Vending Machines OKC | Healthy Mixes

Podcast, 40 a vending machine and want to look at what we can offer as far as your location. We can provide not only healthy but a little bit of and we go through and we said in the past we were looking at then you need it. There’s no fun company or he heard everything that everybody would want. The more traditional things like maybe paid down the mineral honey bond. Maybe they want normal candy bars, snickers Milky Way. Vending Machines OKC The thing that’s more of your traditional whole school funding I think most people think about, but then there’s some people that want healthier options. They want to have a home that they bought, smart popcorn. They want pirate’s booty is another popular healthier item or just more traditional but maybe a little bit healthier. Things like cheeses, Texmex Garden.

Then you can do faith will be a little bit healthier option, you know, it just kinda depends on what you want in your location. And one thing that we do at cake, we are not. We don’t do one or the other. We can do both and we can fix it up and give you a little bit of each. And so that’s a great, great thing that we offer in Kate, Kate, if you’re looking at vending machines, okay. The, you know, maybe they just do the old traditional stuff or maybe they just do healthy stuff. Um, you know, we try to accommodate everybody and help help out as best we can, what other people want. And so I think you’re gonna really like variety and choice to basically, if you can bend it and we can buy email, we can get ahold of it. Vending Machines OKC, then we’ll, we’ll put it in the machine, um, and try it.

We were always getting suggestions and trying stuff in our machine. And so, um, one thing that I think you want, if you’re looking at vending machines, so they need to make sure your vending company is flexible, that they’re going to do that. They are going to try new things. So probably some of the best products that we have or recommendations that you were kind of on the fence. Maybe your really didn’t think anybody would want, but somebody recommended it and we will try and now we have several locations. So, you know, those are always, um, it’s always good to get feedback from customers and we, we definitely take that very serious are looking for feedback from our customers. And so we’ll find a vending machine company that is a flexible and we’ll, we’ll give you a lot of different content is definitely what we probably do a tape statement.

Um, and so, you know, looking at a vending machine. Okay. Lids, uh, you know, when you look at the drink side of you, they just offer soda, maybe Tan Soda or can I do both? Dance and bottles. Um, but you know, in today’s world there’s so much more than just soda. You know, you got gatorades, you got water flavored water, energy drain as uses and probably a lot of other stuff that I’m not even thinking of right now that we can put into your machine. Um, and so have a lot of variety of your customers. Your employees want they, other than sodas, so to still sell very well. But there is a lot of other things that people want also and they liked that variety and so I can’t give anything. We tried to provide that variety Vending Machines OKC.

Not only can we provide, provide for variety, service, machine, Combo machines, also do a delivery, service it micro, you name it, we can, we can provide it and it just kind of goes with our philosophy and trying to figure out a way to get product to people in a way that they want to be able to pay for anything. We don’t have dollar bill with a dollar bill, can you say $5 bills to pay with a credit card and we’d all require any offsets. So, Vending Machines OKC, so that’s a good stuff that we offer. And again, they’ve been fighting gear. He, we will kind of go out of our way. Sure. That you’re going to get exactly what you want. Great Service and great pride in. Really think you’ll be very happy with everything.

And so, you know, definitely after your employees, customers and what kind of things that you believe we can provide that will allow you constipation. Figure out what we will get a great that we can provide a look at what would be best for you. Really. I mean most people have a different definition of what healthy is. People hold it. There is a little bit hard probably to provide, but we can give, you know, healthier options. Like I said, I put bars, bars, things that are coming to your offices that are not going to have that trait is definitely at 50. Very often better off being on the Greek side, you know, think that don’t have money much. Your water, Vending Machines OKC it’s flavored waters are popular.

All kinds of diet, green tea, lemonade and we can look at all those areas. Gatorade, although NBI and superior, but they helped with, Vending Machines OKC, with your body, those kind of things. All kinds of different office. We get looked at healthy options, traditional, often opposite that I would probably say post location either at help health up where people are working now. Obviously everybody there look better, feel better. If you’re just probably going gonna have some people that want healthier options and you’re going to have some people don’t want more Kurdish people. It sounds good that they’re going to always be on a diet or what when you bring it up, we want that option, but then when it gets down to it, they want a snack bar and so I think a good mix just for people that people are doing good and maybe they can see something that would fit their diet.

Other days maybe they’re not doing as well and they want the baby and so I definitely would recommend both. I would do all healthy because your employees will probably are going to be a little bit upset. At least someone will like it. They get that, but I think probably to make the most people have a good thing it. And so if you’re looking at vending machines, okay, see you try this out because we will offer all the various options and we can always change. You know, we come in or we’ve got too much traditional stuff that you want more help. We can change that up. Maybe people were like, yeah, we need to gain bars. We don’t have enough states that that will come in and figure out what you want to put it in and then as time goes on, readjusted, so when you realize that one size doesn’t fit all and then what, what’s good today? Maybe next week we need to change that and so and that can continually getting new products, new things. People kind of get tired of the same thing. If you go to work there every day and you’re eating from that every day, you want to new things and so we try to mix up, give you different options and see what, see what the best options are for us.

Four or five, five, two, nine, five, six, eight, four or go to our website, [inaudible] dot com. Fill out our contact form and get back with you. Come out and see what’s best officer for you. Thanks for listening. And he find from vending machines, Okc.