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This content was written for K & K Vending

K&K Vending has multiple different types of vending machines for sale. You should give us a call today to schedule a free consultation if you’re interested at 405-529-5684. We look forward to meeting with you, hearing about your business and doing our best to meet all your possible needs. The name of our company K&K Vending was named after our two daughters, we believe strongly that you have to keep your values while strait to keep business running successfully.

Our vending machines for sale can contain products such as normal ordinary snacks but can also include frozen and cold meals. We want to build offer everything you could possibly need to be able to provide an easy quick but enjoyable lunch for all of your employees or guests. We know that all companies and businesses are different as well as all the people that work there. This is why we offer four different types of vending machines to be able to make sure that we meet all of your needs. One of our favorite parts is letting you pick all the different products that go into your vending machine. To be able to have access all the different little snacks and meals the like. We have machines to accommodate for at least 25 people as well as up to over 100. During your consultation will determine which machine is best for you and your company.

Our first and smallest vending machine for sale is our, machine., Machine is for the smaller offices with the least amount of people. Typically like to have at least 25 people to be able to provide this machine. This machine offers multiple different drinks and snacks all in one machine. We also have outside vending machines for sale two. These machines are equipped to run in the bipolar weather. They do not need a constant temperature to help them run. They can be set up anywhere.

Another type of vending machine that we have are you to decide between our our traditional drink and snack machines. These are exactly alike, machine except for these are split into. One machine for drinks, one machine for snacks. These hold around 30 different stock selections for you to choose from. As well as 10 different variations of drinks. And lastly we also offer a full service break room which helps provide lunch meals for all of your employees without them having the hassle of going to get it. With the full-service breaker will also provide all the condiments and utensils will as well as a microwave to heat up all of the food. However our full-service program is only available for companies and businesses that are big and apt to actually utilize it.

We encourage you to check out our website to view a full list of all the products that we offer in each individual vending machine that we have for sale. We look forward to beguiled offer you the finest vending machine service that you can find in the area.

Vending Machines for Sale | Get all the snacks in your office today

This content was written for K & K Vending

If you have a business office, dentist office, or a type loss office for you need to feed your employees or guests here at K&K Vending, we have all of the vending machines for sale that could satisfy your needs. We guarantee the lowest price as well as a free consultation when you first like to set up services with us. We do not require any contracts to be signed to obtain services through us because we feel that this the type of thing where you should have the choice to keep us how long you want when you want. While our convenience and we don’t want to do anything that will put more stress or hassle on your end.

Here at K&K Vending multiple different types of vending machine options. Our first and smallest are, machine. This is perfect for smaller offices with little employees that need just enough to get them to the day. These machines will hold around 20 different varieties of snacks. These are very compact compact and convenient for small areas. Next is our outside vending machines for sale. These are very durable machine that will allow you to put them anywhere in a warehouse, outside, these machines can be in an environment where the temperature is not regulated. These can ask handle extreme heat is legs extreme cold weather.

Of course we have the traditional drink and snack vending machines for sale. The traditional vending machines are the, machines splendid to with more options. One would just be for drinks and one would just be for snacks. These offer roughly around 30 snack selections. All of our machines have the technology to prevent drinks from getting stuck. The drink options on these machines are around 10. These can be either cans or bottles. Lastly, we also have a full-service program that we offer telemark clients. These are typically held for larger companies, locations. Our full-service break room is a way to help feed all of your employees when you have a big staff. With this full-service program you’ll receive roughly around 45 different sack and drink options. These will include snacks, full meals frozen and cold, as well desserts like pie, and ice cream. With a full-service break that we do provide a microwave as well as all utensils needed. We feel very confident that you will enjoy all of our services that we offer.

Our machines are not worked on a specific time every week or every month. There only worked on when needed. But depending on whether you have a vigorous wall machine and how many people using it depends on how often will come in fillet. You will need to provide any of your own products for the vending machine we will provided all. This includes the annual tax sticker. We also have insurance on all of our machines, so you will not be held liable for any damage or functions that happen. Our machines are very up-to-date with the technology. You can pay with a credit card, mobile pay, cash and dollar coins. This is really beneficial and convenient because it will give you back dollar coins when you put in it five or 10 or whatever cash you use. We work diligently to make sure that you do not have any issues with your machine and that it’s fixed immediately.

Call us today at 405-529-5684 to set up your free consultation. Please check on our website to get a more detailed list of all the products that we offer, as well as our machines. You can also find her testimonials and reviews our website as well.