

And so a vending company like Kay and Kay vending, we provide these services to a lot of different businesses. So we’ve got a, we can buy a lot of stuff, provide a lot of options and really in the end probably could provide you with a lot more options than you could do on your own. And we will come in and customize whatever your choices would be, whatever your office want. Maybe you want healthier snacks. We can provide those, you will have more traditional snacks. We can provide those or a combination of both. Vending Machines OKC, there’s maybe certain things that certain people want and we can figure that out and provide that for you and put those in the machines. Take care of everything. Like I said before, we’re docked pay for the machines on paper. The tax stickers dog, they prefer pairs off. Often Times if you buy a lot of stuff and nobody really wants it, eventually those things go out of date and so you just have to throw them away, you know, we take care of that. And so you just won’t have to worry about that.

I think another thing after, you know, you’re looking at that list of vending machine companies, your typed didn’t vending machines. Okay, see you’re looking at that list and you’re, you know, you’re thinking, I mean all companies are the same. All vending companies are saying to provide a machine, throwing some snacks and some drinks and it doesn’t really matter. I’m just going to just pick one. And that’s a big mistake because just like anything else, know different companies do things differently and so you want to make sure that you pick a company that you can rely upon. You can get ahold of that is going to just provide great customer service. So it cave ending vending. First thing is we provide great, great service. We’re gonna. Make sure those machines are stocked, that they are taken care of. If something goes wrong, we’re going to get on it or get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Um, and so that, that is definitely something you want to look at men and there’s all kinds of other things to look at. Also price, uh, some, some companies are going to maybe have lower prices when they come in and then as time goes on, they’re going to really raise those prices. So we won’t do that. Vending Machines OKC, we’re going to offer the lowest price guarantee when we come in and, you know, as times go, um, you know, there will be over the years and because we expect to be in there for many years, uh, you know, the prices will gradually increase as, as, as inflation occurs, but you know, that’s going to take years for prices to go up. Those prices are going to stay the same for a long time. I’m also, when you look at credit cards, mobile payment number one, do they even have that?

There’s a lot of vending companies that don’t offer that and many of your customers, many of your employees are going to want to pay that way and so do they have a way to pay with a credit card or mobile payments and do they charge fees for that? Um, a lot of companies are gonna are gonna increase the price around ten cents every time you use a car. And so we can keep bending, will not charge you any credit card processing fees. Also, many companies will come in and want you to have a contract and so you basically, Vending Machines OKC you’re tied in with that company. They come in, they give you all these promises, everything’s gonna, be great, but you know, they get in and it’s not like you wanted. Prices are higher service it and very good machine breaks. It sits there for a month and I’m just not what you wanted, but basically you’ve got that contract and so you’re stuck with them at k and k vending, we are not going to make you sign a contract. We believe in ourselves enough that we do not think we have to have a contract to to keep ourselves in there, that you’re going to lock her service and that you would never even think about going with somebody else.

Also, I think a lot of people think when they think of a snack machine, they take a snack machines from long ago, you know they want that one little thing. They’re craving that one piece of candy, those Eminem’s or or whatever, and they put their money in and it starts to turn and it just gets to the end and it stuck and kind of shake the machine, but it just will not come out well on our snack machines and many of our drink machines, we have the Shervin technology. Basically what that is, is when a, on our stack machine, it has a sensor at the bottom and so as that snack, as, as coils turn and that snack does not fall, it will continue to spin a until it senses something fall after a certain period of time, Vending Machines OKC, if it just will not, if it’s caught, then it will give you a refund.

And so that was a great technology that has come out in vending and all of our snack machines will be equipped with that. Vending Machines OKC so definitely all that stuff together, um, you’ll see that know that it will make a big difference. And so just kind of recapping what we said today, there is a big difference and there’s a lot of misconceptions. You know, you don’t have to provide your own machine, you don’t have to pay for anything. Um, service we provide is going to be completely free to, you don’t pay sales tax on pay for repairs, not to pay us to come in and service some or anything. Um, you know, not all companies are the same. There is typed in the vending machine. Okay. See, you see all those different companies, uh, but you know, Kay and Kay bending, we offer offer many things that other people just cannot meet and we provide great service. We want to work with you. We don’t want to make money off of you. We want to create that long term relationship.

So, uh, give us a call. Our number is four. Oh, five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four. I’m go, Vending Machines OKC to our website. Vending. Okay. C Dot Com. Look around, get some videos there for you to look at. We’ve done reviews to show you what some of our customers are saying about us. Um, and uh, while you’re there, you can fill out the contact form and you know, we could reach out with you and set up a time to come out and look at your location and see what we can do for you. And we will look forward to working with you in the future.