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This content was written for K & K Vending

If you’re looking for the easiest and most affordable way to feed your small or large crew at your business then you should contact us at K&K Vending. With our vending machines for sale we will be able to provide you with the best and most convenient yet delicious snacks and meals to help ease your mind about your employees eating lunch. It’s always such a hassle at such an inconvenience to have to have your employees leave to go grab food items into the time that food is expensive and really unhealthy. Giving us the opportunity to offer your services and your business will not only keep your employees from leaving at lunch but also get them to work quicker and give them the opportunity healthier than they would if they were to go get something.

Thankfully we offer multiple different machines for sale which means that we will be bound and determined to make sure that we have a vending machine that works best for you and your crew. Having a different variety of hitting machines allows us to build a meet everyone’s expectations when it comes to drinks, snacks, candy as well as full colder frozen drinks. Here at KK we offer the lowest price a vending machines. One thing that we like to stress to our employees customers is the fact that a lot of people are unaware that they don’t hunt out any extra money for the machine or the product or servicing or phone calls. We take care of everything the only thing you have to do is come talk to us having free consultation and lettuce that of your services. We want to make this is convenient for you as possible.

We offer four different types of vending machines for sale include, machines, warehouse machines, traditional machines, and a full service break room. All of these are equipped to handle different amounts of people as well as environments. Feel free to give us a call any time to use your free consultation with us to ask any questions or concerns they may have regarding our services. We offer products from candy to snacks, chips, pastries as well as frozen and cold meals. Our full-service breakroom comes with a microwave and all the utensils and condiments need to be able to have a good meal.

One of the most popular things we have the most of the vending machines for sale don’t have in the area are the fact that we created something called a micro market which allows you to pay for your products over the phone. So all the employees have the convenience of having their payments made on the phone. This allows us to offer fresh salads and sandwiches and a fridge typesetting so they can have fresh food.

Check out our website today to view our testimonials, and reviews. These will be beneficial to use you can get an idea on but our other clients are saying about us and our service with them. Here K&K Vending we do not require a contract to have service with us. We want you to just have services us and be able to continue it or stop it whenever you please. We look forward to doing business with you look for to receiving your call for consultation thank you.

Vending Machines for Sale | stacks and stacks of snacks.

This content was written for K & K Vending

Looking for a company to help you provide food and to come and check us out at K&K Vending this includes for candy pastries. Also drinks, everything else sharp possibly the fire. Our business is built solely on family values. Our services will blow your mind. We know that we will be able to offer you the finest and leading vending machines for sale. Give us a call today at 405-529-5684 for your free consultation and more information as well as answers all your questions and concerns regarding our services and our vending machines.

A few of the concerns that our customers always have include about the servicing of the machine, as well as what they will have to provide for the machine. But here with K&K Vending will provide all the means necessary to run in stock and keep your machines running. We even pay for the annual tax stickers required. Another popular question is will you be liable for damages or mishandling of the vending machine, but the answer is no. We have all of our vending machines ensure to give you peace of mind so you want to worry about any damages that happen to the vending machine.

Typically it takes at least 25 people to support a small vending machines for sale. However every everyone’s different so this is something that we would encourage you to call us about’s we could talk about it on her cart free consultation. Here K&K Vending we will provide a full 100% refund if you are not satisfied with your service or product. Doing business with K&K Vending is a very good deal. We can ensure you that we will overdeliver in all instances to make sure you receive the best customer services.

The different vending machines for sale that we have include our, machine which is the one that needs at least 25 people to be able to use. This is our smallest and it includes drinks and snacks in one machine. Secondly we have our warehouse machine which is a machine that is really tough and able to handle all of the extreme weather that life has to throw at us. These machines are built to be outside or in an unique environment where you need to keep drinks cold and fresh.

We also offer our traditional vending machines where you have choices from at least 30 different stock selection and at least 10 different drink selections. This is the most popular just because the normal size. However some businesses and companies require a bigger amount of food and snacks to feed their employees or guests. This is where our full-service breakroom will be best utilized. Bees are reserved and held for large locations with a lot of employees. Not just anyone can have these. The large machine will hold at least 45 snack options. From snacks to cold and frozen meals it’ll have it all. Check our website today and fill out a contact form so we can contact you to schedule your free consultation and to give you more information.