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This content was written for K & K Vending

K&K Vending vending is here offer you all the different types of vending machines for sale that you could imagine. All of our vending machines are equipped with different products that you can choose and specify when you set up services with us. When you do business with us we guarantee you the lowest price as well as a free consultation. We want to make sure that you feel appreciated in the you know that we take you and yours services seriously. We will never let your machine go empty or even get low. We are very serious about taking good care of her clients and making sure the vending machine needs are met immediately.

With K&K Vending we offer at least 15 different types of products through each category to include in your vending machines for sale. These include pastries, candy, drinks, chips, healthy snacks, and basic snacks. We strive to be able to meet everyone’s needs when it comes to getting a snack that they like and want to have when they’re at work. I K&K Vending we also do not fill necessary to require you to sign a contract to do business with us. We feel that if we provide you with excellent service that you will stay with us for as long as you like and that makes us happy. We know that once you do services with us that you know that it’s the best decision to stay with us.

The different vending machines for sale that we have here at K&K Vending include the, machine which is a very small compact machine that drinks and snacks all in one. This is for smaller offices with around 25 to 30 people. The next the line would be the warehouse vending machine, this is the type of machine I can handle the harshest of weather. This is the one that we would require if you were to need services outside. However, these machines are still just as equipped to do their job as all the other ones.

Next of your traditional machines. These are just like the, machines etc. there little bit bigger size. These are the more frequent once you see kind of everywhere you go. Hilly difference between us and a common machine is the fact that the drink and the mesh snack machine are separate. They hold a little bit more and a little bit bigger to help accommodate larger size needs. I K&K Vending we also offer a full-service breakroom. This breakroom is typically reserved for larger companies with an exponential amount of employees. But we can meet with you for your free consultation and determine which machine would be best for you and your company and employees.

We believe that you’re more likely to stay with us if we offer you the decision on what you want to put in your vending machine so I your consultation you can choose which snacks and drinks you want to be provided to you and your employees. So check our website today I to view testimonials, reviews as well as a more in-depth explanation of all the services we offer. Give us a call 405-529-5684 so we can schedule your free consultation so we can get your vending machine set today.

Vending Machines for Sale | finding the right vending machine for you

This content was written for K & K Vending

If you’re wanting to offer the best and most convenient snacks for your guests, customers or employees that I can guarantee you that K&K Vending has the finest vending machines for sale that you can find in the OKC metro area. We promise you that the product that we offer are nothing compared to everyone else we have an unlimited amount of snacks drinks frozen and cold meals as well as desserts. Would it be nice to get a high during the long day at work. We can provide that for you and your employees.

K&K Vending has built our business with family in mind at the forefront. You can tell by in the name because it’s named after our two daughters. We dedicate all the time and energy you could possibly imagine to making sure that you receive the absolute best service and snacks that you could possibly. We guarantee the lowest prices as well as a free consultation and no contracts. I believe that if you give you the option to do business with us that you will do so without having to sign papers. Check out our website for more information details our services.

KK is up-to-date with all the new technology and all the different ways to increase the convenience and everything that you do when it comes to purchasing things. We have helped integrate self checkout to the vending industry which is created a bunch of different options and convenience for a lot of different people. This gives us the ability to offer free and fresh food to all sorts of different industries and businesses for their employees so they can pay with the convenience of their phone and not have to have quarters or even load money onto the card to build a by the food that they need.

The vending machines for sale at K&K Vending include our, machines which are more small and compact machines that offer drinks and food all in one. These usually stay in our small offices that have at least 25 people. Going up from there we also have our warehouse machines these machines can do perfectly well in extreme different weather situations. Whether it’s heat or freezing snow. It’s better to build a help your employees have a good shift by letting them have the option to be able to get a fresh drink.

Last but not least, we also have our traditional vending machines for sale. These are the normal size one that you see kind everywhere. Each machine is specifically to drinks or to food. In the most incredible and interesting one of all is the full-service breaker that we offer. This gives you the option of 40 different varieties of snacks. This is also where he offer cold/frozen and fresh food. All of our customers that have received this service are incredibly satisfied and can’t wait to tell everyone about it. I K&K Vending all we want stability contribute to the successes of your company as well as your employees. We hope you will give us the option to do that. Give us a call today 405-529-5684 for your free consultation so we can be on the right track so we can come and set up riveting machine today.